Monday, December 19, 2011

Betty Gets a New Ride

I swear...the local Trek store owes me a HUGE commission! Since getting my bike more than two years ago, Mik, Elsie, and now Betty have gotten new bikes...and now they all have better bikes than I do.

Not that I have bike envy or anything like that...

But I do...

So...since I'd watched both Elsie and Betty get new bikes in the last month or so, I couldn't help but get a LITTLE something new for myself, and I bought new pedals and new bike shoes.

An aside...I do have some concerns about the new road pedals. I'd been using some Shimano mountain bike clip-ins since I started riding with clip in mountain bike pedals and shoes a couple of years ago, and even though I've been on a road bike for a couple of years, I kept using the clover-leaf shaped clip ins.  Let's face it. They are easier to clip into and the shoes are WAY easier to walk in than road bike pedals/shoes.

However, when Betty bought her bike, the sales guy was having NONE of that, told her that she needed some REAL road bike shoes, and sold her some real road-bike pedals, and because I have an ego the size of Montana, I decided I had to also have some REAL ROAD-BIKE CLIP-INS AND SHOES, so now I have some Shimano Road bike pedals. They're quite different. I'm expecting a fall at some point.

On the other hand, I having ridden in them one day... I get it.

For my running friends, I know you have no effing idea what I'm talking about right now. Lets just say that I decided to move from a stability shoe to a neutral shoe. It's gonna be different.

Anyway...Betty got a new bike over the weekend, and picked it up today, and despite the absolutely beautiful weather this weekend, Mother Nature decided to get all cloudy and overcast and rainy today, but we decided to go for a ride anyway.

Let's just say, it's a Trek Madone 4.3...all carbon...I hate her and have some really serious Bike Envy now.
So, we decided to go to a familiar spot to take a ride, and Lake BP was a familiar and car-less path.
We didn't ride fast or far, but we all broke in our new rides with no falls or serious adventures to speak of (e.g. no flats)

We survived!!!!
Yes...she got a new bike, now about those socks... (Shakes head and rolls eyes)


  1. Always nice to see buddies on a new bike. But the lure of the bike store is strong, and its hard not to buy some goodies for your bike. So is a triathlon in the plans for the herd?

  2. I guess you know what to get Betty for Christmas :). I'm envious of your gorgeous-ish weather for cycling! I got my bike trainer out the other day *sigh*.

  3. Thanks to all the HEFFERs for the wonderful gift in helping me to get a new bike. I love it and look forward to using it a ton! With some practice - I'll be able to keep up with Alice.

    I agree with you Alice - a fall might be on the horizon at some point - but I'm hoping to be extra careful with these new clips. Can't wait for 2012!