Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Well...that was one sure fire way to lose weight over the holidays...

After all, it had been one HECKUVA BUSY WEEK, following one HECKUVA BUSY MONTH.

To start off the holiday season, last Tuesday, we hosted the family Hanukkah dinner...which included frying a whole lotta potato latkes (18 pounds of potatoes this year. I have no idea how many that ended up being) AND included roasting this puppy...
16 pounds of brisket...and because I know you want to know how I cooked a 16 pound briket - Kinder's prime rib rub and worcestershire rubbed in (Thanks to the Kardos's). Double wrap in heavy duty aluminum foil. 9 hours. 325F oven.  Perfect!
We had about 30 people over this year. It was a great event! I was glad I'd gotten in a 3.5 mile run in the AM to counterbalance some of the potato consumption!
Putting teenagers to work - washing dishes! (Turbo, Nephew-Sam, Daughter-like-DramaGirl friend-Rachel)
On Wednesday morning, we decided to go for a bike ride (I figure I'd carb-loaded sufficiently on brisket and latkes the night why not). 22 mile out and back from Coronado to Imperial Beach and back.
Betty on her new bike at the very ugly foot of San Diego Bay.
Followed by...
Serving lunch at the Senior Center. That's my nephew Jordan and my BIL.
An then we...
Went to a party at Betty's and made the kids go caroling (not sure the neighbors were THAT happy about it!)
On Thursday, I'd PLANNED to do a leisurely run at Lake BP, but ended up running 7 miles at a 10:04 pace, thanks to Mik's pacing. 

Then, DramaGirl and I went with my SIL and her daughter to see The Nutcracker. 
It was wonderful!
By Friday, I was feeling pretty tired, but went for a 23 mile ride with the herd from Hospitality Point to Gilman Drive and back...all of it done with only a front brake because somehow the back brake cable came loose. 

Believe it or not, on Friday night we stayed home, ate more latke's and lit candles.
DramaGirl and I bought a new menorah this year...very pretty.
The next morning was Christmas Eve-Day and we got up early to do the annual cousin-photo-with-Santa-and-final-shopping-effort.
Yep...we've been making the cousins sit with Santa for 16 years!  Yes we light candles and sit with's all part of our family Chrismakkah!
Not sure Santa was ready for Turbo's request for "a pound of gummy worms"
After the Santa trip, some last minute shopping AND a stop at the mechanic for an oil change, I wasn't feeling particularly great, so when I got home I thought I'd take a short nap, then wake up, wrap a few gifts, then head off to my SILs house for Christmas Eve Dinner.

My body, however, had other plans. It was ready to say STOP! NOW! 

I didn't wake up (other than the one time I woke up to throw up) until 7 the next morning--Christmas Morning.

Which is a problem when you still have gifts to wrap. Thank goodness the kids are teenagers now, and they're not up at the butt-crack of dawn to open gifts, because there I was wrapping gifts (and still feeling relatively nauseous) at 7am. ((shakes head at self)), but I rallied and we had a wonderful Christmas morning--Walter, DramaGirl, Turbo, and me. 

I love these moments and continue to recognize how fleeting they are. My kids aren't so little any more, so Christmas morning is more leisurely. They are as interested (or at least they are much better at feigning interest) in what they gave to each other and to us, than what was waiting in the wrapped packages for them.
DramaGirl surrounded by Hollister clothes and Flavor-blast goldfish...her faves...
I could have stayed on the sofa all day. true Alice-family style, we had places to go, people to see, things to do, so we set off for my sister's house in Manhattan Beach (about 2.5 hours north) for more COUSINS, and FOOD, and BEVERAGES, and CHEER.
My beautiful niece and her equally beautiful mama (my lil sis) 
My parents, who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this week. My dad got down on one knee and asked my mom if she'd marry him all over again...which was one of the best moments of the night (She said, "YES!")
Mandatory whole-family photo!
Dad says, "Every salad is better with BACON! "
Cousin Jake and DramaGirl got to sit at the "grown up table" this year! Jake's question to me..."Is THIS what the adults usually talk about?" (I think we were discussing the Penn State situation) Me: Well...we the topics vary, but we usually end up talking about something that's going on in the world...isn't that what you talk about at the kids table? Jake: ""
The next day, we all went down to the beach. It was a great day. I ran about 5 miles.
Sweaty me and OTHER my lil' sis after my run on the was a GLORIOUS day! 
DG...enjoying a Jamba Juice

 (from the right) My lil sis, her husband and his mom at sunset at the Manhattan Beach Pier. 
Walter and me at the pier.
Despite the tummy issues (which are still plaguing me somewhat), it was a truly wonderful Holiday. After Hanukkah, I mentioned to Walter how wonderful it is that we have such a great family (both sides), and such wonderful friends that we get to spend time with. We are truly, truly, truly blessed!


  1. That is ONE big piece of meat. BS would love it!
    Just more wonderful, jolly pictures of your awesome clan, I love them! The beach shots make me jealous and I actually live here too! Must get down to the sand before school starts. I'm sure you still have a week or two left, right?
    Jill and two other bloggers are staying here for the Carlsbad races, let's get together again!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Holy BUSY - you weren't kidding! Braving the mall on Christmas Eve would've thrown me for a tailspin in itself, not to mention everything else you've been upto.

    So very very awesome about your parents. Happy 50th Anniversary to them :)

  3. What a wonderful photo of your parents. And what a wonderful family (and traditions) you have. That takes some commitment to get all those cousins on Santa's lap well into their teens.

  4. Mmmmmm! Hanukkah dinner! We were lucky enough to attend one this year. I love latkes and brisket!

    Bummer being sick on Christmas. Hope you're feeling better.