Friday, September 4, 2009

I am soooooo bilingual after wine

I had a glass of wine (or two) with Betty, Mik, and DOCTOR Elsie tonight. I was informed by the herd about three things.

First. We will refer to Elsie as DOCTOR Elsie from now on, and WTFN? She earned it. She's one of the smartest women I've ever met, AND she coined our mantra for running: "It's all about the tight ass!" So Dr. Elsie it is.

Second. I was harassed endlessly about my lack of blogging recently. So, since I have precious little to write of running or cycling of late, you will get more absolutely random photos from the last couple of weeks (and since it is foto friday WTF not?), none of which have anything to do with running or cycling.

Although, speaking of running and working out...can I get a "woot, woot" for running a whole 27 FREEKIN MINUTES on the 'mill yesterday morning...and for going to two days of PT this week... I know, what a GD workout GODDESS I AM!

Third. All captions in this post will be en Español, because for some reason it seemed like a funny idea after the second glass of wine...

More from Vegas

¡Hey chica!*

¿Más margaritas, por favor?**

¿Bolas Grandes, En Serioso?***

¡Claro que si, es las cinco en alguna parte!****

From Rehab United - The guys who fixed me

Brett y Ron. Mis héroes!*****

Random Family Shot from the Padres Game (they won!)

¡Asombrosamente, Los Padres ganados!******

OK...that's it. Got some plans to run and ride this weekend. I need a running goal right now because this lack of a race to prepare for is really causing me to completely slack off...not good...of course it could also be this little nuisance of a thing called teaching that is also interfering with my running/cycling/blogging/facebooking priorities.

Some I was gonna leave you hanging

* Hey chica!
** More margaritas please?
***Big Balls? Seriously?
****Clearly it is 5:00 somewhere
*****Brett and Ron, My Heroes
******Surprisingly, the Padres won!


  1. I can NOT believe you would so brazenly display these pictures of Teh Herd in front of ME, an admitted Cow-F*cker¹. It's on you if I can't control myself.

    ¹ Con Bolas Grandes, I might add. (But not as big as Dick Cheney's, because a Big Dick is gonna have some Truly Big Balls.)

  2. Too funny that you translated "Hey Chica!" LOL.

  3. OMFG, I laughed from the moment I read the blog title!!! You crack me UP...oh and I become bilingual too only it's usually trashtastic....

    Oh, I want to get me some "Big Balls", LOL...thanks for the morning laughs!!!

  4. I think "random" posts are the best! Thankfully my high school "espanol" class was a big help, little did I know all I had to do was "scroll" down!

  5. Everybody is bilingual after wine! It just may not be an actual second language they're speaking :)

  6. Thanks for the high school French is really paying off with the influx of French Canadian immigrants!

  7. come run the Malibu Half marathon on Nov 15th with me...I might also run the Long Beach half in october...or how about the Long Beach Tri on the 20th Sept??? Xterra Pt Mugu trail run on 27th Sept? Race for the Rescues 5K on 4th Oct, Huntington beach Distance Derby 10 miler on 24th October?