Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Recap in Four Bulleted-Parts

The Bike

The new bike still has no name...although there have been some absolutely fabulous suggestions. I will patiently wait until the name emerges from some silly experience.

I did take The New Bike (TNB for now) out for a first ride on Friday. Here are some observations and reflections
  • TNB is fast!!!! My ride on Friday was AFTER PT and AFTER having RUN on Thursday, so my legs were tired, and while I went to a relatively flat Fiesta Island, I still averaged about 16mph...almost 4 mph faster than my last ride there on my old bike.
  • Even better (and Betty will like this, cuz she's a fast chick) on The Old Bike (TOB), I rarely went faster than 20 mph because the bike would shake and it just FELT like I was going to fast. On Friday, a few times I looked down at my Garmin and I was going over 20mph and it didn't even feel like I was going that fast...nice
  • My center of balance is different with the curved handlebars than when I was sitting more upright with the straight handlebars on TOB. I suspect that this will lead to some humorous stops in the future.
  • My hands/arms are going to have to get used to the new seating position. On Saturday and Sunday I could barely move my hands because they were so cramped up. hmmmmmm.
  • Oh...and can we talk about the new seat? Not so comfy...again, may be just me getting used to the new position, so to speak, or me figuring out where exactly I'm supposed to position my fanny on the seat...but my hoo-haw after 15 miles? OUCHY!
  • I figured out how to attach the Garmin to TNB so that I don't have to look at my wrist while riding.
  • I managed to drink water, stop, shift gears (nice Shimano 105s...shifting is soooooo smooth!) without falling.
  • I'll probably get used to not having the little numbers tell me what gear I'm in so that I don't have to look at the back tire and almost fall off the road.
  • Speaking of'll be awhile before I feel confident taking photos and riding at the same time.
So...on Friday, I rode almost 20 miles (19.1) 4 and a half loops around Fiesta Island (took the shortcut on the final lap). 1 hour 15 minutes...sweeeeet.

The Ballpark

The rest of my weekend was all about Padres baseball. I haven't followed the Pads much this summer...I've been too wrapped up in my own issues and, let's be honest here, they pretty much suck.

But, Petco is a fine ball park and every summer my sisters and their families come down to watch a ballgame or two. On Friday night, we sat in The Beach (which is the bleacher seats in the outfield. They are lousy seats, but the kids can hang out in the sandpit and we can pretend to watch the game (or I could chat with my sis).

The best part of the evening is when we found out, about the 8th inning, that because we were seated in the bleachers, and because the evening's after-game fireworks were going to be set off right behind the bleachers, we would have to watch the fireworks from center field!

Comments about that...
  • It was WAY COOL watching the fireworks from Centerfield
  • Unlike my lawn, I don't think there were any ants in the centerfield grass. It was like a carpet.
  • One Longhammer IPA beer is worth two regular beers (as I'm not a beer drinker, I had no idea that there were IPA beers...I have no idea what IPA stands for, but isn't it just a fancy way of drinking Malt Liquor?)
  • The Padres stink. They were down 7-1 in the 2nd inning on Friday night, but as soon as we got there, balls started flying out of the stadium! My sister and I figured we were the Pad's good luck charms and they should be paying us to go to the games!
  • I ate and drank my way through both Friday and can you say no to beer at a ball game?
  • Cousins hanging out together is also just WAY COOL!
The Tin fish tacos in San Diego

The Triathlon

No...not my triathlon, not yet...the one I watched on Sunday afternoon, the Aflac Irongirl Triathlon. (I saw Missy in her green suit. You got nowhere NEAR enough face time IMHO). Here are a few comments about the event.
  • It was a fine hour long advertisement for AFLAC...although I do LOVE the duck!
  • The broadcast itself was pretty cheesy. All the stuff about women bonding, coming together, running for health and fitness (although true) seemed overdone JUST A BIT. Yes it's true that women run for a lot of reasons; this is true of both men and women...and most of us know that we'll never stand on a podium at the end of a race, but isn't that true of ALL PEOPLE WHO RUN RACES and not just women?
  • I can't help but think that in a broadcast about men doing the IronMan that there probably wouldn't be as much gushing about how those MEN were just happy to be there... They're there to compete...maybe just against themselves...but it's still a freekin' competition (OK...I'm done now).
  • That being said, the stories of two of the women who were doing the event despite some physical challenges were quite inspirational and made me think about how my PF and knee pains are really little issues as compared to running after being hit by a car and having your body totaled, or after having brain cancer!
  • I need to stop whining about being hurt and just deal with it
The Run

