Sunday, June 28, 2009

17 Years

First things first...I promised that there'd be a drawing on Saturday for a fabulous set of Exercise Anywhere cards...and since there were several of you who said you didn't want to be included in the drawing, I thought that I'd use a random sequence generator and the first number that came up that also belonged to someone who said he/she wanted the cards, would get them...'s the sequence list

And the first number is 10.

And the 10th comment was from Lisa Slow & Steady from Chasin' CONGRATS Lisa, you win the cards! Send me an email with your mailing address and I'll send 'em out to you.

So...onto other stuff.

This weekend was pretty busy (which is why I didn't get to the drawing until Sunday night). Saturday was my and Walter's 17th wedding anniversary.

First, a few words about my Walter, who puts up with me and my kind of crazy. He has been my rock and support system for almost 20 years now, including the 17 that we've been married. Whenever I get some nutty idea about what I want to do next, he's supportive and almost never looks at me like I'm insane (he might be thinking it, but he has enough sense to wait and roll his eyes when I'm NOT looking).

Seriously, with no conversation, or no plan, or  forewarning, one day about 8 years ago, I came home from work one day and announced that I'd applied to a doctoral program..."Guess what honey, I'm going back to school! You don't mind taking care of lots of extra stuff where childcare and running the household is concerned while I earn this degree, do you?"

My decision to start running wasn't made so suddenly. It was more of a gradual lifestyle change, but similarly, one day I came home and announced that I was going to start training to run a marathon. "Hey honey, you don't mind if I take off for a few hours every Saturday morning to run for a few hours do you?"

Now I'm thinking triathlon. He never bats an eye, or complains (really...not much) about when I take off to do my long runs, or rides, or weekend trips to races with the herd.

In fact, he loves my friends. They entertain him as much as they do me.

I'm just plain lucky to have married such a patient, loving guy*. Since I've been biatching and moaning for the last couple of weeks about my various aches and pains, I thought I'd stop for a moment and remark on the remarkable guy I married 17 years ago, and the blessed life I get to live with the person who is, in fact, my very best friend.

So, on Saturday, Walter and I "did the town" and by that I mean that we went to several places to eat and drink.

First, we went to the Hotel Del Coronado, and had some Mojitos on an outdoor deck and listened to a Jimmy Buffett cover band. I was one of the only people on the deck yelling "Salt! Salt! Salt!" (all of the Parrotheads know what I'm talking about, the rest of you are probably going "huh?")

Then we went for a walk on the beach

Next we went to have Sushi (which again, is just a gift to me because Walter doesn't really like Sushi all that much, so he endures it for my sake because I LOVE it!)

He does look pretty thrilled about the sushi, doesn't he?

They also had a Happy Hour special on Sake...which we had to have (buy one, get one for $1.00? how can you go wrong?...geez, I'm a cheap date.

Then, we went to a place called Extraordinary Desserts...(seriously, if you want a cheap thrill...follow the link...I'll wait).

Yeah...extraordinary. We had some kind of fresh fruit tart with peach custard in a meringue bowl. YUM!

Finally, we went to Hospitality Point (where I've spent a considerable amount of time in the early morning because this is where the track club tends to meet for the Rock and Roll Training) to watch the sun set.

17 years...Wow. Just. Wow!
Then we went home...and that's all I'll say about that...

Except for Happy Anniversary Sweetie. I love you!
* To illustrate the saintliness of Walter...On Sunday morning, I got up at the butt-crack of dawn to go for a bike ride... Yep, that's love. But I'll write more about that later.


  1. Happy Anniversary! You guys are so cute and it looks like you had a great day together. Time flies when you have fun.

    Recent blog:=- Relaxation is Nice!

  2. I made it in! And congratulations on 17 wonderful years. And you're still having a blast! Best wishes for a 100 more!

  3. Happy anniversary and congratulations to both you and Walter! It is so rare these days to see the marriages that work and it's great to read about those that do! (I'm a couple years shrt of 25 myself).

    Congratulations again! And I'm happy to see the two of you still enjoy each other's company!

    Recent blog:=- Karma?

  4. Lisa Slow&SteadyJune 29, 2009 at 4:59 AM

    Thanks for the cards! WooHoo!!

    Congratulations on 17 wonderful years. What a great way to celebrate. And that dessert DOES look awesome.

    Recent blog:=- Splash & Dash Race Report

  5. Congratulations on 17 years! Happy anniversary :)

  6. Happy Anniversary. He's a keeper!

  7. Congrats on 17 years! That sunset looks awesome and what a great end to a fun night on the town!!
    Hope all the bones and muscles start to feel better soon!! ;)

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  8. Happy anniversary! 17 years, wow. Now please mail me that dessert.

    Oh, and congrats Lisa!

    Recent blog:=- Reunited

  9. WOW, Happy Anniversary and congrats on 17 years! :D Cute pics of you two! so... you're thinking triathlon eh?! AWESOME! :-D

  10. aaw!how sweet.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  11. Lucky both of you to have found each other!

  12. :) Happy Anniversary! Walter is a wonderful guy and he is always so nice to everyone - it's meant to be that you have a "laid back" guy. Such a wonderful balance - and btw - it looks like quite a nice anniversary - having a drink with music, walk on the beach and sunset... it doesn't get much better than that!

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  13. Happy Anniversary to you both! What a perfect way to spend the day, too. May you have many more mojitos and happy hours and sunsets in your future (salt! salt! salt!)

  14. Happy Anniversary to you and Walter! Loved this post and you've got a great man! You know, this blog post kinda looks like one of mine... you know, with all the food and scenery and stuffs. And talking about how great my man is. LOL.

    Recent blog:=- I Slept Like a Baby

  15. Reluctant RunnerJune 29, 2009 at 2:39 PM

    He sounds like a peach! Congratulations to the both of you ... it's wonderful that you took time to celebrate so thoroughly. Just "watching the sunset" on Hospitality Point, though? I don't believe it. ;)

  16. You are absolutely right! As I took the pictures of the sushi and the dessert, I was completely thinking that my blog would look like yours (just for one day)! 8-)

  17. Happy Anniversary!!! You are both so lucky to be married to each other; it sounds like you have a great partnership.

    I hope to be able to write a similar post in ten years.

  18. That looks like a super good, super fun rockin anniversary. Thanks for NOT posting the pictures of later on in the evening...

  19. YEAH for 17 years! thats a very long time! Congrats and I hope you had a great time! :)

    Recent blog:=- I'm in trouble!!

  20. Happy anniversary!

    When was the last time you checked Walter's pulse? Because after all YOU have put him through, if he hasn't AT LEAST faked a face-punch (a la Teh Marcy), he might be in a coma ...

    Kidding, sister!

    You're one lucky heffer to have him.

    And he you.

    Take care and enjoy the next 17 years together and the next after that, too. 8-)

    Recent blog:=- Today On "The View" ...

  21. Happy Anniversary to you both! What a gorgeous couple! :)

  22. Happy Anniversary! The desserts (esp. cupcakes) really do look...well, extraordinary.

  23. Happy Anniversary! You guys are so cute together! The sushi looks awesome. Where did you go? Extraordinary Desserts is fab.

    Did you get any furniture? I guess that's the traditional and modern 17th anniversary gift. I had to look it up.

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  24. Happy anniversary! Looks like a good way to spend the day.. The band sounds like it was a good time..

    Recent blog:=- Green Flash

  25. Al's CL ReviewsJuly 2, 2009 at 10:45 AM

    Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a lovely time!

    Recent blog:=- Really, I am working out...