Saturday, March 31, 2012

This and That - By the Numbers

  • 4 - Number of Blog Posts for March (counting this one - so long as I manage to post it by midnight).
  • 10 - Miles I ran this morning - longest run since the Carlsbad Half in January.
  • 4 - Miles I ran yesterday
  • 1 - Number of condoms I ran past this morning.
  • 2 - Number of times I ran past above mentioned condom.
  • 1 - Number of bugs that flew into my eye during the run.
  • 4092 - Code to get into the ladies room at some coffee house I ran into in Encinitas. "Please!" I shouted, "A bug flew in my eye, can I use your ladies room?" She gave me the code immediately. I may have to remember this next time I have that other type of runners emergency...
  • 4 - Times I yelled "BIKE BACK!" this morning, so that runners ahead of me would get out of the way of riders.
  • 0 - Number of photos I took during the run this morning, which is a shame because we ran on the coast, and the surf was awesome!
4 - Number of photos that were taken of us consuming mimosas after the run - Priorities, priorities
  • 46 - Miles that Mik and I rode last Saturday with the Trek bike group. By the end of the ride, I KNOW I needed someone barking "RUNNER RIGHT!" at me, so making runners aware of bikes is now my thing.
  • 473 - Times I barked "SLOOOOOOWINNNNNNNG" and "ROLLLLLLLLLINNNNNNNG" on that long ride. I am slowly realizing that riding in a group is a LOT about letting everyone else know what's going on.
  • 7 - Schools we rode past last week. I have no idea where any of them are though. One of the things I do notice about riding in a group. I'm paying so much attention to what everyone else is dong ("SLOOOOOOWINNNNNNNG, STAAAAAWWWWWWPING, ROLLLLLLLLLINNNNNNNG, POLE!, HOLE! RUNNER UP! BIKE LEFT, WALKER RIGHT! CAR DOOR!) that I barely pay attention to where I even am!
  • 200 - Number of riders who stood in line to use 2 restrooms at our 1/2-way point SAG stop.
  • 10 - Number of people who would have stood in line if it were runners. Come on, you know that many of you would have found a bush.
  • 4 - Times I've seen the play L'il Abner this week (you weren't expecting THAT were you?)
Turbo is playing "General Bullmoose" in the PPJT production of Li'l Abner. No, I wasn't familiar with the play either. Here he is after Thursday night's performance with DramaGirl and Millie
  • 9 - More days until I have to teach again...thank GAWD for Spring Break this year.
  • 188 -Papers I graded last week.
  • 16 - Number of classes I taught.
  • 4 - Meetings I attended - Three of them were on Wednesday.
  • 3 - Spinning classes I've now gone to, and nobody is more surprised by that than I am, but I like the workout!
  • 1 - Number of massages I got this week. I have NO IDEA why I don't get massages more often because It was WONDERFUL. Next time, however, I'll get one AFTER a long run, and not before. I certainly felt the effects of the deep tissue massage...well basically the whole time I ran this morning.


  1. I like by the number posts. I am missing the photos of the surf. Just in case you were wondering.

    1. Don't fret Keith...there will be more surf photos coming. There always are. Didn't you get your fill this month?

  2. "stawping, it's green, rollin', etc" - wait until you start saying this during spin class or while driving in a car. It will happen.

  3. And how many mimosas did you consume?!?
    I hope the condom wasn't yours :).
    Nice job on the longest run since Carlsbad and the excellent bike ride. I have no idea what rolling and slowing are, my friends just let me fall whenever they slow due to a pothole. I think I need to join your group. :)

    Enjoy your spring break!! Ours is about to end :(.

  4. your post made me laugh.

    btw, i rode into a bug. it hit me in the eye and got caught in my hair/helmet. It was buzzing and i thought it might be a bee, so I stopped and threw my helmet off onto the side of the road. What a sight that must have been. But better than a condom...

  5. I became hyper vigilant about warning runners about cyclists after becoming one too. Man, we runners take up too much road.

    Love your little thespian. And thanks for the massage therapist recommendation. I actually have one, but thinking of seeing her right now makes me wince.

  6. Number is a great thing to keep track and to undiscover of nature secrets and sometimes you have them stuck in your head and you can't do something about it.