Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We are all tapering over here...

Is one of the symptoms of tapering being a little absentminded? If so, then we have a slew of it over here...whether it is due to tapering or not.

Exhibit 1 - Alice doesn't know what day it is...
It was the third time I'd realized it too. I'd realize it was Tuesday and not Monday, then I'd forget, then I'd make some plan for what I thought would be the next day...or two days away...then tune back into the standard time continuum and realize that it was, in fact, still TUESDAY and not MONDAY and I'd just made plans for THAT AFTERNOON or THE NEXT MORNING! GAH!
Exhibit 2 - Elsie is going to crawl a 1/2 marathon
Yep...that 10:01:51 is Elsie's 1/2 marathon predicted time...She thought she was filling in her birthday. We think she'll beat her predicted time. (Truth be told, she did this months ago, but just realized it this week).
Exhibit 3 - Betty doesn't know her gender
After my constant haranguing and reminding, Betty finally registered for the SF 1/2 Marathon a "Male" ordering a "Women's" T-Shirt...It is San Francisco, so perhaps this happens regularly.*
So...Taper week is in full force. I went to the SDTC final workout last night, we ran a 400, an 800s and then were supposed to do a mile at our "race pace" to see how easy it would be. I failed miserably on this account. My race goal is to maintain an 11:04 pace, which would give me a 2:25 finish (and a PR!). I think this is entirely doable and maybe even (in a perfect world) I could speed up in the last three miles and come in somewhere under 2:25. However, last night, my slowest mile was 10:30ish, and the other two (including the 'effing 1/2 mile warmup) were around 10:00...which would be fine if I were only running three miles, but I am not. I will be running 13.1 and I  know I cannot keep that pace for 13, it would be foolish of me to try. Truth is, I was TRYING to slow down...just couldn't sustain it.

Now on race day, starting the race slowly won't be a problem. With 40,000 runners, it'll be slow for the first two or even three miles. In fact, it will probably be pretty slow until we get on the 163 (the freeway), but this will also be my biggest challenge. I'll be about 5 miles into the race by then, and I'll have been going pretty slow due to the crowds, and I'll be likely to be feeling so spry that I'll decide to speed up...I need to fight this urge because I know 10 minute miles with 8 to go...again, not a good thing if I'm to finish strong.

Yes, I am in full taper-fret mode about this. Can you tell? To a certain extent, I wish I were still teaching because I'd have something other than THE RACE ON SUNDAY to focus on, not that I don't have other work to focus on, because I do, but I can't really focus on it because all of my energy is focused on THE RACE ON SUNDAY.'s only a 1/2 marathon girl**. Get a hold of yourself.

* props to me and my mad Photoshop skilz for blocking out private info and inserting pseudonyms...

** Speaking of 1/2 Marathons, I registered both myself and Walter for the SDTCs 1/2 Mad summer 1/2 marathon training program. That guy is gonna run a 1/2 mary with me whether he wants to or not! Maybe I'll even be able to convince him to write a guest blog. He's actually very funny!


  1. ZOMG!1!* Sounds like an outbreak of mad heffer disease!

    Good luck with the taper!
    * "ZOMG" is East Coast for "GAH!"

  2. LMAO!

    Bryan asked me how much running I've done over the past week, and I didn't know how to answer because I can't remember, except for that one time we ran together last Saturday. Meh. We've done this before, right? How bad can it be? (Famous last words...)

  3. Sounds like your mind is tapering too.

    Have a great rest of the week.

  4. HA HA, that's some pretty funny stuff! ;)

  5. I especially love the 10 hr predicted time. What's funny is that my birthday 02:13:XX isn't too far off from what I HOPE to be able to run some time. I think for that reason alone, I shall make it a future goal!

  6. Sounds like "peri-menopause" has struck the heffer herd!

    Good luck on Sunday!

  7. Good luck with your pace Sunday!!! I can't wait for the race report.

  8. Hahaha, this cracked me up!! almost spit out my coffee :) Have a great race on Sunday, and I have no doubt that Elsie will beat her predicted time, too funny that she was filling in her birthday!! At least there's a plausible excuse! hahah

  9. LOL, I don't think it has anything to do with taper, I'm that way constantly!!!

    Have way too much fun as always and I look forward to hearing all about the race and Elsie's actual time!!!

  10. Sound like you have it all planned out! I wasn't even thinking about how crowded it's going to be, yikes. Well, it's going to be FUN anyway! I can't make it on Friday to the expo but I'm going to look for you on Sunday, what are you wearing?
    HAVE FUN, see you soon!

  11. LMAO! Thanks for the chuckle.
    You guys will have a blast. I will be there cheering in spirit!

  12. You are going to have a great race - I think you forgot to factor in enjoyment?

    Can't wait for the race report.

  13. OMG! You published a female's age for the public to see? OMG!

    Are the heffers doing SF? I just signed up day before yesterday for the first half.

    Which corral are you going to be in? No need to head back to the expo on Saturday - I'll just catch you at the start. See you Sunday!

  14. i love's awesome to see that level of excitement...enjoy the build up and unleash that 'ish on race day!!

  15. Funny! Best of luck on race day!