Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Finally went to see a doc about the foot pain (you can all breathe a sigh of relief)... However, in the interest of full disclosure, I didn't see my doctor. In fact, I've never met the woman. I did see her PA (physician's assistant...I have no idea what kind of training goes into being a physician's assistant, but since he could write a prescription for some physical therapy, so that perhaps my insurance will cover at least a part of it, I was more than happy to see him. His name was Sean or maybe it was Sean) but I digress...

Are my Canadian friends still with me here, or did that whole conversation about insurance just leave you going, "huh?"

Anyway, the good news...

Nothing is fractured or broken.

In fact, the pseudo-doc seemed pretty unimpressed with my foot pain.

He noted that yes, I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot. The right foot probably has a slightly pulled tendon. Running downhill is a probable cause (hello...can anyone say La Jolla 1/2 Marathon?). He said that I should continue stretching, icing, massaging, and taking ibuprofen and (he said I wouldn't like this and he is correct, I don't) I should REST. 

I mentioned to him that I'm running less than 10 miles a week at this point. Again, he seemed unimpressed.

He modeled some stretches (that I already knew) and he offered to write a prescription for some prescription-strength ibuprofen too, but I said that taking three or four of the over-the-counter stuff that I buy in bulk from Costco would be cheaper, so "no thank you." 

Oh, and he said he would write for authorization for me to get some PT (YES!!!), which was all I really wanted.

So I didn't run today...or bike...or swim...but I did shop for new shoes, AND I got a pretty pedicure which included a foot massage, that's gotta count for something! 

I'm going to see a new PT (closer to home, and the one who Irene is seeing for her hip) on Monday for a free injury screening, and in (hopefully) about a week, I'll have the referral for PT approved by my insurance, and I can start some real kind of PT to rid myself of this sore foot nonsense.

So it is done...I'm seeing doctors and physical therapy, sports medicine, specialists for this. Me. The one who HATES doctors and offices and insurance and all that.

And good timing too, because the AFC 1/2 Mary, the last leg of this year's triple crown, is August 16, only 10 weeks away!

Tuesday night's workout with the track club certainly didn't make me feel very ready to run another 1/2 Marathon in 10 weeks.

The workout was mostly a recovery workout for those who ran the Rock and Roll Marathon last weekend, and now that the marathon season (and winter) is behind us, we do our Tuesday night workouts in Balboa Park. This week's run was only a 20 minute recovery run. Coach Paul encouraged us to run on the grass as it is a softer surface.

Here's the route...go ahead, enjoy... 

And here are my even more pathetic running stats...

I think that the grass running killed my feet. Although it was softer, it was also uneven. I could feel everything tighten up. I didn't even last 2 miles. Both my feet were just killing me, so I sat on the grass and massaged them and was pretty much a gimp.

Afterward, Alberta, Betty and I went to Elsie's for some wine and to hear her excuses for "not finding us" after the IronGirl 10K on Sunday...Whatever...

Alberta is such a stud. She ran in a freekin' cast..., hummus, and guacamole. Did we get all the food groups in?

So...I'm going to take it easy this week. I have to give a presentation at a workshop tomorrow. I'm going to try to get a ride in, in the morning (so I should probably go to bed now, huh?). I'm planning on getting a swim in on Friday and running on Saturday with the track club. It's the early part of the 1/2 marathon program, so the runs tend to be pretty short.

And more ice, and stretch, and massage... I think that means mandatory foot rubs from Walter, right?

UPDATE...The Las Vegas RnR Marathon, just posted its course map and it's offering a $20.00 discount on the race fee for those who enter by June 11... I think I gotta do this one.


  1. Well done on visiting a nongivea doctor. He sounds like a barrel of laughs.

    How much does resting SUCK? Apparently it's all the rage though :)

  2. When I had tendinitis in my knee 6 months ago, PT helped me get back in shape to run in about a month.

    I saw an actual doctor, though, one whom my wife sees at her gym all the time (so he knows from working out), and he immediately prescribed PT, and my insurance paid for it.

    Unusual here in the good ol' Yoo Ess of Ay.

  3. Yay, PT has worked for me. I hated it, kinda seemed lame at the time but whatever. Got me BACK!

    I think you missed the sour cream onion dip and a chip in your food groups...

    Run with a cast, um, yeah, stud!

  4. I'm sick of doctors too! Good luck with the PT!

  5. Glad that the PA at least prescribed something, so good luck with the pt. And I hear you on that rest thing - it's like, why go that route when you're already taking it easy on your weekly routine?

  6. Pretty stupid to prescribe 800 mg ibuprofin, isn't it? I think we all know how to pop four Advil instead of two. I hope the physical therapy is of help to you. The trick is, you have to do your part. And that's what I'm never good at.

  7. Only reason I would get the 'script Advil is to work on meeting my $1500 deductible. Else I would take 4 regular Advil.

    Good luck with the PT!

  8. Whats insurance??
    Good luck with PT.

  9. Good on getting some PT! I can't imagine you 'resting' ha ha....even with a hurtin' foot, you somehow still manage your track club, biking, swimming, wining and dining on the good stuff, keepin' up with the girfriends, work type seminar stuff, PEDICURES and foot massages...all while keeping track of your turbo-charges and the husband slash foot masoose. GIRL, you got it ALL goin' on! ;-) I love it!

  10. You missed chocolate in your food groups. LOL. It's one of my required food groups.

    Glad you got in at RU. Who is seeing you?

    Do you know if they're still taking people for the 1/2 marathon program?

  11. glad you went and got it checked out... think you can get a doctor's note for mandatory footrubs from Walter ;) sounds like you're doing everything right for recovery... hang in there.

  12. Todd's sister is a Physician's Assistant (PA). They're similar to nurse practitioners. She had two years of basically med school after college, then had to pass a series of vigorous exams. And had to have internships.

  13. Glad to hear you are going to get some PT! Keep us posted on how it turns out!

  14. Ah, get all PT'ed up and fixed up, and you'll get your mileage back.

    Loved the crack about us U.S. folk and our insurance bizarreness.