Friday, June 5, 2009

Foto Friday, New Socks, & Goodbye Marcy

Today is NikeMom's Foto here's a shot of what took up the remainder of my week!

Little League Champs... Probably one of the last times we can ask a group of boys to raise a finger and have them all raise their index fingers... Turbo is the second ballplayer from the left in the front row. Walter is in the back... Quite a win as the team had to come out of the loser bracket to win.

Mandatory goofy shot...

Thanks for all your advice and support regarding my wacky foot issue. I spent a fair amount of time yesterday looking through other pictures of me running (since I belong to the track club, there are a fair amount of those because there's almost always someone on the course shooting photos).

Unfortunately, I don't see another photo that shows my foot at that angle. The good news is that there are some other shots of me running and my foot is NOT doing that weird angle thing. (looks more like its doing the normal over-pronation thing that I thought I know I do). 

I also tried to make an appointment to see a sports therapist (Irene's recommendation) yesterday, but their office hasn't called me back yet to make an appointment. But that's OK. I think I'm going to go see my regular doctor first to get a referral to the therapist to see if insurance will pick up part of the cost. 

Have I mentioned that I HATE going to the doctor? I really do. It's all I can do to get my girl-parts examined and my boob smushed once a year... 

I did run on Wednesday (for National Running Day...and after my last post). I did 3.5 miles on the 'mill. I decided to run on the mill because it was the middle of the day and it was getting warm. Also, I was short on time. And finally, because I figured my feet started hurting, I could just stop running and not do any further damage.

Good news: Running didn't hurt while I was running

Bad news: I did have some pain in both feet after running (GAH).

That night, I found some arch support socks at Sports Authority (conveniently located next to the Shakey's Pizza where the team was celebrating it's win), and I thought what the heck...and bought them. They really seem to hold my foot steady, so I wore them all day yesterday. Then I was a complete slug yesterday and didn't run, or ride, or do anything but get ready for some presentations I'm doing next week (and look at photos of me running...what a narcissist)

Good news is that this morning, both feet feel pretty AMAZINGLY BETTER.

So...I'll be wearing the socks regularly for the next week or so.

This weekend is a busy one - later this morning I'm going up to Orange County to see my sister. I may or may not be bringing one or two of her kids back with me. Tonight I get to hang out with Mik at our sons' first game of the District Little League Championship (yes...winning the league championship on Wednesday meant that we get to play MORE. BASEBALL!!!) 

Saturday, I am taking DramaGirl to a swim qualification. She has to show that she can swim 100 yards in less than 2:15...shouldn't be a big deal. 

Then I'm going to Road Runner Sports with about a 1/2 dozen registration forms because the herd is doing the 1/2 marathon training program.

Then we have Little League closing ceremonies. 

Maybe I'll get a short bike ride in.

Sunday, is the IronGirl 10K. Irene has boldly decided to carpool with the herd!
On a final note...much of the running-blog-world is sad this weekend as Marcy at I Signed Up for THIS? submitted her final blog post yesterday. She has decided to go into blogging retirement. I think we all get that. I love running and blogging about it and reading all of your blogs about running, but I know how much time I spend reading and commenting on blogs (which is why I sometimes disappear for days at a time and only comment on every OTHER post you all do...).

Like almost everyone else, I'm really going to miss Marcy and her trashtastic, daily yakfest. There are so many classic blogs that I'll always remember. Walmart Bingo and all the public restroom photos will remain among my favorites.  (I'd link back to them, but I think that Marcy has already deleted, or at list made private, her archive). In fact, I read her blog for several months before I got brave enough to leave a comment amongst the 80+ already left there, and much to my surprise, within hours, she'd left a comment on mine. I felt like a celebrity had been to my blog.

A part of me thinks she'll be back at some point. I hope so. The running-blogosphere will certainly be a less funny and entertaining place without her. (Although I still get to stalk her on FB...).

Better than that, her blog and her comments are always spot-on funny. She has an incredible knack for commenting on just the thing that I think is going to be funny (like the smelly dead whale...which got me BOTW honors...which is why some of you now visit here occasionally).

In any event, there have been lots of other blogs out there that are saying goodbye to Marcy much more eloquently than I have...

but seriously chica...gonna miss reals!


  1. I miss youth baseball! My son (now a Freshman at UCI) played pretty much year round since he was 12. Down in your neck of the woods there are som many great club teams to play for - that's for sure!

    My only word of advice - don't let your son pitch! Mine did great (5-1, 1.42 ERA as High School Junior), but by the time he was a senior, he had a torn rotator cuff. So much for the rest of his base ball career! Unfortunately this happens all too often - espeically to left handers....

  2. Boob smooshing! I've had alot of that lately!!!

    Can't wait to see you all on sunday! I don't know about breakfast yet-let me see what time it will be. I have a BUSY weekend getting my son's room completed before he flies in on monday-I still need a bed frame and the floors aren't down yet(that's saturday fun fest with my dad and hopefully my lame ass brother!)

    I hope you have fun in the OC!

    Congrats to the little league! What fun!

  3. Marcy really knows that when you go out, you go out on top! Everyone will miss her here in the blogospher.

  4. Oh boy. I hope that foot gets better! Glad to hear you were able to participate in NRD!

    Have a fantabulous weekend, my dear!

  5. 100 yards in less than 2:15? I'm not even sure If I could do that!
    Have a great weekend, take time to enjoy some quiet time!

  6. I never had a son and my daughter was anything but athletic! So I can't relate to being bogged down by little baseball. However, I put my mom through that when I was little, always in one sport or the other. I know, big surprise, eh? LOL
    Have FUN Sunday.

  7. Great baseball pics! Now, what OTHER finger could they possibly be holding up???? Hmmmmm? (Not those kids, they're way too well behaved... Right?)

    Glad you put in a call to RU. Now they better call you back! When you go to your doc or PT for the first time, take those pics of your foot with you. Every little bit of info will help.

    My husband likes those arch support socks, too. I hope those make somewhat of a difference for you.

  8. hope DramaGirl does well today!! love the baseball pics :) glad you made an appointment.

  9. how did the half-marathon program sign-up go this morning? do we meet this tuesday at san diego high school or balboa park? any workouts scheduled prior to tuesday night? thanks for going up the road runner and registering all of us.

  10. I'm going to have to try those socks.

    You comment about the boys holding up a finger made me laugh!

    I hope you get some relief for your feet. That SO sucks!!

  11. I am here to report that it is entirely possible that the end of the school year coupled with f-ing IM training has officially killed me.

    There is a distinct smell, so I think it is a done deal.

    One week to go...

    Thinking of you. I hope the heels stay feeling good. Congrats on signing up for the 1/2 mary program. Very lovely goodbye to a great blogger!

  12. Arch support socks??? I've never heard of those!

  13. Geez, I get tired just READING about your week. Hope it all goes smoothly.

    Thanks for the reminder on Marcy's goodbye. The blogosphere just won't be the same.