Thursday, July 24, 2008

Me, Hills, and Wii

Hill training...

On Tuesday, we finally got to the part of the track-club workouts that I was both looking forward to and dreading...the hill workouts in preparation for the AFC 1/2 Marathon next month. Ya-see, the AFC 1/2 is this cruel little race...a pretty steep downhill start for 4.5 miles, and then pretty flat for the first next 7 ...and you're feeling pretty good...maybe a PR coming your way. Then at 11.5 miles, there's 6th Avenue and a mile incline where you go from about sea level to about 200 ft' above sea level in less than a mile.
Last year, I walked most of 6th Avenue. I hadn't done ANY hill training (even though Betty said we should...she was RIGHT!) and it WAS a ridiculously hot morning. My goal last year was to finish in under 3 hours. And since it was my first 1/2 marathon, and since I only barely trained for it, I felt pretty good about my finish time of 2:43:03.

So, I was sort of looking forward to doing SOME hill training because one of my major goals for this year is to run up 6th Avenue (I won't run fast...but I will run), and to finish in under 2:30.

On Tuesday, however, I learned that I have some work to do with regard to running said hills. It didn't seem to matter how slowly I ran, I eventually got to the place where I found myself thinking, "Hell, I could probably walk faster than I'm running right now," so I'd walk for a bit. So I wonder, was it mental? Was it physical? YIKES!

I'm worried that maybe I started running hills too late in the training (I mean, this race is three weeks from Sunday!) Maybe I should have been running hills all along.

Something to keep in mind for the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon in October...not a flat course either.

In other news, our Wii Fit arrived this week. I trolled websites and obsessed about getting one for most of July. I finally used this website called WiiAlerts to locate one for sale (retail, I was NOT going to pay $200 for one off of eBay!) I was kicking myself the whole time because when I saw it for sale on the Costco website a month ago, I thought something like, "well if Costco has it already, then there will be plenty! I was soooooo wrong.

Anyway, the Wii Fit is all that it is cracked up to be. I especially like the Yoga exercises because I always wonder if I'm doing the poses correctly, and according to the Wii Fit trainer, I am a Yoga Goddess. The balance games are entertaining even though as a ski-jumper, I stink. I do have the best family score on the Giant Slalom course right now! I was on it for 30 minutes tonight. I think maybe it will also motivate me to do some strength training (which I suck at and which probably explains the hill issues).

I DO think it is sort of cruel how after the Wii Fit took my BMI and weight, and created a chubby little Wii to represent me...WTF?

With that in mind, I started the South Beach Diet AGAIN this week. For me, it's the most undiet-like diet I've ever been on...and it works for me in that it re-focuses my eating efforts toward more fruits and vegetables (which I should eat) and less bread (which is what my Italian genes tells me to eat more of).

It's been a way-too-busy week. I'm already looking forward to the weekend when I get to run with Betty, who's back from Tahoe and Momma's place, again HOORAY!

Here's Betty, driving us to the AFC 1/2 last summer...


  1. Oooohhh I *heart* my Wii Fit. You know what's funny? Is that I haven't done more than 1 or 2 strength training exercises on there HAHAHA. All of the hidden boards are cleared and unmarked but when you get to the Strength part. Pretty much all of them are marked "NEW" and I've had the thing for over 2 months :-X

  2. Hills????? What are hills??? I avoid those things like the plague...LOL!!

    Ok, I need some work there too. Good for you for doing the planning!

    I have a Wii Fit and havent used it once. My kids love it....I've been spending more time at the gym instead. I'm sure it will get some use now that the school year is starting up again and I'll have many nights where I cant get out of the house to do anything else!!!! :)

  3. The track club sponsors an 8 mile run in Balboa Park right before AFC. It's killer but a good training run. AFC was tough last year!

    Keep on hill training. There's a pretty good hill at around the 10K point at Nike, and a few after that as well. If you get in your hills now, you'll be the speedy one motoring past people going up hill. :)

  4. Wii fit is really popular in the US. Not so much here ~ YET!

    Good job getting those hills in...BTW, good time on your first half!!!

    Thanks for stopping by, don't be a stranger!!!

  5. Hills. Blech!

    There are a couple of hills on my regular training route, but I hat the idea of any extra "hill training".

  6. WARNING: Trapped at home sick. Way too long comment is eminent.

    F-ing Nintendo! Of course they make a product that gives you a chubby little avatar! Bastards!

    (Forgive me. I am already in a "mood")

    OMG!! (I am not 15 I just talk like it)

    I repeat, OMG!!! We ran the same marathon in almost exactly the same amount of time! I ran San Diego this year too!! You will have to check out my race report. I thoroughly enjoyed yours. (on right side under the 2008 Race Schedule: June 1: San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon it links to the RR. I have pictures too!)

    I don't know why I am soooo excited about this, but I am. Sorry again. I am not as unstable as I am coming off.

    Hills: I have been getting into trail running and unfortunately pretty scenery means you have to pay for it with hills. It's getting better, but I am certainly no speed demon out there.

    Anyhoo... just wanted to say hi.

  7. Okay - how long has it been since we've ran together? I'm having withdrawals!!!!

    I know, I know - I've been hanging out at the beach and Tahoe, but I really miss hanging out with you. I need some good laughs - it seems like weeks since the Cheap Trick concert! Let's do the SDTC Balboa Park Hill Run!

  8. Hills?! Yeck. I will have to find a totally flat course if I ever do a 1/2 mary. Like my cool abbreviation? I'm hip now :)

  9. I live in "hillsville," but I still miss those track club hills workouts (sniff!). Just remember when you hit 6th next month: shorten the stride, pump the arms and keep your head up. Trust me, it's gotten me through worse hills than that one.

    And, if all else fails, look for the Hash Harriers who traditionally offer beer for the climb.