Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Series of Naps, Interrupted by....

This weekend, rather than getting any real sleep, I took a series of naps*. Said naps were interrupted by
  1. One 9.2 mile run
  2. One Bachelorette Party, which included a limo bus and wine-tasting trip to Temecula
  3. One Hot Air Balloon Ride

Knock me over with a feather...most of this post is ACTUALLY going to be about...RUNNING!!!!!

First Friday night, in anticipation of all the OTHER activities I had planned for the weekend, I couldn't/didn't sleep, so I tossed and turned from about midnight until 5am when Walter turned to me and said, "so are you gonna get up?"


So, up we got and went to join the track club for our first group run in two weeks. I wanted to get a good 9-10 miles in, Walter said he'd run for about an hour or so.

Or so he thought.

Our route was to run Harbor Island, around San Diego Bay, then up toward Balboa Park and back. This Harbor Island to Balboa Park part of the run is great training for those who are running the AFC 1/2 Marathon this August (note: I am not running that puppy again this summer. Three years in a row of being defeated by attempting to run up 6th avenue in the 11th mile is enough for me. Thank you very much. This summer, I plan on having my ass handed to me by the Precidio in San Francisco at the 9th mile instead. You are welcome.)

Saturday's Elevations

Pretty flat run except for that 300 foot climb up 6th avenue

AFC's Elevations

One big down hill..followed by flat, then one 300 foot climb up 6th Avenue

San Francisco's Elevations

So this takes three lines to describe? It's small but essentially it looks to be pretty flat, then up and down and up and down the bridge...then up again and then down....like a roller coaster. The two biggest climbs seem to be about 150 ft....cake, right?
Anyway, while the much of the rest of the country (and Canada from what I can tell) seemed to be suffering from a ridiculous heat wave, I got to run on Saturday morning in the unseasonably cool 62º San Diego morning coastal fog. After a week of hotel treadmills, it was WONDERFUL to run outdoors.

Despite my sleep deprived night, I managed 9.2 miles in about 1:45, which included a pretty slow walk down a very steep Laurel Drive. More importantly, Walter ran about 8 miles. He didn't mean to, but he did. I'm so proud of him!

After our run, we hurried home because I had to hurry home, get showered, and finish packing an overnight bag because I was going up to Temecula with the Herd, cuz Madge is getting married, and this was her bachelorette party...WOOT!
Tasting some vino in at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula
One of my favorite wineries in Temecula is Wein Winery. I re-upped my membership, bought a couple bottles of wine there, and maybe, just maybe, tasted a bit too much.
Our trooper - gonna-be-a-momma heffer, Clarence, with Madge, Alberta, Daisy, and Machu Picchu in the limo-bus
A couple of months ago, Mik asked Betty, Elsie and I to go on a hot air balloon ride with her. Mik is starting a new chapter in her life and wanted to commemorate the occasion with us! It was one of those weird coincidences that we had two events in one weekend in Temecula (of all places), so we had the limo-bus drop Betty and I off at an Embassy Suites in Temecula*** and Mik and Elsie drove up to meet us.

Embassy Suites has a "managers happy hour" which we completely took advantage of...
Suffice it to say that when the alarm went off at 4am, it wasn't very pretty

...to be continued

Final running note...in anticipation of the hilly-er than we are used to 1/2 marathon, Betty, Mik and I (and Alberta, who is running the AFC 1/2, and Walter who is committed to the effort now) did four 6th Avenue/hill repeats with the SDTC this evening. The sun was out. Apparently, it's finally summer here.
* In my book a nap consists of any sleep episode that is four hours or less. Yes, four hours is one wicked-long, what-are-you-five-months-old?, nap, but still qualifies as a nap. For something to be considered actual, sleep, horizontal rest time (HRT) really should consist of an amount of HRT equal to or greater than six hours, (HRT > 6). I operate best on 8+ hours of uninterrupted rest**.

**Suffice it to say that I don't get much good sleep when school starts. 

*** Temecula is about an hour north of San Diego.


  1. Betty says,
    Great run from Harbor Island to Balboa Park! Great to see Walter out there also!

    I've driven through Temecula a hundred or so times in ten years and only stopped for a few soccer tournaments.

    Great times with the girls - 2 days in a row! What a weekend!!!!

  2. What a cool weekend - all around! See you in SF! We need to figure out how to find each other...

  3. I am such a dork. my favorite part about this post was the THREE elevation maps. What does that say about me I wonder?

  4. Ya, this heat wave is crazy. Hot and Humid-not my kind of weather, but it's life!
    I thought of you when I was in Door County, WI. That is the "thumb" of the state. When you look at the state map, it looks like a left hand and the part that "jets" into Lake Michigan is the thumb! Anyways, they are famous for all the wineries!

  5. Wow! That party looks like a blast. So many women! ;)

  6. What a great weekend! Can't wait to hear about the balloon ride.

  7. Well, parts of Canada might be having a heat wave, but not here. Sigh. According to your criteria, I can count the number of "sleeps" on the fingers of one hand since about 1985 when shift work messed up my sleep patterns. Napping is good.

    A wine tour in a limo bus with buddies!!!! Life is good. I've done a hot air balloon ride, Linda gave me one for my birthday years back. Fun!

    And yes, I'm behind on commenting.

  8. You definitely know how to have a great time. I need to take a page from your book!

    I'd kill for 62º right now.