Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More Foot Stories may have noticed that I haven't run since last Saturday's jaunt with Walter at Lake BP.

Cycling. Yes. Running? Not so much.

(Rode 35ish miles on Sunday. Rode another 12 on Monday...not a lot of miles, but I tried to ride fast...not fast by any real cycling standards, but fast for me).

Anyway, I haven't run because last week I ran two days in a row and so for three days my feet (both of 'em) are just killing me. GAH!!!!

Left foot - some mild Plantar Fasciitis (It does seem like it's getting better as I've been doing lots of ice, stretch, massage, stretch, ice, repeating).

The bigger issue is my right foot...the TOP of my foot...right at about the bridge to be exact. There are some tendons there that are VERY sore, making walking (and definitely running) somewhat painful.

The blue arrow is pretty much pointing to the area it hurts. Picture comes from Foot Pain Explained ...which describes this as tendonitis...GAH!

So, I've taken three days off from running (blah, blah, blah...this is getting boring) and for the past month or so, I've played around with various types and combinations of orthotics, including: green SuperFeet insoles, orange RRS cushioning insoles, Dr. Scholl's heel cushioning inserts (which are awesome for the PF BTW).

These do ROCK for PF issues...for the tendonitis on the top of the foot? Meh...

In other words, I am in search of something, anything that will help with what I think this causes...

I don't know if you can see this...but seriously I think this is the cause of my foot issues. I mean how does one land with a foot pointing out...but on the instep...I mean really... 

This picture was taken by the race photographer at the UT Race for Literacy last month. I'd never seen a photo taken at this angle before, so I didn't know that I landed that way on my right foot

A slightly more grainy view... But SERIOUSLY...WHO RUNS LIKE THIS??? I think I need to take a running lesson.

Yes, I run in stability shoes. I use inserts to (hopefully) keep my foot from rocking all over the freakin' place, but I don't seem to have located the correct combination. I'm going to play with how I lace my shoes today (yes, I'm going to run is National Running Day after all...and did I mention that I hadn't run since SATURDAY?)

So, I'll keep you posted (cuz I know you're waiting with bated breath to see how Alice solves her running-shoe, foot-pain, WTF is wrong with her gait, problem).

Oh, and since this is June 3...I thought I'd post my May numbers

Run -  52.95 miles
Bike - 118.76 miles
Swim - 200 yards (ok...that's pathetic. I know. But I tried)

Happy running to all who are participating in the National Running Day. 


  1. Be careful with your feet there!

    Yay for National Running Day! WOOT WOOT!

  2. That's exactly where my pain was and they told me 3 stress fractures! I did run 1 mile today, approx. 6 weeks since I've last run and I had absolutely NO pain.....I was thrilled. I have really put the running on the back burner and brought the bike out to the front, so I think the time completely away from the pounding on my feet helped it to heal.

  3. glad that pic was taken of you to maybe help with isolating the problem!! Sorry that the foot hurts though... :( Good luck on the run, and hope your next run goes ok! great numbers for may!!

  4. I had a coach deconstruct my run last year - best thing I've ever done. Faster but with same or less effort. We worked on FOOT STRIKE and body position. I would consider it - a few personal running sessions to get your technique perfected.

    Top of the foot - I have weird feet. When I get pain on top, I have a sock/cushion thingy. It's probably meant for the heal or ankle (feels like a gel insert). I rotate it so the cushion is right on top. Also, keep shoe laces as loose as you can get away with for now. Just a thought.

  5. Well.....I have had that pain! Had it for YEARS! First of all-you need real orthotics! Pay the money and get real orthotics made for your feet by a podiatrist! Don't think twice about it just do it!!! My podiatrist is a ROCK STAR!!!! I have custom orthotics and have for years-they are the best things since flushed toilets!

    Now onto your foot pain. Ok maybe mine wasn't the exact same thing but my pain radiated up my foot from the area of tendons and ligaments that attach the big toe to the rest of my foot-basically everytime I planted my foot my big toe was rolling away from my foot causing immense pain! I ran this way for oh...YEARS! and it got worse and worse! I had xrays, bone scans everything done-no one could find ANYTHING wrong with my foot until I went to my podiatrist in tears. He gave me a weight bearing x-ray(the first one I had had-no one ever gave me a weight bearing x-ray!) and I saw the problem right in front of me in black and weight(or in negative).....

    I was given three options: 1) surgery, which would have meant 6 months off my feet-wholly shit I would have killed myself 2) continue wrapping my foor with vet wrap(by the way the best stuff EVER!) it sticks to itself-I had been wrapping my foot to stabilize it-and it was working-but for the rest of my life, um NO or 3) try and alternative medicine called prolotheraphy which is used to strengthen tendons and ligaments. Well, I chose #3 and within a year I'm running pain free for the first time in over 7 years!!

    Not that this has helped...but why don't you go get some vet wrap. You can go get it at any pet store-in the first aid area-and wrap your first 3x to stabilize the area. Try that!!!

    Other than that, I'd say try prolotheraphy and get your running gait analyzed-but without a doubt by looking at the picture-you NEED CUSTOM ORTHOTICS! a trip to the podiatrist would be the first thing I would do! He or she will watch the way you walk(at least my podiatrist did along with his wife)

    let me know if you have any questions! And hopefully I'll see you on sunday at the Iron Girl???

  6. I know some sports therapists who can help you with that... I'm just sayin'.

    I might do the 5k Iron Girl if I think I can go super slow.

  7. Alice you KNOW I feel your pain. Good luck with getting them sorted out.

    Your sister in foot battles,


  8. That pic reveals some serious under-pronation! Hope your shoes are meant for that kind of strike.

  9. Wow. A picture is worth a thousand words. I get my shoes at Road Runner Sports where they do a video analysis on a treadmill. It was an eye opener when I saw how I run (serious over pronator).

  10. every time i pick up new shoes I get on the treadmill for a video analysis. are you sure you don't have back or hip issues that contributing to this gait?

  11. Wow, I wonder how you possibly CAN land on your foot like that without trying?

    Good luck conquering the foot pain, sister. I had tendinitis in my right knee and PT and exercises (which latter I still do everyday) cleared it up in a matter of weeks.

    But these exercises wouldn't work on YOUR pained area.

  12. Hrms, interesting pic. Certainly sheds some sort of light on it. I hope you figure it out. I've been working on figuring out my over-pronation & semi-heel strike, trying to find a pair of shoes and a normal movement that "fixes" it, or even if it needs to be fixed. Some day, I'll get it figured out.

  13. I'm so sorry for your foot pain! I hope having that photo of your foot helps the doctor pin-point what is causing your feet problems.

    It sucks that running puts so much stress on the body! Grrrr...