Friday, December 31, 2010


No. I'm not going back three hundred years to wish everyone a VERY belated Happy New Year.

One Thousand, Seven Hundred and Ten... That's how many driving miles Walter, DramaGirl, Turbo and I have logged this holiday season (according to the iPad Map Ap). First, we went skiing at Mammoth (where we were lucky enough to endure experience the snow storm of the century. (approximately 800 miles round trip).

Recognize this crazy, hatless guy in a blizzard?

Then, on Christmas day, we headed up to my sister's in Manhattan Beach for the family celebration (approximately 250 miles RT).

BIL in a fabulous Chef's apron which lit up like a holiday tree.

My beautiful HAWT sisterz

You'd think that would be enough traveling for one holiday season, especially for one that saw it's share of snow and rain, but I'd been thinking for a few weeks that I really wanted to visit my parents, who live in Las Vegas, so two days after Christmas, we loaded up the car for ONE MORE TRIP and headed to Vegas (approximately 660 miles RT).

My visits to "sin city" are decidedly sin-less and low key. My sister also drove over from MB, so we had a lovely couple of days of eating (OMG! Can we STOP with the cookies and crackers now? PLEASE?), laughing and visiting with my mom and dad.

Thank goodness the Red Rock Has a fitness room. I worked out there twice, one morning before I'd had any was UGLY. I'll never do that again. Also, it was friggen COLD. We almost went skiing on Thursday (Yes Virginia, there is skiing at a small hill called Mt. Charleston, about 45 minutes north of Vegas, but it was windy and the wind chill took it to -11F (cold enough that even my Canadian friends would be cold, I think).

Mom had her Thyroid removed last month and hadn't been able to eat much, so I made her some Matzoh Ball soup and cured her.

Yesterday DramaGirl and my sis went shopping at the Forum Shops at Caesar's

Also, yesterday DG took her first driving lesson with Walter (of course)...OMG, OMG, OMG

Last night, in an another absolute first, I won $60 at roulette!!!!! Let me be clear in saying that I NEVER win (of course I rarely gamble which doesn't really increase my odds of winning...)

So now unlike, what appeared at some points like the rest of SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, we are headed out of Vegas for New Year's Eve. (officials were expecting about 400,000 on the strip tonight).

Outside Baker, CA...and rather glad I was headed in the opposite direction

I, for one, will be happy to sleep in my own bed tonight and wake up in my own house tomorrow.

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to another year of health, happiness, love, and laughter to all

Cue music...almost home...

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  1. Holy Hannah that is a lot of miles! Looks like you had great times. Happy New Year! I hope you get to sleep in tomorrow.

  2. DramaGirl driving. You can imagine my relief that I live in a whole different country. And the two sisterz are hawt, take it from a pro. Hope your 2011 is at least as much fun as 2010.

  3. Seeing your daughter "behind" the wheel gives me shivers because I know I'm next!!! Oh Good Lord, they never tell ya this crap when they hand over that cute little bundle of joy at their birth! LOL
    Lots of miles, but I bet LOTS of memories were made too!!! Looks like fun was had by everyone-you went through more snow than I did here in WI!
    Happy, Healthy New Year!

  4. Well, your kids can't complain about sitting around the house all vacation break! Daughter driving? Sleepless time starting again (lol). They grow up so quickly.....