Monday, June 28, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

It's been quite the weekend and now Walter and I are waiting in Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport for our quick flight back to San Diego, so I have time to do a quick come the bullets.

* Walter and I have been in Scottsdale for the last couple of days, celebrating our anniversary! 18 years... I told Walter that I was going to stop writing about what a fabulous husband/father/Sherpa he is until he makes a comment on the blog, but suffice it to say that I love this guy and am ever so happy that he decided to spend the rest of his life with me....but I swear, that's the last you'll hear of that...I promise...
* Phoenix is effing HOT. I have no idea how you runners who live in the desert do it. I managed to get a four mile treadmill run in yesterday morning, and it was almost too hot for that.
* Yes I know that it's weird that we left the "perfect" weather of San Diego to bake in the AZ desert. It usually works the it her way around.
* I have lots of pixs of the fabulous things we've seen here this weekend, but getting them on my iPad without a computer is a little bit of a hassle, so it will have to wait. Until then.

Here's to the next 18 years and beyond that (see how much this guy loves me...he even bought and wore some stylin' shades...just for me!)

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  1. Dear Christ! Why in the name of all that is holy would you go to AZ in June?!

    Happy Anniversary to you both!

    Random side note: Does anyone else have the problem where your cursor disappears in the comment box on this site? Very fucking irritating to a habitual typo queen!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Phoenix in almost July? That's a brave thing to do! Sounds like you had a nice time though and a very happy anniversary to you!!! :)

  4. Happy anniversary!

    Jerry would have promptly lost the stylin shades had that been us. That guy either loses or breaks sunglasses faster than Brittany Spears gets her pic in the tabloids.

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both. That photo of Walter just screams true love :-).

  6. Happy 18th Anniversary! IMHO - That photo of Walter screams "you're under arrest - you have the right to remain silent..."

  7. I heard that Phoenix is 109 today, yikes! I'm sure you're thrilled to be home. I LOVE hearing about your husband and his loyalty to's a rare thing these days. We're blessed!! Happy Anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary.

    I agree with you that Phoenix is hot, always has been very hot when I visit. Someone once told me that they have three seasons: Spring, Summer, & Hell. You might possibly have visited during Hell. LOL

  9. The hell with this anniversary crap! You have an iPad?

    Ha ha. Congrats on 18! I'll let you in on a little news - it just keeps on getting better!

  10. I just laughed at your comment...14 year olds and one year olds have a lot in common, don't they?!

  11. Happy anniversary! Oh and the iPad? Pray tell and review?