Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Road Trip - The Road to Napa

Our brave heroines, Betty, Alice, newly named Millie (previously known as Betty's D2...a name she really did not care for. "Don't worry." we assured her, "at some point, a name will reveal itself" and it did) and DramaGirl traversed the state to get to the first stop in their summer odessey, Napa Valley.

"How was the drive?" You may ask.

Anyone who has spent any time on The 5 will tell you that it is one long-ass, boring drive from SoCal to NorCal via that particular route. It is, however, also the fastest route, so the lack of viable food choices would have to be managed.

Road Food

To be clear, when traveling with teenagers, it is essential that ground rules be established. Thus, these guidelines were set forth.
1. No texting when in public places or when it would ordinarily be expected to interact with others.
2. Do not bug Betty.
3. Do not put feet on the center console (added when someone with smelly feet put her feet up).
4. Have shoes on and be ready to exit the car when we stop.
5. If an adult tells you to do something, like put on a cummerbund, just do it.

The trip was long, and the hour became late, so the quartet decided to bed in a lovely hamlet called Livermore.

It was a little misty in Livermore...and the previous day's bug-capture had to be wiped clean

Upon arriving at their destination, they set about their first order of business, which was to get checked into their fine accommodations at The Doubletree, a pace which cleverly disguised its rooms from The Fates by naming them after animals.

Not our room, but it could have been

Our two running heroines set about exercising their legs.

Alice, I don't think we're in SoCal anymore

Our heroines' friends arrived, so they went on their appointed rounds...WINETASTING!!!!!

we found a place to nosh and consume beverages

This is also where the cummerbund rule was made as DramaGirl and Millie acted as designated driver and chief photographer and were required to dress appropriately. They were not necessarily happy about this.

DramaGirl was decidedly NOT pleased

Our heroines had no such issues.

At V. Sattui vineyards

They were too busy enjoying the fruits of this...

Really not SoCal

Next episode: genetics and driving practices and Day 2 of wine tasting.

(yeah...there was a race today, I'll get to it...)

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  1. A race???. Let's stick with the priorities here. Wine. Driving antics. The "fun" stories. Yeah, you know, the ones that embarrass your children.

  2. Too bad my kids are no longer teenagers. I like rule #5.


  3. Sweet. I love V Satui picnic ground and their gift shop. Looks like a great time. Isn't the name Livermore weird? I just posted about going to Sonoma next month. See you at Meg's soon enough.

  4. My daughter's boyfriend was in NorCal doing a wine tasting thingie for his 21st bday. Did you see him there?? :). Looks like a total blast!

    I like rule kids all scream for me to stop so they can pee or get a snack and then I do and it's 20 minutes later before they can find a shoe. So infuriating.

    See you soon!! :)

  5. I'm so glad you called out to me on the course! I wish we could have connected more than that! I did get a quick picture of you as you went by though!

  6. You guys always have such awesome adventures! Love it!

    I really miss my running friends. Thank you for stopping by my blog to remind me of what I am missing. I will come out on Tuesday.

  7. I hope you kept the windows up when you drove past Harris Ranch in Coalinga!