Friday, June 12, 2009

Light Boredom

I'm bored.

I'm waiting for an electrician to show up to fix a hanging fan-light (because neither Walter or I are capable of this).

He was supposed to be here between 8am and 10am. It's now noon.


So, since it was my intention to go swim or bike this morning after the electrician left, and since I haven't been able to do that YET, I thought I'd post a few random photos for NikeMom's Foto Friday of things that I've been taking care of this morning while waiting for the DAMN ELECTRICIAN...

(BTW...the dispatcher just called. Electrician is on his way...yeah...we'll see)

I hung up all of DramaGirls clothes. I've been after her for at least a week to do this, but she stalled, complained, whined...all of which I should have just stood up to, but I got tired of hearing it, so I finally just did it for her. Day-um the girls got a lot of clothes.

They used to be all stacked thrown on this chair. This is the last time I'm hanging them up and putting them away for her (I swear it), but I thought I'd give her a clean start. Doesn't it look like that monkey is messin' with me?

Somehow our scale broke (how does a scale like this break anyway? Maybe Turbo was jumping up and down on it...yeah, I'm sure that was it). So I threw it away.

This is the drawer I keep all my running shorts, capris, skirts, bike shorts in...I'm thinkin' I need a bigger drawer, or DramaGirl's chair.

This came in the mail today (it's a waterproof iPod Shuffle holder! How cool is THAT?) I saw this on Mel's blog a few weeks back...which is part of the reason why I'm so damn irritated that the electrician is not here...YET...because I want to try out the new headphones.

Electrician Update: 12:45 pm Electrician arrived and left. Hanging Fan/Lamp works just fine. Costs $19.50 to screw in lightbulbs correctly...GAH!

I'm going for a ride now...


  1. That monkey it TOTALLY messing with you! LOL I hate waiting on people, one of my pet peeves too... Awesome that you got the Audio H2O. Lemme know how you like it!!!!

    Hope you had a great ride :)

  2. Hahahahahaha! I'm stumped by electrical appliances too. But I have no excuse cos I gotz a n*ts@ck, so I should just KNOW these things!

  3. How many Heffers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    Cool new headphones!

  4. I can't believe you hung up her clothes for her! LOL

    Glad to hear you got the fan fixed.. um .. err... lights put in correctly... :)

  5. That monkey is TOTALLY being a smart-ass.

    You, my dear, need some color in that there running wardrobe!!! Don't you think? ;)

  6. I so would have screwed that light bulb in for $10 tops! Next time, call me!

  7. Now I know how my brother afforded his house in Diamond Bar....

  8. I've never seen that waterproof thingy for the iPod; that's pretty cool because I've had mine shut down in the rain.

  9. I love the windows they usually give you for arrival too - we'll be there between 9 and 2:00, gee, thanks for ruining my whole day.

    OH, thanks for reminding me that my closet is a wreck.

  10. I dated a guy once that had me wait on the electrician because his outlet didn't work. He didn't try the light switch.