Thursday, September 10, 2009

More signs...

Fair warning... I'm on the plane, flying back to San Diego from a day in Oakland... I've already had a glass of wine in the airport ($10...thank you very much) and am waiting for the second glass on the plane (only $4...what does that mean?) I've already read through Spirit I'm left to peruse Sky Mall, the BEST MAGAZINE EVAH...'s a review of some products you never knew you needed (and if the chick with the BIG EFFING ELBOWS doesn't keep 'em to herself, I'm gonna drop a peanut in her cranberry juice)...but I digress.

Onto the Sky Mall review...

Who doesn't need this?

Or some other gadget that you attach to your head.

I swear... Sky Mall has a head fetish...

TightScooter....bwahahahahaha (clearly, I'm on the second glass of wine now)

I have no idea what this is, but I can "enjoy rubber tactile controlls" if I buy it...

And really, who doesn't need a Garden Yeti?

You all have been holding out on me. Power Lung? Who knew that all I needed to do was teach my lungs how to breathe?

And yes...I took all the pix while wedged in between two people who are no doubt wondering why I am taking photos of the Sky Mall Magazine....

Now someone needs to land this puppy so that I can post this important review!!!


Post note...I'm listening to a podcast of "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me" and I just snorted a laugh... Big elbow chich really doesn't like me now...

Woo hoo... Just landed... Post

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  1. I want to fly with you just so I can watch people watch you!!

  2. You will love Hedonics. We get it as a supplement in our weekend papers every now and then.

  3. We use those "power lungs" all the time at work. Maybe I'll try and have one "fall" into my pocket and mail one to ya!!!

  4. A garden Yeti?!?! That's new!

    and Wait Wait is probably the best show ever. I bust out laughing on long runs and people think I'm crazy.

  5. LMAO! I am pretty sure that if we were traveling together we would be removed from the plane.

    I love sky mall!

  6. Gotta love Sky Mall for stuff you just can't live without!

    Your trip to Oakland must have been quite eventful! Haha.

    OK, the word verification for THIS post is "hoonies." I wonder if Sky Mall sells those, what ever they might be. :)

  7. I'll have to check Sky Mall out the next time I'm in a plane. Looks like you had your own personalized edition of the Leno show!

  8. I LOVE SkyMall! It always puts me right out during the flight :)

  9. Hah!! Great post! I am flying next week so I will have to check those out! Classic laughs will be needed on a cross country flight!!!

    By the way, how are you feeling? Healing from your injuries??

  10. You certainly found a great way to kill time on the plane. I sure hope the injury heals quickly. I'm on a running hiatus too, and it stinks.

  11. Doesn't everyone have a power lung for the low low price of $109...WTF?!?!

  12. Man.. I think you would be super fun to travel with! :)

  13. ok, I laughed and snorted as well-but I'm alone in my house!