Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Shower, a Bar, and Some Verbal Vomit

So...you'd think I could scrounge a post together over the weekend about our absolutely marvelous six mile run around the island of Coronado (which isn't really an island, more of an isthmus really, but I digress, and if I'm incorrect about the geological label for the place, Betty will correct me) and subsequent breakfast with Irene and Michael at The High Dive...


You'd also think I could wax on poetically about the freekin' AWESOME 6-mile, pain-free run, (in my new running accessory no less).

Yes...it IS quite attractive, but since it helped with the knee-clicking and pain I've been having, I'll continue to wear it even though it acts as a too-small knee-fat girdle.

Once again, Mik ran in the stapled pants...

Running Stats...6 miles, 1:09:14, 11:31/mi

And you'd also think I'd take some time to retell some excellent stories about how we drank mimosas and told ridiculous jokes about The High Dive coffee mugs.

The High Dive has the MOST random assortment of coffee mugs at their self-serve station. How can you NOT love a place that has a Reno coffee mug...especially when it's not even in Reno?

But you'd be wrong...

It was a very busy weekend...

First of all, on Saturday night Walter, the kids, and I met some friends at the stadium to watch an SDSU Aztec game which was followed by the KGB Sky Show. For the non-locals, KGB is a local radio station (classic rock...thank you very much) and for years they promote an absolutely amazing fireworks show after a sporting event.

Betty and I at the Sky Show

THEN...On Sunday, I went furniture shopping for a new sofa and a media cabinet of some sort, and it took all day (and trust me, "furniture shopping" is not a euphemism for ANYTHING fun).

Here's the sofa I think I like...haven't settled on the media cabinet yet...GAH! There are just too many of them...all different sizes and colors and shapes and I JUST CAN'T DECIDE!!!!

The sofa and media cabinet will go in this room...the room with the new bar!

I promised a few members of the herd that I'd post some pictures of the new bar... Bar breaking in will occur as soon as the rest of the room has some furniture!

It is a really loooong bar...which I have wanted since we moved into this house almost 10 years ago...and now I have one!

Also, thank goodness that after a month of sharing a shower with DramaGirl and Turbo, our master-bath shower is also finished. I told Teresa I'd post some photos of that...so here's another batch.

Inside the shower. DramaGirl took this photo...she was standing on a bench.

Outside the shower

The whole bathroom...I really should straighten the counter before I broadcast photos of my messiness to the world...sorry mom.

Anyway, the whole shopping experience gave me a headache, and I was EXHAUSTED by Sunday night, so no bloggy-blog-blog about the weekend (so sorry).

Then Monday came, and I woke up early for a quick 30 minute dreadmill run (I haven't done that in AGES). Once again, no pain...I averaged 5.5 mph (about a 10:54 mm) for 30 minutes. AWESOME!

Then I was off to do that teaching thing that I have to do. Darn it if THAT didn't take the whole day!

Most importantly, Monday night was our once-a-month Dinner Club...which is where some of the running-heffers force invite the husbands to go out to dinner with us...although for some reason the number of running-heffer husbands seems to be dwindling.

I wonder if it's because we spent considerable time talking about this item...

According to this website, Go Girl is "a female urination device (sometimes called a FUD) that allows you to urinate while standing up. It’s neat. It’s discreet. It’s hygienic."

AWESOME! Seriously, you have to go to the website and click on the "demo" link...it's priceless. I think it'll be a perfect stocking stuffer...

I imagine that we decided upon FUDs as enlightening dinner-table conversations because before dinner, Mik, Dr. Elsie, Betty and I met at Parky's (a nearby dive bar) for a pre-dinner cocktail.

Parkys...doesn't the strip-mall frontage tell you everything about the place? It is located next to a Big Lots... which also tells you much about the place...

It took me three U-Turns and a text message to Betty asking "where the F is this place?" to find it.

But it was well worth the effort. We loved this bar and here's why
  • Happy Hour Hors D'ouerves were being served out of a crock pot
  • Everyone who was a regular came in the back door.
  • They had two beers on tap, Bud and Bud Light
  • They wouldn't take a credit or ATM card, but would take a personal check
  • The drinks were REALLY strong
  • Elsie ordered a glass of wine...which the bartender poured out of (I am NOT making this up) what appeared be a cranberry juice bottle...we assumed it was box wine.
  • After one sip, Dr. Elsie noted that it did NOT taste like "Chardonnay."
We are sooooooo going back there one day.

