Friday, July 9, 2010

And...It's a Wrap!

It's really been a busy two weeks since I last wrote. I meant to do a couple of blog posts from my iPad during the trip, but I got frustrated when iBlogger (the iPad ap for blogging) lost an entire post I'd written about my pre-trip those adventures may get posted another day.

I won't bore everyone (or there anyone still reading this?) with ALL the details of our family Vay-Kay, but I will post some photos of some of the highlights of what's been going on since last I wrote.

We went to Las Vegas over the 4th of July weekend, to visit the parents. My sister and her family met us there.
Kids enjoying drinks served in Pineapples
A-hole smoking an effing CIGAR in the pool. I asked, this is apparently legal in Nevada (I mean, what isn't), but still...DUDE it's an Effing Cigar and you are in the pool with mostly KIDS...GAH!!!!
Mandatory Fireworks display.
Enjoying a post-fireworks cocktail with my parents. Don't they look fabulous!
Bro-in-law...having consumed a few Cubas and sporting a $500 chip...WOOT!

Overall...we had a great time in Vegas where we consumed way too much wine and way too many Cuba Libras and Mojitos.

From there we headed south to see the Hoover Dam. I've been to Vegas countless times in the last several years and yet had never taken the kids to see the Dam, so off we went...
Apparently we were NOT the only ones with this idea
A new freeway is being built with an enormous bridge spanning the Nevada/Arizona border. Kinda cool architecture which mirrors the arch of the dam.
Damn, big dam.
And, damn hot it was too...we were there about 10 minutes. Seen Hoover Dam...Check!
Having done a "drive by" of the Hoover Dam, we continued our journey to see the Grand we drove some more.
Arizona desert - lots of nothing (I have no idea why I took this picture. I think I started to envision this blog as a series of all the fabulous scenery I was enjoying from the car window...yeah, that's it).
The biggest bottle cap I'd ever seen.
When bored? take photos
Then the scenery changed...Toto, I don't think we're in the desert any more.
And we made it, the Grand Canyon.
At Sunset...and yes, what they say is true, the photos really don't do it justice!
Mandatory family shot.
And you'll never guess what we did then...

We left the canyon and drove to Phoenix...yes, that night. Yes, it was a stupid thing to do as it was about a 4 hour drive. Next time, we'll stay put. I'd like to hike into the canyon (and yes, I'd even there), but from what I read, July is not really the best time to do this. While it was lovely (about 85ยบ on the canyon rim), it was over 100 on the floor. So next time, we'll go in the fall or spring. Next time.

Anyway, I didn't take any pictures of the drive to Phoenix because it was dark, and I was tired. Suffice it to say that we got to Phoenix at about 1am and for the next two days, I did a lot of this...

Relaxing poolside, under an umbrella. AHHHHHHHHH!
And then it was time to go home...which meant we drove some more...

More fabulous scenery
I took this photo outside Gila Bend. I thought the surf boards were funny. Also, why are there some many motels in Gila Bend? There were LOTS.
Sand Dunes just after we crossed the Nevada/Arizona border...also there were lots of border patrol as this area has got to be only about 200 yards from THE FENCE. 
Finally...The Golden Acorn Casino, which means that we were really close to San Diego. And our last "rest stop." I have no idea who goes to these Indian casinos in the middle of nowhere, but it was the only public restroom I've ever been in where there was a receptacle for "sharps disposal." 
And now we are home...It was a great trip, but to be honest, I'm exhausted.

Oh, but wait, there are some other bullet points to share
  • While on vay-kay, I ran 9 miles (all on hotel dreadmills) 
  • I did one monster elliptical session of one hour (5.5 miles). 
  • I gained about two pounds over the week, but I figure most of that is water retention since I ate my body weight in Chex Mix in the car yesterday...way too much salt. I can't get my wedding ring off today.
  • Who turned off the heat? After a week in the desert (100+ degrees...every day), it is a complete shock to my system to be in SoCal where it's going to be in the low 70s today. Great running weather--I can't wait to run outside later today!
  • Today I am resting my liver because tomorrow, the some of the herd is headed to Temecula for Madge's bachelorette-wine-tour party, then on Sunday, Betty, Elsie, Mik and I are going for a balloon ride. 
I'll try to catch up on reading some of your blogs in the next few days. I miss you all.


  1. Two pounds in a week like that isn't terrible. You probably dumped that on the machine today.
    Nice pictures. I still haven't been to the Grand Canyon. ;)

  2. Awesome pictures! You look wonderful.

    We've been on the dam tour, too. ;)

    You're going to need another vacay to recoup from this vacay!

  3. Great pictures! The desert pictures really capture the beauty that you get to enjoy for stretches of 8 hours at a time on that highway and the surfboards is a classic.

    Sounds like you had a great time and your mom is looking FAB! I am glad she is feeling so good!

    As for restrooms with sharps containers, just wait until you come to SF, it is hard to find a restroom without a sharps container and if you do it means the junkies stole it to sell on the street.

  4. Betty says,

    Welcome Home! We've missed you and your blog!

  5. Loved your photos! looks like it was a great vacation!

  6. Ah yes family vacations! Good times! Insert sarcasm anywhere here!!!
    I'm tired of living out of suitcase and plan to go NO where for the rest of the summer!
    Love all the pics-grand canyon looks spectacular! Some day we'll head west!

  7. What? You didn't want to go ahead and drive here to FL as well? You were in the car!

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  8. Sounds like good times. Except that late night drive to Phx. That just sounds insane. but the rest sounds like good times. ;-)

  9. Oh man! Just lost my comment. Anyway fabulous travelpics, crazy driving and I'm impressed you're all still speaking to each other after that much time in a car. Are you? As for coming back exhausted - hey that's the joy of holidays..

  10. I'm offically jealous now. I've lived in Southern California my whole life and I've never been to Hoover Dam *or* Grand Canyon. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

    I'm a bit of an Indian Casino expert. The folks that go to the outlying ones are people that want to take advantage of the freebies that they dole out. Like Valley View's free lobster buffet. And it's actually good too!

    Hope you're out having fun in the balloon! You're much braver than me!