Saturday, August 22, 2009

200th post...But Nothing New Here

This is my 200th post.

When I started this blog, I never really thought about where it would lead or how long I would keep writing, but I certainly never thought about writing 200 times.

In that time, there are some entries that I think are somewhat entertaining. Loads of really boring, trite shiz. And a few that other people have apparently enjoyed (judging by StatCounter, whenever you blog about the dangers of self-massage or you drop your iPhone in a toilet, people find your blog).

But today's post will be none of that. In fact, you might think that you've already read this about two months ago.

I went for a bike ride this morning and played with a flat tire.


At least this time it wasn't me with the flat. In fact, it wasn't even really a flat tire, just an under-inflated one that we couldn't get inflated. We even tried out some of my CO2 cartridges, although we've really got to figure out how those work because I don't think we did it right.

I mean, it felt hard, but it wasn't really hard enough.

Hate it when that happens. (That's what she da dum).

Clarence, Me and Mik - again trying to figure out how to pump a tire long do you leave one of these things on?

So, for me, it was a pretty good ride. About 16 miles in 1:15 (I have no idea if that is a good time or not. I think not), but mostly I felt bad for Clarence in the last five miles were difficult. I've sooooo been there, riding on under-inflated tires. It sucks.

On the good news - home remodel front, I've got floors!

Bar/counter isn't finished yet, but the floors rock! Now I need new furniture!

Tomorrow morning, I"ll be up at O-Dark:30 again because we've decided to do the End of Summer Fire Run (a 4 mile run) from La Jolla to Pacific Beach. This will entail leaving a car in PB, then driving to LJ to register and run the race since almost none of us (except for Edith) are pre-registered, but it's a chipless-fun run, so no worries!

Race report to follow.

A huge shout out to Mel at 2nd Chances who is doing her first Tri in the morning! Go Mel!


  1. I decided to just stick with the hand pump for flat repairs since those CO2 cartridges were a one-shot deal. When you crack the code on their use, let us know!

    And good luck this morning on the run. It really does sound fun.

  2. Great floors. beautiful.

    You should read my post about Friday when I had flats on both bikes *and* my car. Then you won't feel so bad about your little mishap with the CO2 cartridge. LOL

  3. I am super close to my 200th post too. I don't know when you started your blog though. I wonder how close to that we are.

    I hope you are having a good race right now. Can't wait to hear how it goes. ;)

  4. Congrats on 200 posts! Changing flats is something I don't do, which is why I don't ride a bike. And, I love the new floors! Beee-U-tiful!

  5. I have floor-lust!! Happy 200:)

  6. Happy 200th ! I enjoy your blog. Nice floors!

  7. Beautiful floor!

    Happy 200 :)

    So that's what those metal blimpy looking things are for.