Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's Called Snow

Our annual family ski trip to the mountains has so far resulted in much snow, but little skiing.

DramaGirl, Turbo, and two cousins, packed in the back with too much gear.

Sometimes DG gets a little bored...

Then it became cloudy on the horizon

Then it started to snow... A lot

But we made it anyway thanks to my mad navigational skilz. (e.g. We took a few wrong turns, which ordinarily isn't such a big deal, but in a snow storm, it is),

This morning since the weather report indicated that there would be winds up to 60 mph at at least 2 feet of snow dropping, we decided to forgo yhe ski adventure, but we did go exploring instead.

Boys on the gondola

DramaGirl and me on the gondola. That's a heap of snow behind us

That's a rather large hill behind Walter, one which could not be seen.

Walter was quite entertained by the snow

For some reason, Walter likes to be a minimalist dresser in the snow ( hat. He wasn't wearing gloves either). It was only about five or six years ago that he, SoCal native, started wearing actual ski pants when we go skiing, and he only wears them because I bought them and then nagged him about wearing them because he just makes me cold looking at him dressed inappropriately for winter Before that? Long underwear & jeans...crazy. Me on the other hand? I'm all about being warm, and I'm the one who grew up in this stuff!

DG and her crazy cuzin. LOVE the hat and there's Turbo trying to jump into the picture.

We heard later that they closed the hill at noon because of the winds and low visibility. We had decided to not ski already, but it was even to windy to sled. We spent the day lazin' around, which is not something that we are used to doing. I did go to the fitness center and spent 30 painful minutes on the elliptical. I blame being at 8000 feet on suckish workout.

The view, such as it is, from our balcony.

This storm had dumped 5 - 7 feet of snow in the last day and a half. We are hoping for a little less snow to fall tomorrow, and mostly less wind!

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  1. You Southern Cali's have it all - surf and snow!! That's a lot of snow, though, even for us in Colorado. Sounds like you're having a blast though - enjoy!!

  2. FUN family time!!!! Stay cozy.

  3. Photos of a nice family enjoying perfectly normal weather. Nice!

  4. HOw great to be out there on vacation though - hope you can get some skiing in soon?

  5. Wish we were there! On second thought...
    Great blog post--we'll stay tuned for more.

  6. what is that white stuff??? is it cold? is it wet? are those jackets you are wearing???? I do love the hats though! I'm a bit of a hat fanatic!!

    Have a great ski vacation!!!

  7. Betty says,

    Elsie, Mik and i missed you on the run. Mik and I missed you as we biked into a crazy headwind on the Strand. Although the ride back on the Strand involved no peddling as we had a great tailwind!

    Have a great time - you all have earned it!

  8. Looks like about the buffer factor? Ready to work out with you when you get back - let's run, run, run!

  9. Gosh, you guys make winter seem fun. Too bad I hate it so.

  10. Were there U turns involved?

    Happy Holidays!