Friday, June 19, 2009

Really? It's Friday? Are you sure?

Some weeks I wonder how it got to be Friday and WTF did this week even GO????

This was one of those weeks. Next week looks to be about the same.

Some highlights...
  • Started teaching summer school this week...Monday and Wednesday nights are now booked for the next 7 weeks.
  • Turbo's final little league game was Tuesday night. They lost, which while being a little sad, just meant that I wouldn't be missing the final game of the season, which if they'd won, they'd have played on Wednesday night (see first bullet point).
  • DramaGirl started Junior Lifeguard Camp on Wednesday morning, which means I'm driving to the beach every morning at 7:00 am.
  • Turbo "promoted" from elementary school Thursday morning. I am now the mother of two middle school students. Lord help me.
  • Bought a new camera to replace the one that inexplicably died during the last Flat Tire Incident.
  • Took bike to bike store. Bike dude tells me that the flat tires are probably due to under-inflation and not the bike.
  • After looking at the tire-valve hole, bike-store dude also tells me "your hole is pretty big." To which I respond "yeah, that was part of the problem on Sunday, but my friends and I learned that if you hold the shaft at the base and pump carefully, it helps."
  • Bike store dude just looks at me and says, "uh, yeah."
  • Went to the Alex Smith Foundation Fundraiser Thursday night (nice event). Watched Wilma win a ski vacation in Utah and am soooooooo jealous.
  • Have two "Thank God The School Year is Over" parties to attend this afternoon-evening. One with parents of Turbo's friends, the second with The Herd. I imagine I'll laugh more at the second one (yes, I'm going to try to get to both).
Workout highlights for the week (yes, I did get some workouts in):
  • Monday - Started new Wii Active Personal Trainer - Quite the workout! Swam 30 minutes (This was at the pool in my backyard, which isn't a lap pool, so I try to log time rather than laps...)
  • Tuesday - Wii Personal Trainer - 35 minutes
  • Wednesday - Ran 4 miles
  • Thursday - Swam 45 minutes
  • Friday - Bike - 12 miles (50 for me!)
OK...that's it, just thought I'd let ya'all know that I'm not lost to the universe or anything...just amazingly busy for a summer month in which I thought I'd have PLENTY of time on my life just doesn't seem to work out that way. I do have photos to accompany many of these bullet points, but they'll just have to wait. I gotta go get ready for PARTIES!!!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and good luck to all the racers....and especially to RBR who is doing the Ironman Coeur d'Alene this weekend. You go girl!


  1. OMFG... your conversation with the bike dude almost made me pee my pants. glad you're keeping up with the swimming, yay! Have a great weekend :)

  2. al's cl reviewsJune 19, 2009 at 3:26 PM

    I was thinking about your tires on my ride today, and was thinking about whether they were underinflated. Bike dude told me to check mine before each ride because they can pop when you go off a sidewalk or curb.

  3. GURL, sounds like a busy time. I though summers were supposed to be easy street for teachers;) I feel a tri for you, I feel a tri for you....oh, I'm so excited.

  4. Your hole is too big? Better start working on your snatch too!!!

  5. Good luck with the middle-schoolers! I've been hearing how much tougher those years are now, & am just going to relish my kids being young while I can.

    Sorry to say where my dirty mind thought of with your too-big hole, but Diana already said it :D

  6. My friends have the Wii Active and they too say it's a good workout.

  7. Bike dude has absolutely no sense of humor... It was good seeing you this morning. Take care of that foot!

  8. June is always a busy month for me, too, for some reason. Even though I try to leave it free and open too! :P

  9. I always think Summer is going to be more relaxing and less busy than it ever is too! Woo hoo for having two middle schoolers - what a crazy, fun mess that is. :D

  10. ha! i had just taken a sip of my coffee when i read your recap of Bike Store Dude. (much clean up required at my desk)

  11. Laura Lohr : My Beautiful LifeJune 22, 2009 at 4:49 PM

    Man, you do sound awfully busy. I like the, "thank God the school year is over" parties. Hope you enjoyed them. Two middle schoolers? Sounds like trouble ;D