Saturday, October 1, 2011

Digital Life

Oh...but I've been a bad blogger...

Everything is fine, just busy.

And you know me, sometimes when I haven't blogged for awhile, I write and EPIC post about ALL the shiz in my actual life that has kept me from writing about it, but that is so DARN TEDIOUS to write and read...'s the last two weeks of my life according to my iPhone

First...there are the photos that friends have sent me
Edith sent me this fabulous shot of DramaGirl playing field hockey
Mona sent me this photo of a Journey t-shirt, I assume to remind me that we are going to see Journey and Foreigner next weekend.
Then of course, there are the random photos that I've taken over the last couple weeks. 
What I was doing while waiting for a meeting (which was to take place at my house) to start...
About 3 hours later (see...there was a meeting....) I will also point out, it was a work-related meeting that took place on  a Friday afternoon...thus the wine bottle...but really, we were working!)
What DramaGirl decided to do instead of helping me carry in the groceries...interpretation? "I am REALLY TIRED MAWWWWWWWWWM!"
See that little white speck about five rows beneath the American Flag? That's Turbo.  He wanted to see the view from the top row of The Q.
DG and I did facials...pretty girls?

We met this young man at The High Dive after last weekend's 9 mile run (Don't worry...he was with his parents...not just hanging out at a bar on a Saturday morning). When his dad learned that I was an English teacher, he told me about his son's skillz, which he himself had discovered as a result of some "homework" related to the mulitple uses of The F Word. We named him The Conjugator
Alberta at The High Dive...if she looks a bit wired, it's because I think she's on her 3rd Shirley Temple at this point!
Speaking of Alberta...she's been busy too! As a matter of fact, this evening Betty and I are going to go watch her beat the shiz out of some other chick.

Seriously, she's taken up boxing.

Betty and I brainstormed and tried to come up with a good boxing pseudonym for her. 

FYI - Alberta teaches home ec...yep, she's the boxing home-ec teacher...Quite the dichotomy, dontcha think? We started with Alberta, the skillet, Smith (not her real name)... Here's my text exchange with Betty, who was with Beth, who is also a Home Ec teacher...


The reason I was googling "unicorn" and "spatula" is because I'd told Alberta we'd bring signage to cheer her know with unicorns and rainbows and glitter...because that would be SO APPROPRIATE for a boxing match, no? I mean, I think it would really intimidate her opponent,

Doesn't it sound like Alberta wants a glitter and unicorn boxing sign?

BTW...Betty just got a new iPhone. She's still working on mastering the touch screen keyboard, which has led to some pretty funny exchanges... 
to which I replied "Si!"
Of course....there are also the everyday exchanges with DramaGirl and Turbo, such as...

I thought ice cream was a totally obvious reward for a B on a Biology test.
La Mesa's Octoberfest is this weekend. Turbo went with a group of kids last night that included a fair number of girls...I think he learned something about hanging out with girls.


Of course, no week would be complete without some texting about The Housewives...This week's Beverly Hill episode was classic!
Mona you can see, I've been very, very, very busy.

I haven't forgotten the Nike Women's Half is in two weeks. I've got 10 miles and a big hill lined up for tomorrow. I'll keep you posted (yeah...sure ya will Alice...sure ya will)


  1. Miss you...but I can see all that phone typing is exhausting and draining and how you didn't have time to blog from it all.

    I am the worst offender of phone typing, probably why no one texts me anymore :/.

  2. I could not, and did not text till I got an iPhone. Then it was fun. Then I discovered why Damn You AutoCorrect exists. At least I wasn't talking to my mother.

  3. I love drama girls pose on the deck! She is sooo funny.

    I hope the conjugator sees your blog also. Lastly, congrats to Alberta who had a great fight last night. She's the best Home Ec boxing teacher in the nation and I can't wait till her nest match! Way to go Melon Brawler!

  4. Glad to hear all is well....!

  5. There is something TOTALLY AWESOME about a boxing home ec teacher! And I like the action shots of DG - all energy on the hockey field, all lethargy at home when there are chores to be done. My kiddos are the same way! :)

  6. I just laughed so hard thank you