Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello Out There! (A Report on Maui and More!)

Everything is OK over here! (Snorkling off Molokini, Hawai'i - July 2012)
Sitemeter sends me a report every week about how many visits there were to my blog. Apparently last week 142 peeps visited my blog and found a post that was about a month old.

So I have to wonder who those 142 people are...

Apparently one of my regular visitors is my dad, who mentioned to me last week that he hadn't seen anything new on the blog recently. 

True That. 

He complained noted that the blog is one way that he keeps up with what is going on in my life (yes, I am a bad daughter and I don't call nearly often enough).

So... Dad reads to find out what's going on in my current life, but those other 141 people (or maybe they are even non-people autobot Internet search engine thingies...I'm not entirely sure how these things work) were primarily interested in things I wrote last year and beyond. Top posts were:
Clearly, I USED TO BE, far mor interesting than I am right now.

My goal at the beginning of this summer was to get back into blogging regularly. Clearly THAT hasn't happened, even though I regularly have LOTS of ideas for things to write about, not all of them having to do with running. Still, when push comes to shove, I don't write. Not sure why. I just don't. I have all these great ideas, (or at least in my mind they are great), about things I can write about that come to me at the most inopportune times (inopportune = when I am nowhere near a computer and can't write them down). These inopportune times include:
  • when I'm running
  • when I am riding, 
  • when I am working out with Kelly (the trainer at the gym), 
  • when I am arguing with my soon-to-be-17-year-old-daughter, DramaGirl, about... well, about any number of things.
  • when I can't sleep
In any event, I have come to one conclusion. Well... a kinda, in-a-way, sorta, but not really a conclusion, just a sorta inevitability. In the coming months I either need to somewhat repurpose this blog, write more frequently about specific things, than this past year's general "here's what's been going on this week" type things (sorry Dad)


I have to let it go.

I'm going to aim for the more regular posts about random things that happen in my life. Some of these posts may be about riding, running, working out, but others may not be. I hope that's OK. (of course it's blog, my rules, right?)

But as for the rest of this post, I do have to upload what will probably be too many photos of what's been going on this past month. After all, I can't force Dad to go all-cold-turkey-on-the-whatsgoingoninmylife-blog-updates.

Late June - Turbo's 8th Grade Promotion
My grownup baby boy...and Walter of course. They're lookalikes aren't they?
Went to a mascarade party with his buddies. Impressive to get 8th grade boys to dress up. They decided to wear vests. I don't know why, but stylish, no? 
Late June - Early July - Family Vacation to Maui
On the plane - All I saw was "complimentary Mai Tai!" 
And we time for lunch and more umbrella drinks
We saw mandals everywhere (Betty's sandal of choice BTW) 
Our first morning there, we enjoyed the sunrise from the top of Haleakala (Volcano/Crater on Maui) - about 6am. We'd been up since 2am at this point. The sunrise was breathtaking. 
It was also breathtakingly COLD at 10,000 feet. Even if you are in Hawai'i!
We rode our bikes down from the top of the Volcano. 28 miles, all downhill. Fun! Here we are doing bike tricks. 

DramaGirl and I at Sunset
One (and only) morning run on the beach for Walter and me. Beach running was no fun for my injured baby toe
One very windy scenic lookout.  
DramaGirl and Turbo - Checking out the fish
DramaGirl and Walter checking out the fish  
On a boat, after snorkling. Walter did a good job of feeding the fish.
DramaGirl did not enjoy this adventure AT ALL
Toes in the sand at Sunset
Turbo on a Zipline (no hands!)
DramaGirl doing Crazy Legs
As I was doing this, I was thinking how awesome my life is, and how great it is to be fit and active and that I just climbed a ladder on a freeking 900 foot tree with no problem!
Too much fun (we were yelling at him to LET GO!!!!) 
Last night - Sunset Dinner Cruise
While we were in Maui, we celebrated our 20th anniversary - 20 years later... I think he still likes me :-)
Last morning beach walk. 
The family (before the Sunset Cruise)
Upon returning to SoCal - Back to the grind (I am still on vacation you know...)
40 miles ride with Betty and "Seven" to Oceanside and back 
This weekend, 40 mile ride with Betty and Mik to Chula Vista and around South Bay (to get there, Betty took us on a lovely ride down Imperial Avenue and of town I have not been to before)
It's been a very, very, very, good month. 
Here's to 20 more (or more) just like it!


  1. As the parent of a 16 year old girl, I cannot imagine that you argue with yours. Evah.

    Were those pix of Walter and DG looking at the fish, taken by said fish?

    Sounds like you are going through some tough times. Hope the return to "normalcy" isn't too traumatic.

  2. I only come to visit when you blog, cause my blog tells me when yours is updated, and of course, I drop everything to read it.

    Your iPhone has a great app for recording stuff, and some of the specialty apps are even better than that. Your photos tell me you carry your phone everywhere, and wouldn't it be easier to record your great ideas, (in between gasps if necessary) then play back when near a computer?

    Oh, wait, the girl thing. Sorry. I assumed you were looking for a solution. Let me go find my empathy hat. It's here somewhere. I'm sure of it. Maybe the cats stole it, we all know they have no empathy, or sympathy, or anything like it. I know they didn't bury it in the litter box. Hmmm, I'll be back...

  3. looks like you've had a lot going on! i've been having trouble keeping my blog updated too. i wonder if it's time for me to let it go?

  4. It appears that lots of folks are spending more time on Facebook than anywhere else....I still like to spend some quality time shoving verbal vomit down the throats of my "followers!"
    Not many continue blogging anymore. My blogger "updates" are far and few in between and I for one must have to admit that I miss reading everyone's rants! I can only read mine over and over so many times!
    Great pics-looks some quality family time!

  5. I am SO with you on the whole blogging thing and can relate to just about all of it. I very nearly chucked it in but the thing that has made me go back is that I've actually met a lot of my blog readers / blogging buddies in real life and consider them real friends - I would hate to miss all that. FaceBook has changed a lot but I would still miss a dimension I think. Having said that, I can't say for sure how long the blogging will last. For now I'm back. I think you should stay on board. Your dad would miss the updates! And I love the updates from you and your friends. And I want to come and see you in SD sometime. So carry on!

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