This month we had dinner at The Fish Merchant.

Betty, Mik, and Dr. Elsie with The Fish Merchant...Mik made sure she got a hand on both bass...

Have a great week everyone! I'm off to PT in the morning... If I had blogged AT ALL this weekend I would have given a big shout out to my PT, Brett, who finished the Malibu Olympic Triathlon this weekend in 2:30. (I couldn't stalk him, but I did check his results!). Way to go Brett!


  1. I've been waiting for this blog all day!!!

    I love the FUD and look forward to using it one day! But more importantly - the bar looks incredible as does the TV room! What a transformation! The floor looks incredible also - I can't wait to come over!

  2. Your place looks great!!! I need to come over and be jealous... you have a long bar AND a dinning room table.

    I'm bummed that I missed my first dinner club invite. :( Is it always on a Monday? That's when daisy and i work out. which leads me to my next question/comment- what are you, Betty and Mik doing Sunday morning? Want to go to a free Crossfit class?

  3. Your long bar and my home theatre would make for a great pair during NFL season!
    Love the FUD-now I'm not a drinker, but to me that looks like a fun way for you guys to drink your mimosas! We do that all the time at the hospital-eat snacks out of the puke buckets! Fun medical humor!

  4. OKay you HAVE to send that toilet thing to Ellen Degeneres for her show - she always seems to have silly things off.

    Your new bar is so fancy!


  5. wow, looks like you've been busy! The house looks great, though!

    and, that pee unit is gross! ;)

  6. Love love love your shower!! And the new floor turned out very nice too.
    Ummm... is that FUD disposable or do you wash and reuse?

  7. your house remodeling is really coming along nicely. you must be pleased!

  8. When we lived over that way we would frequent The Fish Merchant. At the time it was just about the ONLY decent place (at the time) that was close. Would you believe I've never been to Parky's? LOL.

    Fabulous remodel! I'm so jealous of your bathroom. And the bar. And the potential new sofa, and the floor... I know. It's will all happen in good time.

    Take care of that knee. ;)

    You go girl! Haha.

  9. You had me at "knee-fat girdle". The FUD and the bar next to Big Lots were just icing on the cake.

  10. you crack me up...

    love the digs new reno's, very cool.

    glad you posted, you made me LOL...

  11. I was missing your blog! Welcome back! The renovations look great too! I bet you're glad to get he contractors out of the house.

    And it's great to see that you can so some running again! Two questns now - when will I *finally* get to meet the erd, and we need some dirt about Vegas last weekend!

  12. I've seen that girl pee thingy before, and the demo, and I'm still stumped how it's discreet since you've gotta pull down your shorts, don't you? And, I dunno, running around afterward with a pee-pee cup is kinda ewey.

  13. I have shower envy!! All of your remodel work looks lovely. I have seen Parkys next to Big Lots and often thought...HHMM wonder who goes there? Now I know.

  14. ooops anonymous was me!

  15. Seriously, who can not just go on a bush like a normal person or the side of the road in a pinch? I'm not afraid, when I have to go it's time to GO. I don't want to carry my piss, I want it to be carried away from me.

  16. Love the bar and new bath tile. Sounds like fun at Parky's, what was in the Crock pot?

  17. the FUD would make an awesome Kris Kringle gift for the running group this year!! Your house is lookin' amazing, congrats! lmao at the knee girdle :)

  18. I love the new bar, bathroom is beautiful, great sofa choice (but remember the red wine thing with light colors) and deciding is really, really, hard & super tiring. Loved all the verbage about Parky's & Monday dinner : ) Can't wait for the grand opening & our run this weekend!

    Dr. Elsie

  19. You always find the best places to go! Hey, does that knee thing really work?

  20. First, I love the "knee fat girdle" description. I hate wearing my knee strap, but if it helps I guess it's a necessary evil.

    Second, House looks great. I hate decorating and remodeling but I have some projects that NEED to happen in my house. You're doing a nice job!

    Third, Discreet? How on earth would it be discreet if someone was using that GoGirl thing? That's just bizarre... and I love the little car they have on their site. That would be a riot to see that cruising around. A car marketing a urination device! Of course, perhaps it would be useful on a trail ultra... I'll have to send one to my friend Molly! LOL!