Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two Much Better Days

Despite an incredible lack of sleep (Alice really doesn't do well on 4 hours of restless sleep), City 1 of the 3 City/3 Events/3 Day Tri was a success. Several reasons for this include:
  • My conference friends, who laugh at my jokes and make inappropriate comments throughout the day (why is it that ALL of my friends have this talent).
Conference BFFs Erick, Jami, Kathy and Me...
  • Why is it that all of my BFFs have the relative maturity of 12 year olds, and all conversations degenerate eventually into discussions that include words like "girth." The fact that Erick teaches Human Sexuality at his college certainly didn't help matters.
  • At one point, Erick was making a point about his HS class and started giving more information than the presenter hoped for...I really wanted her to say "Erick, you're being premature," but she didn't. If she had, I'd have really lost it; instead, I only partially lost it when I shared my observation with Jami
  • Four hours of sleep makes Alice really punchy, thus it doesn't take too much to keep me entertained.
  • Even though by the end of the conference day, I could barely keep my eyes open, I decided to go to the workout room and get some time in on an elliptical. In fact, this probably saved me in the long run because I did not want to get back to my hotel room, crash, wake up hungry at 10pm, then be screwed because my sleep schedule would be WAYYYY off. 
  • Instead, I worked out, had a glass of wine and a fabulous dinner with Kathy at a local Italian restaurant called Umbria, and got a good night's sleep.
  • My computer works just fine water damage at all.
  • I woke up this morning to text messages from Betty, who ran the SuperRun 10K this morning in the San Diego rain.
Today is our one-year anniversary of running with Mik, so Happy Anniversary Mik!
  • Penny just called me to let me know that she felt like a pack rat walking around the Surf City Expo with 6 bags. We discussed parking strategies. I think this is going to work!
  • I'm sitting in the SF Airport, and it appears that my flight is going to leave on time.
  • My cab ride to the airport was only $32, so the A-hole cab driver from the other night DID get a tip.
So...I'm off to Event 2 in City 2 (on day 2)...we'll call Event 1 in City 1 (days 1 and 2) a success.

Boarding now. Next post will be a Surf City race report...and a recap of the comedy that was Betty gets a bib, which I haven't told yet.


  1. Penny is an honorary HEFFER for getting all our bibs! She went above and beyond to help out!

    (P.S. - It's the three year anniversary since Elsie and you first went to breakfast with Mik and I. We discussed how you two ran the 5K and didn't even meet us at the finish line! But we had the first of many breakfasts' together that day!)

    Looking forward to Surf City!!!

  2. woo hoo! I'm a pack rat and an honorary heffer! I have hit the big time! Maybe I'll get a PR or maybe I should play the lottery......hmmm...I think I'll just look forward to seeing all of you and having a fantastic time at Surf City!!! WOOT WOOT!!

    Cant wait to see you all again.....bring on the CLOUDS, RUNNING and the BEER GARDEN!

  3. I missed seeing Penny at the Expo... we were running late so I'm sure she left before we got there. With SIX race bags (which are awesome, btw) I KNOW I would have noticed her if she were there.

    I'm glad you're getting some good laughs out of your conference! Laughing at inappropriate things at inappropriate times is one of my favorite things to do!

    Here is my phone number just in case we somehow are able to meet tomorrow. 760-884-9567. No pressure, though... I know how busy it will be.

    I'll be in the very slow people corral. :)

  4. 4 hours of restless sleep would've made me pretty punch drunk too.

    Good luck at Surf City!

  5. Can't wait to hear how Surf City went for you!

  6. You crack me up!

    Go Betty, for running in the rain. This was the first time in 6 years we didn't run it.

    Yeah, cannot wait for your race report. Hope all went well!

  7. Thank goodness your Mac is working! I get one drop of sweat on my iPod and the thing goes blammo!

  8. Hope everything went well. Sounds like a turn around from an otherwise sketchy start...

  9. How did I miss Betty at the Super Run 10K??? GAH.