Monday, June 14, 2010

Running with Walter

I've been asking Walter to start running with me for quite awhile now, but he's had other things to do (manage a little league team, start a new business, be MY sherpa, be a great father, take care of his ailing parents and his special needs sister...just to name a few) and didn't want to commit time to it. But do to my continued support nagging he finally consented to join the San Diego Track Club's 1/2 Mad summer training group and to train for a 1/2 marathon with me.

So, on Saturday morning, Walter and I went to the first workout. It was held at Road Runner Sports (which then opened early for us to do some before-hours shopping, which is key on a weekend when the place is otherwise, a zoo). RRS is not the most scenic place to run. Basically, it's in the middle of an industrial park, and usually, I skip this run, but since it was Walter's first training run, we went.

Me and Walter before our run...he looks thrilled, doesn't he?
Although it was a pretty non-scenic run, the run itself for me worked pretty well. It was my first "real" run post the RnR 1/2, so it took about the first 1/4 mile for me to feel my legs, but after that I felt pretty good and strong. Below is our RSS route. I did NOT run through buildings, but forgot to turn on my Garmin after the warmup, so add about 1/3 of a mile to the total (and maybe three minutes).

But here's the thing...even though this was Walter's first run in I-don't-know-how-long...and even though I have been "training" and allegedly "getting faster" he kept up with me the whole way.

I don't know how to feel about this. On one hand, I'm very proud of him for getting out there and running...and to be honest, as we were driving up there, I was even a little nervous because I REALLY want him to like running (with me) and like running with the track club (and me), and even though track club peeps are among the coolest and nicest of people, I was still nervous. It felt almost like I was setting him up on a blind date...only one that I was going to be there for...but was That kind of nervous.

On the other hand, while I know that one day, Walter will run faster than I do, I figured I had a few months of really showing him how it's done...I suspect that "few months" is going to be in reality--"weeks." ((sigh))

In any event, all my worry was for naught. Walter already knew people in the club (turns out one of the main organizers and volunteers is a neighbor of ours. Shows you what a neighborly person I am...) and then he and another runner, who he didn't know, knew a whole slew of people because they'd both been involved in the local little league. So he got along just fine.

This morning we ran again around the 'hood. Again...he kept up with me the whole time. I suspect that in no time at all, I'll be trying to keep up with him


  1. Wooo Hooo Walter! That is great that you encouraged him to run with you. My hubby won't even entertain the idea and it is not up for discussion. I can't wait to read about the training.

  2. That's great! I wish I could talk my husband into running with me. First, it was his bad hip. Then, after his surgery, it was that he hated running. Sigh. I guess running will be my thing and not "our" thing.

    I am glad you two are doing this together.

  3. That is what happens when you run with boys. *shakes head* It is like going on a diet with your husband, they cut out soda and drop 20 pounds in a month. Bastards!

    You should stick with us girls and just ogle the hot, sweaty boys. You can even smack his ass as he runs by and not get in trouble ;)

  4. I remember the exact day when BS started running with me(at Movin' Shoes the summer before last)and when he started passing me up. I agree, it was bittersweet but I don't regret a day of running together, not a day!

  5. Sounds like a great thing... to be able to share a run with your significant other! love it!

  6. Will he be an honorary member of the herd?

  7. Every single time I take my husband someplace that is "my" thing, he'll know someone there.

    I thought that maybe Michael would be faster, but it still hasn't happened.

    I'm glad that Walter is finally a part of the club! Um, since you're all Heffers, will he be the bull???

  8. I at first wanted my hubby to run with me, but I always got the "I don't like running" answer. Now he's too intimidated by the workouts I do!

    Looks like I'll be a "solo" runner for life!

  9. I bug my husband at times about wanting to run a race with him... but he says he doesn't want to run. Maybe someday he'll change his mind, but I guess I'm okay with not sharing it too. Like you, I suspect that I'd be struggling to keep up with him after a short time!

  10. You just need to take him on a ten miler - then he'll be working to keep up with you :-)

  11. I think it's wonderful that Walter even *wants* to join you. I ran exactly once with my husband, right after our honeymoon and that was all she wrote. Great seeing you last night. Man, was that a tough workout or what?!

  12. It's a male thing. We're pretty adept at pulling our stomachs up and putting the speed on. Until you turn your back. I usually need a nap afterwards....

  13. [Walter] finally consented to join the San Diego Track Club's 1/2 Mad summer training group and to train for a 1/2 marathon with me.

    ZOMG!1! There's a Bull in the Heffersphere! Guard your vaginas, ladies!

    Hahahahaha! Just kidding. If you cover up your vajay-jays, he'll just end up concentrating on your breasts, anyway.

    Show 'em what us men are made of, Walter! I.e., sugar and spice and a mixed drink with ice ... followed by a beer chaser!

  14. Yay for Walter!

    And yes, the day I realized D ran faster, I was upset...bc it was supposed to be my thing.

    But then I realized I don't like to run with people anyway, so it made no difference. If he runs faster or slower, then you can have your heifer conversations and not worry about him listening.

  15. YOu crack me up! TOtally agree - finally got my husband to join me on the road and I can SEE that he will overtake me shortly! I too was enjoying the prospect of showing him the ropes.. Oh well..