Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shuffle Success!

Because I know you all have been waiting with baited breath for the iPod Shuffle Retrieval Report (iPSRR or pisser...which is, now that I'm writing it down, both funny and accurate).... here it is...


First...thank you for all of your suggestions. They all helped immensely in thinking through the problem. I also should have been more specific in my previous post about the location of the iPod. It would have been more accurate to say that it fell between two cabinets. I have one of those stovetops that is separate from the oven and it sits on top of one of the cabinets, so moving the stove wasn't an option as the stove-top is rather permanently affixed to the cabinet. Really, the only way to get to it was from the top.

To do this required two yardsticks (provided by my GENIUS FRIEND Jean), some tape, hangar wire, a paperclip, and DramaGirl to hold the flashlight.

This was necessary because the Shuffle had gotten pushed underneath one of the cabinets. When I looked this morning, I couldn't even see it. I used this to hook it and to get the thing out from underneath the cabinet.

So, basically, I taped the hangar-wire to the yardstick. I really have to hand it to Jean, who both suggested and provided the yardsticks. It really helps to have friends who teach elementary school and who have access to such things.

It was Jean who also identified that, although my idea to use sticky-tape to pull the Shuffle up through the opening, was reasonable enough, she wondered how I was going get it through the opening, which appeared to be no wider than the iPod and was probably narrower.


So, this morning, I tried tape on the end of the yardstick and it almost worked. As a matter of fact, I had pulled the Shuffle up and ALMOST had my fingers on it. But, as Jean predicted, lying flat, the shuffle was wider than the available space and it fell back down the hole.


So, after swearing at the shuffle, the hole, and the whole silly scenario for awhile, I went to get a pedicure to ponder my next move some more.

After the pedicure, I was walking around the CVS pharmacy, looking for inspiration, and it occured to me that the shuffle has a clip (duh). If I could hook something through the clip, it wouldn't be lying flat any more, and THEN I could get it through the opening.

TA took three tries, but I hooked it and pulled it up!

High fives for DramaGirl, who's assistance with the flashlight was essential.

Oh...wait, maybe you came here for some running news? Yes, I ran yesterday with the herd, 6 miles at about an 11:30 pace, but felt pretty good afterward. Today, however, I'm pretty sore, but it's a good sore. It was a really fun run around Elsie's neighborhood, so we ended up there for yummy pancakes and mimosas.

There's a fabulous report complete with pictures on Anne's blog.

Last, shoutouts to everyone who ran this weekend including Irene and her husband Michael who ran the Silver Strand 1/2 Marathon, and Penny who ran a 1/2 in Malibu, and Jess who ran her first 10K after childbirth yesterday!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. First, CONGRATULATIONS! I really was waiting to hear how you solved your shuffle problem (I really need a life!)

    Secondly, Jess ran a 10K after giving birth yesterday?! What a woman! I hope she was done with all the messy after-birth stuff before she set out. (I'm kidding... it took a few reads, but I finally figured out what you meant. I'm a tad slow today).

  2. Ha, ha! Too funny that you inspiration came from CVS! So glad you solved the problem, don't you feel like a genius when you can figure something like that out?! You are one, you know!!
    Your run on Saturday looked like fun and I'm sure the pancakes and mimosas were great motivation.

  3. Way to go! Glad you were able to get it out!

    nice job on the run yesterday! You go girl!

  4. OMG, you crack me up...way to go McGiver's!!!


  5. you guys are CLEVER!!!!!! Woo Hoo...shuffle retrieved!! I would have been lost without it!!

    Was the pedicure nice??

  6. I was on pins and needles about that iPod... What would you do without Drama Girl?

    Thanks for the props! It was a good race. I thought about you on my run as I passed by a bush...

  7. Nice problem solving skills; and glad you enjoyed your run!

  8. DramaGirl has your smile. Yay for the shuffle retrieval and yay for the run.

  9. Now that's ingenuity and teamwork. Glad the Shuffle reunion was a happy ending. And glad to see you on Saturday.

  10. Woohoo, yayayayaya, that rocks! You have to be thrilled, rockin.

  11. Good Work! Love solving those kinds of delimmas!

  12. Actually, I WAS wondering how the heck you'd get that little shuffle outta there! Glad your MacGyver skilz were a success :)

  13. I had to read that twice about your friend giving birth and then running a 10K..haha.

    Congrats on the Shuffle Retrieval. LOL about pedicure thinking.

  14. Thanks for the special shout out!

    Congrats on the iPod retrieval! And btw, DramaGirl looks JUST like you!

  15. Good work, hangers come in pretty handy, especially when you lock yourself out of the car, again. sounds like a good stretching workout as well.

  16. Go-go-gadget arms... LOL Glad you were able to get it out. Nicely done on the run too!

  17. You might just have to sell that solution on the internet ... good work!

  18. Remembering when we ran without Ipod and Garmin .... yes I am getting old.

  19. Ha ha! Congratulations on the recovery effort!

    I'm with you on the traffic thing with the L.A. Marathon. My #1 concern right now is how they are going to get us from Santa Monica to Dodger Stadium. There aren't any easy options (train. bus, etc.) that are point to point, and when I think about what they are charging compared to other marathons, there doesn't appear to e extra money for charter busses. Hmm. Has me scratching my head....