Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wardrobe Dilemma

Four days to Vegas...and it's starting to hit me. OMG...I'm running a 1/2 marathon in four days. OMFG...I've got so much to do! Not the least of which is figuring out my running wardrobe.

To be honest, I typically don't give much thought to what I'm going to wear when I run. I have my compression shorts, sometimes a running skirt, but usually I run in knee length Champion compression shorts. I get them from Target...they're THE BEST, shorter than a mid-calf capri and since I'm not the tallest runner on the blog, they don't make me look like a troll. When it gets cool, I'll put on a lightweight Underarmor top.

However, the temperature in Vegas at race time will be around 40ยบ at the 6:15 am gun time (WFT is up with THAT? I guess that's the price you pay to run up and down the strip on a weekend).

Maybe to some of you northern peeps, that's a balmy day, but to this SoCal transplant, that's freekin' COLD.

So, I'm in a quandary about what to wear. I haven't run in cold weather clothes in FOREVER...I mean, it's been over a year since for most of last winter I was hurt and I didn't run for most of January-March (the coldest months here).

I don't really like running in full length tights. I have a pair, but they're pretty long and the ankles bug. I think I can get away with Capris, and I am thinking of running in my Zenzah compression sleeves as well...I'll be colorful, but I'll be warm.

Even though I'm not running with the herd, I MUST wear the day-glo lime green race shirt, which means Underarmor underneath...no big deal.

Gloves? Maybe, but what to do with them when I tire of wearing them? Hat?

Definitely a trash bag.





  1. Brrrrr... I don't like to be hot when I run so I would err on the side of not wearing too much. But that's just me. :)

    I can't believe it is only four days away!! Where did the time go?

    I can't wait to see your pics and read about your race!! You'll do great!

  2. Sorry, I'm the last person to help you with cold weather running! Good luck with the preparations!

  3. Ahhhh that sounds like a perfect running day. If it was me....I would wear capri running tights and a long sleeve tech shirt. Then at the start of the race, I would throw on a cheap long sleeve t-shirt to take off and throw away after the first mile or two.

    Good Luck! I have some friends that are running in Vegas this weekend! Can't wait to hear all about the race.

  4. actually sounds like great running temp to me. That's what it was here when I ran on Sunday. I wore tights, sleeveless shirt under long sleeves, a had, and gloves. I ended up taking off the gloves. If I was running a full 13.1 instead of 4 miles, i might have ended up taking off the hat and long sleeves too!

  5. I"m with Carly but I'd wear a short sleeve tech shirt under a long sleeve tech shirt and just tie the long sleeve around my waist if I got hot.(anything to hide my backside)

    Good luck and have fun! I can't wait for the race report!!

  6. I think your capris should be fine. Your legs will warm up pretty quickly.

    As far as gloves...my hands get so cold. I am sure you won't need them the whole race, so buy some cheapies at Target and toss them when you start to sweat.

    I would probably also bring a sweatshirt or something to wear that you can throw away. You might even think about throw away bottoms. It isn't as much about the race, but BEFORE the race. If you get too cold waiting for it to start, you might never loosen up.

    You're going to have so much fun. I wish I were running!!!!

  7. My hands get cold at those temps so I would buy a cheapO pair of gloves or old pair of socks that you can throw away at some point. My hands and ears too - maybe a light weight ear band that you can tuck away or shove up in your hat if you need to.

  8. Hmmm,

    capris and your lime green shirt.

    on top to start; an old throw away sweatshirt and an old pair of socks as gloves. If the race is like Phoenix, you'll warm up quickly. Toss the shirt and socks and a clean up crew will take them to the mission.

    Missy is right about covering your ears to start unless you don't get cold ears ;^)

    Good luck and have fun!

  9. Oh hunny, I say no to the gloves, but I guess I am just a northern peep that would do anything to run 40 degree temps! Soak it up! :) And GOOD LUCK! HAVE FUN!

