Saturday, December 17, 2011

An Ugly, Pretty Run

Thank goodness that the semester is finally over! Gosh, that was a busy one. I'm looking forward to a few weeks away from teaching, even though the next couple of weeks look to be continued busy...but at least it'll be fun-busy!

To get the fun-busy off to a good start, this morning, Walter and I went down to the beach so that I could get a 9 mile long run in, but things didn't really go as planned...

Walter and I had headed down to the beach thinking it would be cool, so we dressed accordingly, but when we stepped out of the car, it was a glorious sunny winter morning...which is great for walking the boardwalk, but not so great for running. We tried to take as may layers off as possible, but I was already in long tights, and there was no way to strip those off...

Just saying.... we were NOT expecting this, this morning...
The first few miles felt really good, as it was a completely gorgeous morning on the bay, but by about the third mile, I was already whining to myself, "how much FARTHER do I have to go? How far have I gone so far?" You know the drill...checking my Garmin CONSTANTLY and that's NEVER a good thing. 

So, I blame the concrete path, which is never kind to my achilles, calves, knees, or hips, all of those felt especially achy for this morning's lousy run. Also I wag my accusing finger at the sun, which was in my face for keeping me too warm. Also, I'd like to call out the Mexican food we ate for dinner last night at about 9pm, causing my stomach to do some double flips. Also I can't help but chide my run on the mill at about 5pm last night for making my legs feel heavy. I could also give a little "tsk, tsk" to the cold I think I've been fighting off for about a month (which I am sure to get now that I'm on vacation).

Yep...I have a long list of things to blame for this morning's lousy run. 
At the Crystal Pier restroom, I told Walter (who had run waaaaay ahead of me and who kindly stopped to wait) that I was going to head into the residential area of so that I could run on the surface streets (and the asphalt) for awhile...and that did help my legs, but by then I had pretty much convinced myself that 9 miles was not going to happen. Thus, it didn't.

So, since it was going to be a lousy run, I decided to run back to the car on Bay Side of Mission Bay and take pictures of the holiday decorations.
Some neighbors put a tree on the beach (all cool is that). I probably take a picture of this every year, but it never gets old.
The owners of this house had hung decorations from the tree, AND they have a ceramic cow watching over it. How could I NOT take a photo?
Just for equal measure...a Hanukkah flag. It does look a little sad and lonely.
My favorite...every year this house has a tree and their house decorated ENTIRELY in beach toys! LOVE IT!
Further down the beach...another decorated tree near Carmel Point where the boats are docked
So, I ended up running about 7.4 miles instead of my planned 9. It was an ugly run and my legs are still pretty sore and every time I stand up, I feel it. But it was also a pretty run, there's no denying that either.

Now to get caught up on some other holiday madness. Have a great weekend!


  1. I love seeing Christmas decorations adapted to a summer climate. Especially the beach toy decorations.
    And empty beaches, must be nice. And of course there was a way to get the tights off. Like Walter would have complained...

  2. The beach toy tree and awning is so fun! Definitely something you don't find here in Colorado!

    Hope you rebound quickly from your run. 7.3 is close to 9 so it wasn't too bad :). Are you doing the Carlsbad half marathon in January? I will be there (praying I don't is going nowhere), would love to hook up for a blog dinner the night before, if interested. I know Irene is running and I'll be staying at Meg's again.

    Hope you stay sane the last week before Christmas!!

  3. Some runs are just doomed to be ugly - I'm about due for one of those myself.

    My fave is the home with beach toy decorations too - looks so festive & cheery :D

  4. I was shocked when I left my apartment today, too! I had expected it to be cold outside just like you guys.

  5. Those homes in Mission Bay/Mission Beach really need their own HGTV special. I love the ingenuity.

  6. Those houses look lovely. AS does your run - run envy. But we all have these crappy runs. Just call them in and move on.