Friday, August 7, 2009

In Which Alice Proves, Once Again, That She Cannot Walk and Talk at the Same Time...

It's not as violent as Quadrathon's fall this week...nonetheless it hurt...both my elbow and my pride...


Is the best part of this photo that I am wearing my "Toenails are for Sissies" t-shirt?

I'm on Vay-Kay with the family this week (thus the extraordinary lack of posts and/or comments). More photos and stories are sure to follow...but quickly, the beat-up elbow occurred after I fell face first while walking down the street on my way to get, what turned out to be, the best EFFING PIZZA EVAH in (of all places) Sacramento!!!!

Here's the pizza...much prettier than my elbow.


There's a pizza/road-pizza joke there somewhere isn't there?

Here's some of the fun Walter, Turbo, DramaGirl and I were having earlier in the day (I managed to survive THIS without a scratch!)


I'm sure I'll be back to regular posting/running/commenting soon!


  1. Sorry about the elbow but that pizza DOES look killer good. Have fun on vaca! School will be here soon enough.

  2. OMG girl, you are one big, fun adventure!!!

    Hope your elbow recovers and Holy Doodle, whitewater rafting? You are too much fun!

  3. Must be the season for falling down! Did the Earth tilt or something?

  4. That rafting looks like a workout in itself!
    Sorry for the the shirt!
    Continue to have fun on the vaca!

  5. hee hee!! i love the fact that i have friends less graceful than me! That's gonna be a GREAT scab...

    Miss you... when are you back from Sac?

  6. You're on vacation, in SACTO? You couldn't think of any better place? Honestly? ;)

  7. No story behind the scrape or were you really trying to walk and chew gum at the same time?

    That pizza picture is sheer torture...

    Wow, you're a woman on the go! The rafting looks like a total rush!

  8. I've felt the pride-pain that comes from a fall, so I empathize with you!

    Have fun on vaycay!

  9. I'm a frequent-faller-downer too so I feel your pain. Happy Vacay!

  10. yikes...sorry about the fall. Glad you're ok though, enjoy the rest of your vacation! :)

  11. ouch! But looks like you are having great fun!

  12. More pizza, less battle scars on vacation, 'k?

  13. I once tripped on a not-very-high-curb and did in both knees, my cheekbone and my elbows. Seriously, I looked like I'd been mugged. However, I was carrying a coffee and managed not to spill a drop. So I can totally relate to the falling-for-food thing.

    Take care and have a good vacation, AKA!