  10. Capris will be perfect (tights definitely too warm). I would wear cheap gloves that you can take off. BTW I have never thrown my gloves away...I always carry them, and it's never bothered me at all. Have fun this weekend! I'll be at CIM!

  11. Coming from the "frozen tundra" I too think that 40 degrees is absolutely perfect!! I wear gloves to start and within a mile or two, my hands get way hot, so off they go. I also wear headband to keep the ears warm and the music in my ears!
    I usually wear my Nike spandex cycling shorts...they're longer and stop just above the knee-nice and warm. Throw on a short sleeve t-shirt and cover with a nice rain/wind proof lightweight biking jacket and done! Ready to run!
    Best of luck.....look forward to the post report!

  12. Just this morning the local news said it was supposed to be 33 and 35 for the overnight lows this weekend. So gun time could be in the 30's.

    I'm wearing capris, short-sleeve tech shirt with arm warmers. Gloves are a must for me! And I'm probably going to have to do the trash bag... I've exhausted all of my throwaway top layers over the past year!

  13. ok...I believe in clothes you can throw away! I always go buy some cheap long sleeved shirt that I can then throw on the streets-did that for NYC marathon but they take all the clothes and donate them to the homeless....

    You could also go to Target,Kmart, Walmart any of those stores and pick up some cute long socks! I cut the feet off and use them as disposable arm warmers! Or if you dont want to throw them away you can roll them down to your wrists!

    I always get warm running so I would never run a race in tights-but since you are used to running in your capri shorts-stick to that...but maybe you can find "disposable" sweats-Walgreens, CVS etc are always good for cheap throw away clothes....

    does your lime green top have a back pocket? I have a few shirts that have a back pocket so that I can stash smaller items in the pocket. i also run in Atalanta running skirts-and they have the best side pockets!!

    Let us know what you decide!

  14. Definitely capris or even compression shorts because you are going to end up getting hot. Buy the $1 stretchy gloves at Target or walmart and toss them once your hands warm up--which will be about mile 2 ;) Your compression sleeves will keep your arms warm, but maybe a throw away windbreaker or something before the race starts? I sympathize--I ran in 28 degrees this morning (but was warm by the end of 4.5 miles)

  15. The trash bag will keep you warm enough before the race and in the early miles if need be. Don't overdress.

  16. I like the capris & armwarmers thought. Gloves too. You can shed the arm things & gloves if you get too warm, though it sounds like you'll be fine.


  17. I'd say go with the sleeves, gloves if you think you need 'em and capris! WOW, this race has come fast, but you'll do awesome. Looking forward to the pics and race report! have fun!!

  18. Yes on capris and layer on top. I'd go short sleeve or sleeveless under the longsleeve that you can tie around your waist (thats what I did in SF). Your hands will warm up,so I'd pass on the gloves and just pull my hands inside the long sleeves at the beginning.

    Is BBJ gonna go lime too? Good luck!

  19. Cover your ears, your legs and your hands with extra protection! After running here in SD, it's shocking to get out there and have COLD fingers and ears! The expo usually has cheap cotton gloves and a cheap handband that covers your ears...good luck!!

  20. I go with what Meg says. Us Southern Californians are wimps when it comes to cold. Get some cheapo cotton gloves that you can throw out along the way and the sam with a cheapo cotton sweatshirt. I always use the 40 gal trashbag, but usually pitch that right at the start.

    At least it's supposed to be dry. Once I get moving I warm up pretty quickly unless it's wet.

    Good luck and have fun! And thanks for your kind words yesterday. They are greatly appreciated.

  21. I'm a norcal native and I think anything below 50 is TOO cold. Give me 75-90 anyday =).

    I say go with capris or shorts but definitely wear your arm sleeves, at least you can easily make those into sweat wrist bands if you get hot.

  22. It might get up to 50 during the run, if we're lucky. Everyone at RU was talking about layers and at least having one of those headbands that cover your ears. Costco on Friars has Head athletic gloves for about $10, which are light enough to stash in a pocket when you're warmed up. See you there!