Friday, July 20, 2012

Rest Days...

I've been working out with a trainer at the gym this summer...about two days a week, and I'm happy to say that I'm seeing some results, mostly in my upper body (Let's face it, that's the easy spot. Heck any sort of attention paid to my arms and back would see SOME RESULT, seeing as I have the weakest arms imaginable.) It's nice to pull on a Medium top and not have it pull at the shoulders. (BOOOOOO to back fat!)

We work a lot on stability (I suck, but am getting better). The other day I managed to hold a one armed plank on a bosu ball for about 45 seconds...twice! We (what the hell am I saying "we" for? I am the one working...GAH!) I also pay her to torture me with some cross fit type workouts (actually, these are my favorite...I like running around then lifting or throwing something heavy...I can see the theraputic aspect of this once school starts again) and some for some really serious torture, we go to the TRX. Last week, we did some work on my quads and hamstrings (my strong suit), and I was humbled by some soreness the following day (maybe I'm not as strong as I think I am?)

We also do some serious core work, but I'm not losing a lot in my waist area...apparently, sit-ups and crunches of all sorts will only get you so far in toning and slimming up a really do that, I'm going to have to change my diet.... and summer is, apparently, NOT a good time for me to do that. I keep saying...when school starts and I'm on a more reasonable schedule, I'll get back to a more regular diet. Until then, summer on BABEEEEEE.

I like my trainer. She's super positive. She frequently comments on how athletic I am or how strong I am or how I have great endurance. Who would ever get tired of hearing that? I think as a trainer at 24-Hour Fitness, she probably spends lots of time convincing clients that they need to do SOMETHING on the days when they don't work out with her.

She tries to convince me to take rest days.

This is hard for me to do right now. I KNOW that there will be PLENTY of rest days when I return to school...too many perhaps.

And what counts as a rest day anyway? I have been in full cross training mode this summer. Twice a week, I work out with Kelly. Each workout focuses on different muscle groups. Occassionally, after a workout, I will spend 30 or 40 minutes on an ellipticle. One or two other days, I ride my bike...25 to 40 miles. One or two other days, I've been taking a spin class. And one or two days a week, I run. And with one exception, I've been doing only one workout a day.

Is that overdoing it? It doesn't feel overdone.

No matter, I guess I'm getting a "rest day" in today because I am on a plane, on my way to Salinas for the California Rodeo to see Elsie's dad rope calves in what he says is his last rodeo. I am sure I'll have many good stories about that.

Until then, wheat I can report (or re-report what I already posted on FB), is that cruising through the San Diego airport wearing a cowboy hat and Flipflops will get you some pretty funny looks. I can't wait to see what the response is in San Jose!

The response in San Jose was much the same...smiles and quizzical looks, except for one gentleman who was ALSO wearing a cowboy hat who asked me if my purple duffle bag was from TCU. my response was, " Victoria's Secret." His wife laughed.


  1. Sounds like your trainer is really working (for) you! Great to hear as a new PT - I love to hear it working for people. As for overdoing it - one rest day a week is probably a good idea, you could always add another workout on another day? But you sound like you're in a good place. And sometimes easing into dietary changes is a better and more long-lasting way to do it. Your trip sounds awesome I hope you'll take lots and lots of photos.

  2. I have been spending a lot of time in the gym but at first you feel great but then it started to get boring. It is quite hard to keep it up later. But it is great to see the results.