Saturday, November 21, 2009

Skunk, Run, Turkey Trots

Skunk Update
I'm sitting here freezing my ass off because it is November, and some genius (me) decided that running the air-conditioner would filter the air in the house which now smells of both vinegar and skunk.


Truth be told, I do think it's working, although I'm less confident that the skunk(s) have moved out yet. Walter just went to the store after moth-balls, tennis balls, more ammonia. Our plan is to do a full-scale de-skunking this afternoon (then we're leaving the house for a few hours).

Thanks to all who posted stories and suggestions about getting rid of the smell, but I do have congratulate Irene for the best comment EVAH, in which she, essentially suggested that we douche our house.


Running News
This morning, Betty, Mik, Elsie and I met with the SDTC for our weekly long run. My plan was to run a leisurely, easy (hahaha) 8 miles in a really weak-ass attempt to prepare for the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon in two weeks.

One of the highlights of the morning had to have been the drive to the run with Betty, who nearly had me crashing the car because I was laughing so hard about mandals, socks with holes, and sweatshirts (e.g. all you need to turn on your husband on a cold morning). I don't probably had to be there.

It was one of those beautiful SoCal winter mornings. A little cool at the start, and it warmed up nicely, but not so much as to make it uncomfortable. Mik slowed down her usual pace and ran the first two miles with me (or I sped up to run the first two miles with her, or somewhere between those two options.)

You can't tell from this photo, but Mik has new shorts AND new shoes on!

Combining mad driving and photography skillz. Nice boat!

Eventually, Mik tired of our pace and ran ahead, but I was never far behind her. At Mile 3, I caught up to her at the SDTC water station, and she decided to run UP Canon (big hill we run DOWN during AFC). I decided to go the flat route onto Shelter Island, figuring there'd be no hills in Vegas to speak of.

Mile 1 - 11:02
Mile 2 - 10:52
Mile 3 - 10:53

By Mile 3, of course, it was getting a little warm, so I decided to publicly disrobe and remove the underarmor long sleeve shirt I was cleverly wearing underneath my shirt.

Good show.

The SDTC route from Harbor Island, to the aid station is about three miles, but I wanted to do 8 miles, so I decided to tack on an extra mile by running onto Shelter Island, the same area we ran two weekends ago for the Shelter Island 5K. By the 4th mile, I was starting to feel some of the effects of running with speedy Mik, so I downed a Gu Roctain (LOVE that stuff) which gave me a little more kick.

Mile 4 - 11:32 (quite a bit slower, but still respectable)

By the time I got back to the SDTC water station again, I was feeling the Gu. Irene's husband Michael was there, so he and I ran for awhile back to the start. Michael always has good stories to tell.

Then around the 6th mile, I don't know what happened, I just felt "The Zone," that beautiful time when you're able to run effortlessly. I was completely surprised by it. I mean, I haven't run more than 6 miles since AFC. I still have no idea where the energy or the desire came from, but since I was feeling it, I said "bye" to Michael (who was, admittedly, doing a recovery run having run the Silver Strand 1/2 Marathon the week) and took off.

Mile 5 - 11:13
Mile 6 - 11:12
Mile 7 - 10:46
Mile 8 - 10:35
Mile 8.08 - 10:00

For me? Wow. I mean where did THAT come from?

Maybe that 2:20 1/2 marathon finish isn't so crazy after all? (now don't get ahead of yourself Alice).

Afterwards, we headed back to Elsie's for some breakfast and laughs (no mimosas this morning, too much to do today, and I'll admit that after getting up early/running/mimosas...I'm pretty worthless for the rest of the day.) Got home, stuck my legs in our, now 56ยบ pool (the ice bath) and I'm feeling pretty good right now (other than the frozen ass part).

It's Turkey Week!
I'm going to do my longest run (10 miles) this Thursday or Friday as part of Alisa's (Ambition Aspirations Make Great Accomplishments) Virtual Turkey Trot.

And the SDTC Turkey Trot on Tuesday (whoever most accurately predicts their 2 mile finish time wins a electronics allowed). My kids are out of school all week; unfortunately, I'm not. GAH! (there had to be a GAH in here somewhere, right?)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Now off to battle the skunk.


  1. OMG, Irene, you DO win the prize (what exactly is the prize ??) LMAO

    I LOVE the photo of the boat produced through incredible driving skillzzzzz, NICE!

    Good Luck with Turkey's required.

  2. Nice job on the smooth 8 miler and good luck on your Ten Mile Turkey Trot!

  3. love those perfect feel good runs!! Awesome silhouette pic of Mik!

  4. A little advice for the turkey trot at the track: keep track of your laps. It is easy to forget which one you're on after 5 or 6 when the fastest runners are already finishing. A friend and I did just that and when a half lap more before we realized it. Worst, if we'd stopped at the right time, she would have won a turkey because she nailed her predicted time. Of course, I said nothing upon this realization - and she didn't either.

  5. Oye...

    That one sentence should have read:

    A friend and I did just that and went a half lap more before we realized it. Worst, if we'd stopped at the right time, she would have won a turkey because she nailed her predicted time.

  6. Any time douche can be worked into the story or conversation, that just makes it for me! Nice, hope it worked for ya. Oh yea and good luck on the run thing;)

  7. Your blog always makes me smile.

    BTW, when I read Turkey Trots...I thought that's what you get when the Thanksgiving meal isn't cooked all the way (think about it...nobody likes a case of the turkey trots...buhahahah)

  8. Ugh! Skunk smell permeating your house... that sounds like a great reason to get out for a few days!

    Great job on the run! I didn't realize the Las Vegas Half was coming up so quickly. You seem ready for it! :)

    I had to read that part twice about you not having mimosas... I thought I had read it wrong. What? Alice, with no after-run mimosa?? GAH! What's this world coming to?!

  9. I think 2:20 is so within your reach. That was my goal for Saturday and I think I woulda hit it if I hadn't had to use the port-o's not once but three effing times! It wasn't a good day for me..oh well.

    Nice run, great last mile split!!!!!

    Yay for turkey trot. I haven't decided if I'll be trotting along with you at 10 miles or maybe going for another half mary!

    Hope the skunk is gone!

  10. Yeah, what kind of prize do I win? But you HAVE to use Massengil medicated douche on the house where the offending odor comes from... LOL.

    Really? My husband has interesting stories? I hope they weren't about work!

    It sounds like you'll be just fine for Vegas, and maybe even a PR? It is flat, after all.

    Have a great week!

  11. If it were my house and up to my wife, we'd be in Palm Springs for the long weekend of de-skunking....

    Sounds like a great run this past weekend. Isn't the weather just pefect? Ah. To live in Southern California in the fall.....

  12. Your kids are out of school all week? What kind of slacker school do they go to?! :-)

  13. Sounds like you're hitting the running sweet spot ... perfect!