Monday, December 21, 2009

Reasons for and against

Reasons that I shouldn't feel too bad about not being able to run for the next few weeks:
  1. It gives me time over the holidays to focus on family
  2. I get to ride my bike...A LOT
  3. I get to ride my bike around the bay on day s like this..
Yes, I know the east coast is recovering from almost a complete shut-down due to the BIGGEST 'EFFING SNOW STORM SINCE 2003..

4. After I rode on Saturday, I still got to have breakfast with the herd (who was running).

Reasons that it completely sucks that I cannot run for the next few weeks:
  1. This winter break was SUPPOSED TO BE my new start at getting back into running shape.
  2. Due to no running, this weekend I missed SDTC's Candy Cane Lane Run (which RunDMZ's fabulous Anne organized).
  3. On Saturday morning, when I was riding in the (admittedly) fabulous SoCal winter weather, there were TONS of peeps running and I hated them all. I'd watch them all land on their left food with an extraordinary amount of envy.
  4. No running = immediate weight gain = I cannot eat whatever I want.
Other than that, I really have nothing to whine about. Oh strike that...I can ALWAYS find something to whine about, but I'll spare you.

I still have a little holiday shopping to do. I did a marathon shopping excursion yesterday (my style...two days, get it ALL done) and the foot felt OK through most of it, which I think is a good sign.

I keep having to promise myself that I WILL NOT start running until after January 13 and the doc tells me it's OK too, no matter how good I think my foot feels. This is quite grown-up thinking for me. Perhaps I am turning over a new leaf?


    1. Sigh. You have sun tanning weather, and you're complaining about not being able to run. It's snowing here. Did you get video of the peeps running by landing on their "left food". I think there's something Freudian about tie between that and #4.

      I have a G rated blog? That will be a surprise to some people.

    2. Definitely grown up thinking. Keep it up; it will be worth it. Maybe I can learn from you!

      *ignores the fact that her word verification was "jusquit." Blogger! Are you serious!

    3. Those are all good reasons to be ok with a running break! You'll keep your cardio by biking too so no worrying about that!!! YAY!!

    4. I think those are some pretty good pros to not be running... take it all in, girl!

    5. Sigh, I can run but I still probably won't do it over the holiday. I'm just lazy though.

    6. Thanks for that lovely photo! I did purchase toe covers and gloves today for the eventual cold weather riding I will be doing! Of course that won't be until all this SNOW and the re-freeze of melt off is gone from the roads. I am doomed to the treamill for a bit. YUCK!

    7. It certainly sucks being sidelined with an injury, but if nothing else, when you return to running, you'll feel excited to run again, which is always a happy feeling.

    8. NO running til the 13th if that's what the doctor ordered!! It does suck though, sorry it messed up your plans.

    9. YOU ARE very grown up and smart waiting to run until you're completely healed! You won't be sorry! By the way, I'm a marathon shopper too. The only thing is, I hate spending all that $$$ in one day! It just seems wrong! Happy Holidays!

    10. Please don't turn over a new leaf. That would be really boring;)

    11. You're just looking for the good that can come from the bad. I never would have found Ellen and swimming if the doctor never said I "probably wouldn't be running anymore."
      You can still burn plenty of calories on the bike, don't worry. ;)

    12. I won't deny you were missed and you missed a great morning with the track club group. But, hey, at least you get to ride - that's one step ahead of me and my torn achilles. I know exactly what you mean about seeing so many other runners. Very frustrating around here.

      Keep the focus on family!