Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Traditions...

More taper madness...!
Walter and I atop Cowles Mtn
  1. Tight calves...On Monday (yes, it was Monday. It was a holiday, so that's how I know it was Monday and not Tuesday...whatever)...anyway, on Monday, Walter, Turbo and I went for a hike up Cowles Mountain. It wasn't a fast hike (although I will admit to jogging on one flat portion of it, and a little of the not-so-steep downhill portions), but the hike uphill was pretty steep and when followed by Tuesday night's track workout, my calves have been SCREAMING at me ever since, so I haven't run this week since Tuesday. I'm thinking of doing a short (2 or 3 mile) run tomorrow morning, just to loosen up a bit. That's OK, right?
  2. Pretty much everyone is talking about the weather this weekend. Why? Because after several months of cool, albeit sometimes downright cold, SoCal weather, warmer temps decided to start this week. It's not HOT, but it is warmer than it's been lately and also, it looks to be pretty humid. The National Weather Service says we should see patchy fog before 11am on Sunday and a high of 72, which doesn't sound so bad, but it may also be pretty humid, which isn't so much fun. The RnR organizers have been sending out suggestions for running in the heat for the last day or so. I am trying to NOT get worried about this.

  3. Betty and I cross the 10K mat at AFC 200 
    Which brings me to the whole wardrobe announcement. As I've so FREQUENTLY AND PROBABLY TIRESOMELY NOTED, Betty and I ran our first 1/2 Marathon (The AFC 1/2 Marathon) in 2007. So that our husbands could find us, we decided to purchase these day-glo, neon, lime green Race Ready shirts. In fact, we bought them at the race expo, breaking the number one rule of running, which is to NEVER wear something in a race for the first time. In any event, since then they have come in decidedly handy in locating each other. They've helped other people find us (on numerous occasions), and one time, they helped land us on local television. I've worn that shirt in 27 races. But let's face it, the shirt itself is not particularly flattering, so I've been thinking for awhile about replacing it. In fact, I looked high and low for a neon-lime green women's running shirt that was a little more fitted and flattering. Apparently, however, neon-day-glo-lime-green is not the IN color right now. but hopefully I've come up with something equally as noticable...a bright yellow shirt with a homemade logo that says "Heffers...we run for Mimosas" and then our names on the back.*

  4. Finally, this afternoon the RnR website posted this little bit'o'coolness. Competitor and Garmin have posted course previews on the Rock 'n' Roll Website.  I know some people like the "surprise" of not knowing where they are running ahead of time. Not me. I like to know EVERYTHING. So, the 1/2 Mary looks like a pretty good run. I think it's going to be pretty crowded, especially around miles 4 and 5 as we head back into Balboa Park. Also, at mile 11 there's an out and back and then some kind of silly loop around the block in Bay Park (we'll be near Irene's house I think) that looks to be frustrating (I never like running AWAY from a finish line in the 11th mile), but overall I'd rather know about it in advance, than be surprised by it on race day. Also, if you look at the video, I especially like the part where the cars are backing up the freeway.

I don't know if I'll be posting again before the race. I probably will on Saturday because I have all this nervous energy.
* I created the "logo" in a program called PrintShop on my Mac and I used free clipart from Microsoft's online clipart collection for the dancing cows and the mimosa.


  1. Good luck!! I am sure you are going to have a great time. Reading all these pre-RNR posts and chatter makes me a bit sad that I am not running it again. I will be with you all in spirit.

  2. OK... I just watched that preview. It really made me miss San Diego!! Now I am sad I won't be running on Sunday.

    The Bay Park section made me a bit dizzy to watch. It will be a little goofy to run, but I'm sure you'll just follow the person in front of you.

    Oh... and I like your shirts.

  3. Betty says...

    I love my mimosa shirt and can't wait to wear it on a run with you! I'm so proud of you all for running this one!!!

  4. Use a foam roller on your calves and you will be fine - LOVE the T-shirt..

  5. I don't know if I'll be posting again before the race. I probably will on Saturday...

    Assuming you can remember which day that IS, sister! GAHHH!

    Apparently, however, neon-day-glo-lime-green is not the IN color right now

    Wait ... when was it ever? O, SUH-NAPPP!1! I can be SUCH a BITCH when it comes to fashion!1!

    This is why Sex in the City wasn't set in San Diego! Ooooo! SUH-NAPP #two!1!

    Good luck finding the right duds, sister. Drink a post-race mimosa for me!

  6. Nice shirts! Great idea and totally fitting for you!

    Good luck this weekend, can't wait to see the pics and real all about it!

  7. Good luck! My friend, Sam, is running the full. Have fun!

  8. Have fun running in your spiffy new shirts!!! I hope the weather isn't too bad. I'm looking forward to the race report

  9. Great shirts!

    We come close to my house, but not so close that I can't stop and use my own restroom... LOL. See you Sunday!

  10. I love your new shirts! By the way, I have a friend that was a trend watcher for The Gap and Bloomingdales and she just yesterday said bright colors go into style when the economy is tanking and go out of style when the economy picks up. So, perhaps that's why there's a shortage of day-glo green right now.

  11. You are climbing mountains as part of your taper? That's almost as bad as my taper world tour.

    Good luck in your race. You are ready to rock!

  12. Very cool wardrobe! I'll be looking for it on Sunday!