Friday, September 9, 2011

Three Good Things about The Blackout...

Perhaps you heard...Southern California experienced a pretty massive power outage yesterday afternoon and evening. It lasted (for us) about 8 hours, although I think there may still be peeps without power. Even still, I know some of you on the east coast who were without power for days are thinking "SoCal wussies...we didn't have power for three DAYS after Irene!" and to be honest, I'd be the first to concede the point.

In any event, I had planned on running after work yesterday, once it cooled off, but since there was no power, I ended up attending to other things... 

No matter, there were three VERY GOOD THINGS that did occur as a result of the outage.
  • I didn't have to work today. Was supposed to do a full day workshop at Cal State San Marcos, but it is closed for the day, so I have the day off!
  • Betty came over as we were activating our "Family Emergency Plan"* which meant opening a bottle of wine and sitting by the pool and then sitting in the pool because it was so dang hot.
  • We have a really well developed emergency plan.
  • While I was looking for a cable to charge DramaGirls phone with my battery charger, I found the nose piece to my Nike Vomero Sunglasses. I LOVE these sunglasses, but losing the nosepiece has been an ongoing issue for me. I thought I'd lost it AGAIN somewhere in Kansas City, but when I opened a case that I keep the battery charger supplies in, I found it. Apparently, I had cleverly put it there in KC, so that I WOULDN'T lose it. I'm such a genius!
So that you know, you were saved from reading a really boring post about the saga of the Nike Sunglasses and the Lost Nosepiece, part 5. Instead, if you want to know, you can go here, and here, and here.
So, the power is back on, I have the day off,  I have my favorite running sunglasses EVAH, and all is well with the world!

* I saw a tweet that SDG&E (the power company) was advising people to "Activate their personal family emergency plan." Walter and I figured we'd already done that.


  1. COOOOOOl glasses, love them! I'm glad you had a free day, me too! It was heavenly. Wasn't that crazy last night? We lit the candles and basically did everything you can do without television!

  2. I like being removed from technology for days at a time. You think the guy that caused it will have a job next week...I thought I heard it was human error?

  3. Small things like this remind us of how we all are so "technical" these days. I'd love to live in the past with much less things to worry about. Way to sit by the pool and embrace the day!

  4. Drink when the power goes out? I've never done that. No, not me. Never!

  5. When I list the three great things that happen when the power goes out it's usually the number of seconds of sex I have!


  6. blackouts on the west coast, hurricanes and earthquakes on the east coast. What's in store for the midwest?

  7. love that family emergency plan. Of course you have to include ice cream in case the power is out for more than two hours.

  8. Oh I love that pool. I am SO jealous. And your weather. Hmmmmm...

    Even with your blackout, I'm still jealous...

  9. I went down to SD that weekend, after all the hecticness, but I had the power out for me for about 11 hours in April and definitely lived a very different evening because of it!