Sunday, February 28, 2010

And now, back to our regular program....

Well, not quite back to normal yet. Taking one week off pretty much meant that this week was a busy catch up week for all of us.

Oh, and on top of it, it was Turbo's birthday on Thursday. I'm not sure how it happened that this little boy

The baby pix are not scanned yet, so this will have to suffice...he's about 18 months old here

has become this fine young man

 My baby turned 12. Happy Birthday Turbo!

Some other highlights from the week
  • Ran once on the 'mill and did a threshold training workout (2 x 15 at threshold, which for me is about a 10:30 pace) with a 3 minute cool down (12:00 pace) between the two intervals. I did the 'mill instead of going to the track club workout because I stayed at school too long and didn't have enough time to get home, get changed, and then get to the track. I need to start taking my running clothes with me to school on Tuesdays and change there.
  • On Friday, after a sorta frustrating exchange of emails with some work colleagues (that I won't go into there, other than to say that people who think that they can intimidate me into not speaking up about some teaching practices that I believe are outmoded and downright wrong, really don't know me that well) anyway, after THAT exchange, I decided I needed to clear my head, so I went to run here...
OK...I had some really, way more excellent shots of the actual beach, but they didn't download and were deleted from my iPhone...GAH, so you have to see sweaty me. Trust me though, it was a beautiful day 
  • Oh I was running, I started to feel the familiar tightness in the bottom of my left foot and fear that a mild case of PF is returning. I've been a slacker about keeping up with the proper stretching and lunge matrices which seem to help, so I've got to get back to that. I WILL NOT have another round of PF...not this way...
  • Yesterday (Saturday) morning, I went to dress rehearsal for the play that Turbo and DramaGirl are in because I am on the costume committee.
That's Turbo in the Viking helmet. He's a pirate... They are doing Peter Pan this year...
  • Because I was being the costume queen, I had to miss ANOTHER SDTC long run. I think most of the herd skipped it because it was POURING yesterday morning. I haven't read Irene's blog yet, but I'm sure she'll have a report of the deluge. I was sad to miss the run because I miss the group AND I am getting woefully behind in logging any sort of distance or time on my feet (I think the run was 2 hours on Saturday and I am nowhere near being able to comfortably run 2 hours...good thing that I registered for the San Diego RnR 1/2 Marathon in June and not the full).
  • Instead of running in the rain, Betty and I went to the gym to workout instead. I did a 15 minute warm up on the elliptical, lifted some weights, did two sets of lunge matrices, then did 45 more minutes on the E. Needless to say, my ass hurts today.
Hot chocolate with whipped cream...yum
  • Last night we went out with our friends Huck and Debbie to celebrate Huck's 50th birthday. We went to a local music club called Anthology. I'd never been there before, but it was VERY cool and we listed to some VERY cool music by Acoustic Alchemy, and today I have not only an assache, but a headache as well. 
 This is the beer Walter was drinking. It made me laugh

Debbie and I in a setting far too dark for my lame little iPhone camera

Huck and Walter and Debbie's fingers...I'm not really sure what she was trying to communicate, but it must have been important.
  • In a flashback to our youth, on our way home, Walter and I went through the drive-thru to get a  carne asada burrito from Roberto's in Point Loma (perhaps you have to be local to understand the significance of consuming a carne asada burrito from Roberto's at 1:00 in the morning, but trust me, it is a completely satisfying experience).
  • Finally, this morning, I registered for my first bike event. It's not a race, but it is an organized bike event called the Gran Fondo and it's next Sunday. I'm super excited, although I'm feeling kinda wussy for registering for the 32 mile ride, and not the 53 miler...but as it's my first real-life organized bike event, and since I haven't been on the bike in over a month, I thought I'd take it easy.  The course is one that we've ridden on several occasions (we call it the 5 cities tour), so I know it's doable. The very cool thing about this ride (in addition to it starting in Little Italy, and the pasta lunch at the end of the ride, and the very colorful bike jersey), is that we get to RIDE OVER THE CORONADO very cool is THAT?
So there you have it, mostly back to normal, sans the mimosas with the herd. I'm sure we'll get back to that after the ride, or after Saturday's long run...or perhaps both.

OK...I'm off to get caught up on your blogs...what have you all been DOING lately?


  1. One thing that is for darn sure is that the kids grow up way too fast. Happy B'day to the little man!

  2. Going to a funeral. Wife's younger brother. Back soon. Slow connection....

  3. There's no mistaking that HE is yours! Most def.

    We went out with friends and tore it up too. Dang, sure dont bounce back like I used to but a Bloody Mary helps. At least I've learned THAT lesson...

  4. My little one turned 12 just last month. She is now 5'6" tall. I feel old.

    Good luck on the bridge climb, I mean ride. Too bad the bridge is at the beginning :) but it is cool that they include a jersey with the swag. Looks like a very cool ride. Go for the KOM!

    Acoutic Alchemy is good stuff. The local cool jazz station recently changed their format (to rock, go figure) so there is no on the air option to hear them regularly for free except sat radio. :~(

  5. I'm a blogging slacker. I have a hard time getting on the internet when everyone is home peering over my shoulder to see what I'm writing, as was the case this weekend. I'll post about the rain soon, perhaps tomorrow, when everyone is back on schedule and out of my hair.

    Even though a lot of people didn't show up for the track club run, there were still plenty of us who did show up to run in the rain.

    I think RU participates in the Gran Fondo.

    Happy Birthday to Turbo!

    The beer label just busts me up!

  6. I LOVED doing the Roberto's thing on Saturday nights from high school through college. That brought back so many memories!
    It sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend, HB Turbo. So do you still call him that? I think that's so cute :) .

  7. my baby turned 20 this week! It does go so fast.

  8. Sounds like a jammed packed but super fun weekend!
    As for me, I am slowly adding more running back into my workout routines (due to coming back from yet another injury).

  9. Crap! You're busier now that you're not running! That Acoustic Alchemy date sure sounds fun. Hmmm. Wheels turning. I think my wife and I need a date night.....

    Good luck on your ride. It should be fun!

  10. Belated birthday wishes for the big boy, who, I guess is technically no longer a boy now. Yeah, they do grow up quickly.

  11. You haven't ridden in a month and you are feeling kinda wussy for only signing up for the 32 miler?! Crazy lady!