Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The other 'mill

Really? It's been almost a week since my last post? Geez...you'd think I was still in school or something like that.

Well...ya know how how I have this little, itsy-bitsy tendency to overbook myself? That would be this week. I have two rather large projects that need to be finished before Friday, but before I get started on THAT treadmill, I'll talk about the other 'mill called my life.

  • DramaGirl "promoted" on Friday morning. She gave a very nice speech, which made Walter and I very proud. The rest of the day involved food, and driving her and her friends from place to place so that they could change clothes because one of her friend's parents had rented a friggen' HUMMER LIMO to take them around town for a few hours. (geez...the life huh? Go ahead and make disparaging comments about it, I know I have!)
DramaGirl and Friend at Breakfast... We went to a place called Hash House a Go Go...which serves OBSCENELY large portions. 
    LOL at the "O'Hare of the Dog" menu item and No, the girls were NOT allowed to order it.
  • Saturday night,  a bunch of "the dads" (Walter, two of his brothers and his dad) and the family went to a Padres game to watch them lose. Actually, the loss was quite a surprise to me. I don't go to that many games, but EVERY SINGLE GAME I've been to in the last four or five years, they've won. Which is saying something since they've pretty much sucked for the last few years...
You know who...
G-pa and Bro-in-law (for several reasons which I shall not divulge here, I call bro-in-law "El Diablo.")
  • The patio is finished....now onto landscaping. We "broke it in" on Father's day and invited one of Walter's brothers, who requested that I make Gumbo. 
1/2 way through a double-recipe. It might not look that great in a photo, but trust me, it's a HUGE HIT whenever I make it.
Now that's more like it...Turbo serving s'mores to his dad!
  • Running - Since last Tuesday, I've logged 13 miles including 6 miles with Walter and the SDTC on Saturday.
  • One of the coaches at the track club workout gave some exceedingly good advice about form and breathing. His idea was to lead with your core (basically, he told us to put our hand on our center...then pull our shirts. This is what we should be thinking about when we run. It conserves energy. I'll admit, that typically I am kinda a bouncy when I run and this is a humongous waste of energy, so I focused on pushing myself forward. I credit his advice to my 10:25 pace!
  • It is, amazingly, only 4 more long runs until the SF 1/2 Marathon on July 25!
  • I registered for the Long Beach 1/2 Marathon today...the third race in the California Dreamin' series.
  • Some of you may be asking...where is the REST of the Herd? Well...Elsie is in Greece. Betty is busy with summer registration. Mik teaches in a year round school, so I imagine she is still teaching. I'm sure we'll meet up soon!
OK...back to work now!


  1. No disparaging remarks about the Hummer Limo...I've had teenagers too BUT what is WITH the gi-normous servings at The Hash House?? OMG!! That's like 6 cups of scrambled eggs!!! I can't believe those tiny girls could eat all that!!
    I need to know more about EL DIABLO, very intriguing.

  2. Forget the Hummer. What I'm interested in is how you double, and triple book yourself when you have to hand an iphone, that presumable has all your appointments in it. If it doesn't deal with schedules well, then I may need to rethink my purchase plans.

  3. A limo? I've got to keep the 8th grader in this house away from your blog else she would start spreading the limo idea as a must do with her BFFs.

  4. The gumbo looks so yummy! I should really try new things like that (I can't cook to save my life!). That's actually really cool your daughter got the limo ride, she'll remember that forever! Nice job with running, stay strong!!!

  5. Everyone keeps talking about the Hash House and the ginormous food. I have yet to go there.

    Great pics!

  6. Wow-lots of food, my stomach hurts looking at the picture!!

    I think I might be running some part of Long Beach as well-dont know what yet...but it is just over the bridge from my house! So close!

  7. The problem with working on keeping your core tight is that it tires me out! My core is definitely not in shape to stay elongated and still for 2 hours!

  8. Hash House A Go Go is ridiculous portions... but oh so good! The first time I tried it was in San Diego, but I've been to the Vegas one a few different times as well.

    I wish I was in Greece...

  9. My daughter got to cruise around in one of those stretch Hummers when they first made them, back in 2002. It's amazing the money kids/parents spend, isn't it?

  10. Where is this Hash House of which you speak? that breakfast looks delish! And wait a minute. How many more weeks until SF? Yikes!

  11. Those are huge portions. My daughter would roll her eyes (13) and have some comment about the environment and fossil fuels if she saw other teenagers going out in a hummer limo, but I am certain if she were invited her butt would be sitting in it enjoying every minute. LOL

  12. We have to formulate a plan for meeting up at San Fran. I know it is over a month away, but my summer has sucked ass so far and I need something to look forward to. :)

    LOL at Maryland girl's daughter. Ain't that the truth. Gotta love teenage girls!

  13. That's a neat concept about leading with your core while running. I'm going to give it a try and see how it goes on my next run. Your gumbo looks delish!

  14. The Hash House is a block from where I work. Maybe you didn't notice, but most of the regulars order one plate to be split by two people. At least that's how it's always worked when I've been there. And there's always a line. Always. I'm sure you can guess why.

    See you soon at another Tuesday workout?