Yay! Betty is back in San Diego. She and I went for a short(ish) run last night on the bay. Her daughter joined us.
  • We tried out the run/walk idea that many of you have been suggesting. We'd run for about 9-10 minutes, then walk for 1-1.5 minutes. It'll take some getting used to, but I do think this is the best way for to run the AFC 1/2 in two weeks.
  • A run/walk strategy may result in not my worst 1/2 marathon time ever. We ran/walked last night and maintained about a 12 minute mile pace...that would be better than my first AFC which I finished in 2:43 (12:43). Even last year, with all my training I finished in 2:38 (12:08).
  • Really, my goal is to finish in under three hours so that I can get my triple crown medal.
  • I really want the AFC to be over so that I can stop thinking fretting about it.
  • I've missed running with Betty...things we laughed about last night...
    • Chub rub from my boobs...I just don't have enough jiggle there.
    • Tourists do NOT go home on Sunday nights in the summer in San Diego (It was freekin' crowded on the bay!)
    • Would I go to hell if I took the "God Saves" brochure being forced in my face and used it to wipe my brow?
I have rather crazy week in front of me (last week of summer school! Hooray!), so I may not be commenting much on blogs, but I usually do read...have a fabulous week everyone! Congrats to everyone who ran/biked/Tri'd this weekend (especially RBR, who just rocked it at Barb's Race!)


  1. I quit running at the bay later in the day during this time of year due to the major influx of tourists. I had my arm hit (and bruised)by a handle bar of a bike a tourist was on. She was passing me and didn't ring her bell or announce "bike on the left" like normal people do.

    Your bike sounds quite wonderful. You know they do sell seats JUST for women. ;) Easy on the hoo-haw, or so I've heard.

    Michael REALLY wants me to start riding bikes again. I'm not quite there yet. I told him to go for it if that's what he wants to do. I'd rather get back into swimming first, then I might consider the bike. It's an investment I'm not quite ready for. The desire isn't there...YET. I'm sure I'll eventually come around.

    What? The Padres actually won?

  2. Yay! Sounds like a great ride with TNB!! yes, she's fast. The seat.. yes, I changed that on mine. It almost seemed too padded and I felt like I was rolling over it left to right. That said, I would highly recommend getting a proper bike fit done. SO WORTH IT, especially with the different positioning. A few inches can make a huge difference in comfort for your hands, shoulders, knees, bum, everything. Just a thought if you haven't done it already. Then you'll need to get clips... then watch how fast you'll go ;)

  3. 4 bullet points? I think you managed about 3 dozen!

  4. I'm so jealous of you and TNB! I really wanted to get my new "bitch" this year, now I can't even look her at her when I go to the bike shop. Damn this economy. Damn, Damn, Damn.
    Nice job on the riding though-way to kick up some speed!
    The Aflac was cheesy, but I still cried!

  5. You need to find some comfy bottoms to wear so your Hoo-Ha doesn't hurt when you ride.

  6. Oh - sorry about your Padres. No more Hoffman. No more Greene. And now the fire sale is over with Peavey being shipped off to Chicago. We used to ride the train from here to go see games at Petco - it is such a beautiful and fun park! I hope they put a good product back on the field there soon!

    The bike sounds neat! Ever since my little pavement kiss last July I've been hesitant to get back on mine. Maybe one day soon....

  7. Remember that scene in Star Wars, the first time you saw it waaaay back when, when Solo pushes the lever and they made the jump to light speed? That's what I thought the first time I pointed my (then) new bike downhill. Till then I thought all bikes felt like they were coming apart at 50K (30 mph). It blew my mind when I looked at the computer and saw 80 K (50 mph) and feeling smoother than a magic carpet ride. And people wonder why I like to get out on my bike. And you will too. Get the fit done, and don't be afraid to fiddle with the saddle. My female friends tell me it makes a world of difference.

    I didn't see the AFLAC broadcast. Maybe it's on youtube. The women only thing seems just a little patronizing though. Subtracting men from a race doesn't make any difference to how you end up in your age group. If you're intimidated because someone of the other gender passes you then you don't really belong in triathlon.

  8. SWEEEEET ride! I am so glad you had fun.

    SOme of it is getting used ot hte position and some of it is the seat ans your shorts.

    I changed my bike seat as well I ended up getting the cheapest Performance women's saddle ($25) and it is perfect for my butt and hoo ha.

    AS far as bike shorts I am IN LOVE (seriously my husband should be worried) with the SheBeast Triple-S shorts. They are not the best looking but BY FAR the most comfortable.

    YAY for running buddies coming back into the picture. My LA Run Buddy is moving back to Nor Cal and I am THRILLED!

    My word verification is 'tingly'! hee hee that cracks me up!

  9. Cool you're trying walk breaks. I've used them in many runs. Try to avoid the temptation to skip them when you're in the actual race ... it's hard to do when you get that initial adrenaline boost.

    Congrats on the new bike.

  10. There's NOTHING like a new bike. Except a new pair of Asics!!!!

    Happy riding!!!!!!!!!

  11. I a new saddle!! something comfy. you can't have your tender female parts all unhappy and stuff.

    did i suggest a name for your bike? probably not. since i have my bike. and my other bike. yeah. i stink and naming them lol