Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow, Rain ... Are We There Yet?

It's really be quite the week... Here's a recap in bullets and photos.

Last Monday, we skied in low visibility and a partial blizzard (because I absolutely REFUSED to spend another day in a rented condo with four kids)
Turbo and what appears to be a lift behind him
Can you tell from the body language that it'd been a pretty long day?
Luckily, when we woke up on Tuesday morning, it looked like this...
Cue the choir of angels singing "hallelujah" 
With kids in lessons, Walter and I got a morning of skiing to ourselves...Let me just say it was NOT easy skiing. The storm had dumped about 13 feet of snow in three days. Can you say "leg burn?"
Hot Chocolate at the end of a good ski day.
I'd promised DramaGirl (who was just itching for some more boarding) that if we woke up on Wednesday to sunshine like Tuesday, we'd ski another day and drive back after skiing. Unfortunately, Wednesday looked more like this...
The View from 395
I swear...there's a mountain out there...somewhere...
So we drove back to SoCal...a trip that usually takes six hours...only due to the snow and torrential rain in So Cal, it took us about 10...mostly due to this...

395 south...the road less taken?
To get through Adelanto (or BFE for those who are unfamiliar with the area)...three hour
After 10 hours of being on my ASS in the car, I was happy to meet with Betty and Mik...Betty brought the beer hats.
It's amazing how popular you become one you don a holiday beer hat!
Bertha Mae, D-one, and Lola (I swear...I am not making these names up...they already had them) D-one is Betty's D-1. They are now old enough to join us, but they sat at their own table and refused to wear the beer hats...even though we know they really, really, really wanted to...
Hope everyone had a Merry Holiday! I know I did (and it's not over yet).


  1. Your weather looks, in my opinion, scrumptious! But I guess I am a little bias when it comes to snow! I love the "beer hats", we used to have those everywhere back in the '70's. Afterall, we live in Milwaukee-home of beer! Remember Laverne and Shirley?!! LOL
    Hope you have a great "rest of" your holiday!

  2. I certainly never miss driving in snow, but I do miss snow-fun, like skiiing and snowboarding.

    Love the hats!

  3. Happy New Year to you aka Alice ... sounds like you're making the most of the holiday.

  4. Aw, too bad the weather didn't cooperate with you more. :/
    Glad you had some fun skiing anyhow.

    I love the beer hats, but don't let my coworkers hear about this. I'm not much of a hat-wearing person. (Although I have a lot of coworkers from Diana's neck of the woods, so maybe they do this already :)