Friday, November 6, 2009

Notes From Another Trip to O-Town

I spent yet another day in Oakland today..GAH! (there I got THAT out of the way. That was for you GlavEn).

Now, for my SoCal Peeps...there's this...

It's called R A I N (since we haven't seen any of it here for awhile)

And although there's almost never anything really exciting to report after a day spent in a meeting room in O-Town (although, I will admit, in a wonky-education sort of way, I actually do enjoy these meetings that I go to in Oakland once a quarter or so), we are always thankful for the SKY MALL on the flight home. It's always good for some blog-fodder.

So, here's what's for sale this month...

Just in case the Snuggie is the wrong brand for you, there's always the Slanket! (BTW, there were two other blanket with arms type products in THE MALL...I mean, just in case)

They say this is for golfers, but I know LOTS of runners and bikers who reaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllly need a foot tanner.

A Disco Shower....SWEEEEEEET!

The headline says it all..."A fun way to run with the herd." Seriously, what truck doesn't need its own set of antlers? (only 25 bucks...har har har).

I really have no words for this, but while the trailer hitch may have a sense of humor, I think the deer is getting quite a wedgie...

And though it's no Garden certainly is how I tend to feel after flying to and from Oakland in one day...

It's been, yet another, truly horrible week in 1/2 marathon training. I did run (pretty much pain free for three miles) on Wednesday. Will try to get in a longish run tomorrow, and there is, of course, the Shelter Island 5K on Sunday. CAN'T WAIT!


  1. I almost ordered the disco shower on the flight home from San Fran.

  2. Good luck in the 5k tomorrow! Too bad I wasn't still in Oakland so that I could have met you too!

  3. What? Wait a minute... Rain? I almost forgot what that was...

    LMAO -- Skymall does it again. Every home should have a disco shower.

    See you Sunday!

  4. I NEED the disco shower for sure! That's right up my alley!
    Best of luck at the 5K.

  5. Am I the only one who thought dirty thoughts when reading this post title?

  6. I need the disco shower. I think I might be getting the snuggie...D asked me what print was a good one.

  7. Someone has got to be buying this stuff right? Who the hell buys anything at the Sky Mall!?