Thursday, July 31, 2008

I got nothin' but this...

I really don't have anything to write about today, but my goal is to write at least twice a week, so this'll be a short blog (Really. It will. I promise...)

BTW my colleagues at work laugh at my utter (ha ha) inability to write a brief, succinct fact, at work the HEFFERS and others regularly harass me about the prolific-ness of my emails. Madge actually banned me from sending out any all-staff emails unless they were REALLY SIGNIFICANTLY IMPORTANT, due to this problem I have with being concise... But I can't help it, I'm just compelled to make sure that I've CLEARLY AND THOROUGHLY explained what I'm trying to say. And then I try to anticipate what others may be thinking so I try to explain myself even further ...and these efforts require a large number of carefully chosen words...

I think that's why I started using the ellipsis (...) to show that I actually do have more to say on any given issue, but I'm stopping myself. I do this because I realize that others may not be so interested in reading EVERY LITTLE TANGENT that I honestly believe is related to whatever I am thinking at this moment.

Wait, was that another tangent on a tangent...oh dear...

Oh yeah, running. I wanted to write about running.

Betty and I ran on Tuesday w/the track club. We did a trail run along the 163 (yuk, dirt, trails, and FAVORITES)...the worst part of the run was that I had to pee the whole time. (Note to self...running on bumpy, rocky, tree-root revealing, dirt trails with a full bladder = pain & VERY slow speed). I considered stopping and relieving myself behind a bush...then I remembered that I was also next to a freeway (which may have been no big deal...after all during the Rock and Roll Marathon, there were TONS of people peeing alongside the same freeway), but I chickened out. I might have done it if there were fewer people around. In addition to the roughly 70 track-club runners going back and forth on this little trail, there were a surprisingly large number of other people who were out walking their dogs on this little back trail in Balboa Park. (see map and the little white line next to the Cabrillo Fwy...that's part of the trail, the part that's not covered in trees).

Who Knew? Until last week, I didn't even know there were trails there, and I've lived here for 20 years! Of course, since I'm not particularly enamored of trail-running, I suspect there are LOTS of trails in San Diego County that I don't know about.

Also, I didn't really want to deviate from the trail as there frequently seem to be reports of women, especially, being attacked and I think this is the area that the reports MUST be referring to.

I didn't get a run in yesterday because I was leading the second day of a two-day teacher workshop (summer work - yuk), and then Walter and I decided to take DramaGirl and Turbo to a Padre's game last night in order to take advantage of dollar hot dogs and sodas ($1.00 off beer...which makes the $8.00 beer cost $7.00, which isn't much of a bargain). Since the Pads are such a crappy team right now, we were pretty much expecting to be able to walk up to the ticket office and buy reasonable seats. Unfortunately, last night was also something called "Unused Ticket Night," so the ticket lines were LONNNNGGGG, and Walter hates two things...standing in lines and crowds... So, we ended up going to Tin Fish to get some fish tacos (best in San Diego, I swear), and to listen to the Jimmy Buffett lookalike and cover-singer.

THEN we took the kids to see Hancock (a better movie than I thought it was going to be, but I had pretty low expectations going in). But here's the thing, maybe it's a sign of a really bad economy but we were the ONLY ONES in the theater! I tried to take a photo, but it was too dark and all I had was my no-flash included iPhone camera, so here's the best shot I have of Turbo in the middle of a bunch of empty seats (I promise).

I wonder, do they show the movie if no one is in the theater to watch?

DramaGirl and Turbo were thrilled to be able to lie all over the seats, to stand up in the middle of the movie, to move to another seat, and to talk throughout without getting shushed by their loving mother who is only trying to teach them good movie going manners...

So, I'm off to do a little run with Dread now (it's too hot outside, and I won't be able to run later today when it cools off). After Tuesday's run, my legs still feel like led. The track club has an 8-mile race this weekend, but I don't think I'm going to run it. First, I need to run for 2 hours this weekend in preparing for the AFC 1/2 and even as slow as I run, I think I can finish 8 miles in well under 2 hours...also the 8-miler includes the rock-covered, root-filled dirt trails we've run this week and last, and I just don't want to get hurt. I could completely see myself falling, or twisting an ankle, or completely burning out my legs on the dirt trails and hills, so I think Betty and I are going to run at Mission Bay tomorrow (since she has to work all weekend) where all is flat and paved.

So, that's it for now. I'm off to see Dread...and after watching Runner Susan's leg-torture videos this morning, I'm considering uncovering and dusting off the free weights in the garage.

OK, OK...was that a short enough blog? Ha! I didn't think so...


  1. Holy Hannah woman, I had to go and make a sandwich to finish reading this!!! LMAO....JUST KIDDING!

    Good for you and Betty to get out trail running!

    Yikes, $8 a beer! gah! that is robbery!

    Hope the run on the Thrillmill was okay....

  2. One of my friends was on the phone with me Tuesday and just happened to be driving on the 163 and commented: "Is there some run going on? There's a bunch of runners on the trails by 163." ;) I had a hunch it was the track club.

    Good for you getting all of those runs in.

  3. OMFG I AM SO LMAO! You guys were the ONLY ones in the theater?!?! DANG!! I've heard from the papers (and online reviews) that the movie stunk but I didn't think it was that bad :P

  4. That's great! I love the beer bargain saving $1 is really a good reason to head to the park LOL.

    I see that you're doing the Nike Women's Half. It's a great race! I did the half and the full. Make sure you don't run over the man in the tux with your Tiffany item at the finish :-)

  5. LOL @ the novel!

    I am bummed that Hancock got such bad reviews it looks good. I can't believe you were the only ones in the theater.

  6. i haven't been to a movie theater at all this year, this weekend might be a good opportunity to watch a flick just to be in an AC'd place.

  7. Ahhh, I have the answer!! I worked at a movie theatre in high school. If nobody showed, we didn't show the movie. It was a tiny theatre with only 2 screens (has since been replaced with a new theatre and more screens).

    Some of us would even offer to give you your money back if you would come back another time, if it meant we could leave work earlier...

    Great job on the trail run!

  8. Trail running must be a nice change. I am just always scared to trip and stuff.

    I can't write a short blog if my life depended on it :-)

  9. Hi Alice-just wanted to say hello-saw you on RBR's blog and came by to visit! You are a fellow southern californian so I had to sat hello!!

    Southbay Girl
    Planet Ynnep Running