Monday, September 28, 2009

Other Signs...

Today GlavEn touted the 666 unread blogs in his RSS reader as a sign of the apocalypse.

To which I say, "Only 666? pfffft..."

How 'bout this?


I wish I had better running/biking stories to report from the weekend, but the truth is that it was a pretty slow weekend running-wise.

Except for this...

I don't know if you can read it or not, but the first sentence says "Congratulations! As a thank you and reward for training with your Nike+ system, we would like to invite you and a friend to register for this year’s SOLD OUT Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco on Sunday, October 18, 2009!"

So my obsession with running gadgets pays off!*

But, oh shiz, shiz, shiz...what to do now? It's only weeks away! Why oh why didn't Nike extend this invite even a friggen month ago, when I had a 1/2 a chance of getting a decent fare on Southwest?

And then there's the little issue that I haven't trained, not even one little lick, for the HILLS or for 13 miles...

I'll keep you posted...I need to register before Wednesday if I'm going to do it.

Other than that, on Sunday, Mik, Elsie and I ran the 6 mile loop on Coronado. Nothing too interesting to report, other than the used-condom-on-the-road sighting, which always surprises me. I mean, use a trash receptical for peet's sake people! I mean come on (oh...I guess someone did...never mind.)

I also have no stats because the Garmin failed me and wouldn't start. (has since been reset and is working fine now), but the run felt good and no pain, so that's always a good thing. But truth be told, a little 6 mile jaunt around the flat island wouldn't get me up into Presidio Park.

Sunday was left to some chores and stuff...and noticing other signs as well, maybe not signs of the end of the world, but certainly signs that confirmed my glee at not having really young kids anymore.

Da, da, da, da, dummmmmmmm....the toy aisle at Costco.

Little shiz that I step on at night and swear loudly about...and the big eyes completely freak me out!


WTF is Sparkle Floam and why would anyone need 30 pieces of it?

Because all little girls want a Hello Kitty bubble gum machine and a water dispenser (for $27.95...and I swear two people were discussing how it was the PERFECT gift for some special little girl as I was taking this picture...)

Oh, and just in case...let's teach the baby how to use the candy machine. Sweet.

Yep...real signs of the apocolypse here...real signs...GAH!

Oh...about those unread blogs? I'm workin' on it!

* Although truth be told, I stopped using the Nike+ thingy about the same time I started using the Garmin...but shhhhhhhh...I don't want Nike to rescind the offer.


  1. Welcome to my hell with those toys. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't shout out something about the mofoing legos that I step on.

    That is so cool about the half mary entry! I know there are a lot of jealous peeps out there.

    RE: unread blogs....yeah I am the same way.

  2. How exciting about Nike! And I am SO WITH YOU on the crazy little kid toys. iPods and clothes from Buckle are way more expensive which is a total pain, but they are ever so much more fun to me than polly pocket and moon sand.

  3. I can't believe how many used condoms I see while out running! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I guess I should be happy to see them, at least they are being used! Sure must have lots of horny kids in my little town!
    Congrats on the 1/2 invitation!

  4. First off, I promise to put my used condoms in trash cans from now on. I frankly don't know why I even use them since I was just ... um ... pleasuring myself. But you never know - I could catch VD from me.

    Second - Sure! Go run a race instead of reading blogs!

    Hahahahaha! You'll NEVER get your number down to 666 that way! And so ... Satan wins! Way to be his mistress, sister! Be sure to throw the used condom away!

    Nike "user"? Are you mainlining over-priced sneakers again? Don't you know they're a Gateway Footwear to EVIL HIGH HEELS?!1???

  5. Used condoms is why I don't pick up Guinness's BMs sometimes. She has a knack for going right next to the condom.

  6. The Nike invite is cool, but seriously, they sent it to you this close to the race date?!? What's up with that?!?!? Or has the invite been there all along, burried with 1300 other unread mails?!?!? LOL

  7. Thankfully, Norah doesn't yet play with her toys (unless you count me rattling them in front of her face as playing), so hers are all still neatly lined up on the shelf. I would love for them to remian there, but I'm sure that in no time at all, I'll be breaking my ankle on them.

  8. I, too, am so glad that I don't have a little one any longer. In the big move that just happened we uncovered SEVERAL giant ziplock storage bags in the attic filled with stuffed animals! WHY?????!!! Of course, my daughter and my ex-husband didn't see why we shouldn't keep them! UGH! I said you can do that...but not in my house.
    I never understood FLOAM either.

  9. Never having had the pleasure of dodging around toys, my focus is on the Marathon.....Yikes girl, are you ready for that?

    Just asking....

  10. Most days I'm happy to call myself a curmudgeon. Other days I'm out and out grumpy. I get annoyed when I see all the crap in store aisles. Crap that nobody with a real life has any conceivable use for. Yet someone went to a lot of trouble to get it manufactured and transported to the store, waiting for some spoiled kid to throw a tantrum for. Duct tape is my answer. Duct tape for the kid, and duct tape the crap together to feed it to a steam plant as fuel. If we can do so without buggering up the steam plant.

    I see you use a Mac! Good for you. As for the RSS feeds, delete em. I had a bunch but it turned out to be a pain in the ass way of reading blogs.

    As for last minute registrations, pfft! They're just trolling for more people to fill up the race. And send you advertising. And if there's one thing in the world guaranteed to get me grumpy, it's advertising.

    That's enough for now, otherwise I'll make myself grumpy, and I've had too nice a day for that.

    The word is burpi.

  11. YESS!! DO NIKE! We'll walk the hills... wait. Hills? I didn't sign up for hills! LOL

  12. Christmas time at Costco already? Hmm...

    Great to see that you are making progress on the running front! Keep your feet moving and you'll be back to normal in no time at all!

  13. SO....what are you going to do????? Did you register???

  14. So did you register???

    I want Floam. I totally would hide it from my kids too. It looks like a lot of fun!