Sunday, July 27, 2008

There Were Geeks on Harbor Island!

The geeks and freaks were out on Harbor Island yesterday morning (and I'm not JUST talking about Betty and me!) Comic-Con was in town this weekend, so we had ample opportunity to be entertained by the clientele of THAT convention (the first clue was the 6'5" guy dressed as a Star Wars Imperial Storm Trooper, waiting for the shuttle bus to take him/her to the convention center). Betty looked at me and said, "oh, that's going in the blog, isn't it..."


So, after our long run, we JUST HAD to get our picture taken with a SuperHero. I was hoping for Spiderman, or maybe a Robert Downey Junior lookalike dressed as Iron Man (He is so adorable...but it may be that I'm just flashing back to my younger days when he played the tragic Julian in Less Than Zero who I completely fell in LOVE with when I was...oh...about 25 and dramatically thinking I lived a somewhat tragic life myself...but wait, I digress, what was I saying????)...ANYWAY, we didn't find any Iron or Spider we had to settle for...

Ta da da daaaaaaa

DuffMan (seriously)

We spotted him from the road. He was apparently waiting for (you guessed it) the shuttle bus, so I flipped into the Sheraton driveway, parked in the emergency zone (because it WAS an emergency after all), asked DuffMan if we could get a photo...and accosted another guy standing next to him to actually take the picture. I'm sure both were thrilled because yes, we WERE looking absolutely fabu after our run...and yes, that's me with no shoes on...because it was AFTER the run and I'd already removed my sweaty New least you can't see Betty's sweat marks on her shorts...which really made her look like she'd wet herself (we really gotta get the girl some black shorts)...BTW did I mention that it was just a little humid yesterday AM?

Photo With Super Hero Taken...Task Accomplished

But the real point of this is that Betty and I had a great run yesterday morning on Harbor Island. According to MapMyRun, we ran almost 11.2 miles. According to the Garmin our new running partner "Kate" had on, we ran 10.6 miles...I suspect it was somewhere between the two (we may not have run as far down Shelter Island as I drew).

Here's the route...go ahead, click on the map for fits and giggles...I'll bet you can tell where the water station is (in the larger version, you'll see where we go three times).

And here are the elevation stats. Our run had a few little hills as we ran out to the submarine base on Rosecrans. We found out afterward that everyone else ran up Canon...which has a longer, gradual incline, probably more like what we'll do in the AFC 1/2...but we charted our own smaller hills it was for us.

The nice thing about thinking that we ran 11.2 miles, is that the 1/2 marathon is only two miles more than that and that we ran it in just a little over 2 hours...which is why I think we ran close to 11 as that would be close to my 11 minute mile pace.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must also mention that Betty and D2 had come over to the house the night before, as had one of Mike's friends, Earl, and his son. So I made several pitchers of my fresh margaritas (yes, I squeeze the lemons and limes store-bought mix here)...

Here's the recipe

For the mix:
1 cup fresh lemon juice
1 cup fresh lime juice
1 cup simple syrup (1/2 c sugar and 1/2 c water...on low heat until sugar dissolves into water)
dash or two of salt

For the margarita
1 c mix
1 c really good tequila (I use Patron)
1/2 c really good triple-sec or Cointreau
Shake w/ice (I use a martini shaker) and pour over ice
Garnish with a lime wedge.

This makes about 3 or 4 margaritas depending on the size of the margarita glass... and YES, I've given you a recipe for margaritas that measures out tequila in cups, not in shots. I have no idea what the equivalent is...all I know is that the margaritas are really YUMMY (I can't stand really sweet margarita mix) and they just kick-ass (or will kick yours)!

Anyway, since I'd had several margs the night before...I was a little concerned about how I'd do on the long run. In truth I felt OK (a little dehydrated, which explains the three stops at the water station), but not bad really... I think my decision to stop drinking margaritas, and start drinking water when Walter opened the first bottle of wine was one of the wisest decisions I've made in quite a while!

Of course, my overall energy level for the REST of the day on Saturday is ANOTHER STORY!

But that may also be due to our decision to head into OB for some breakfast (after the run and photo-op), where we had a nice breakfast and (of course) MIMOSAS!

Here's the view from our stools at Shades in OB

Here we are waiting for our mimosas...geez I need to work on my angles...
and get my roots done!

Is it any wonder I needed a nap?


  1. Oooohhh girl you have the key to my heart. Recipes for some cocktails. WHOOT! Thanks chica!!

  2. Skip the marg stuff and just do Patron shots. Heh

  3. I like I like I like measuring out booze by cups and not shots.

    Great job getting that run in in the humidity. LOL at Duffman. WTF is Duffman?? And these people really dress up like this. I would have been laying on the sidewalk rolling (did I mention I am not very mature?).

  4. LOL about getting a pic with Duffman

  5. Alice is a great margarita maker! I think I had a whole pitcher! Thanks Walter for going to the store a 2nd time - you are my hero!

  6. You know you are a real runner when you stop drinking because you have your LONG RUN the next day. Especially with a tempting pitcher of what sounds like incredible margheritas. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh, for sure I'm copying that recipe!!

    What a riot too bad you didn't get the shot with the 6'5" Stormtrooper!! But Duff is just as much fun!!!

    You would fit right into my Wooo Hooo running group, Cocktails are mandatory!!!!

  8. Oh yeah, the picture with Duffman- awesome! Bwah!!

    Great job on the run, but I'd go with the distance from the Garmin...

    The margaritas sound di-vine...

  9. Ummm, that's a sad looking Duff Man.

    But nice run!!!

  10. LMFAO!!!! DuffMan??? Too funny!

    The margarita sounds delicious! Hope you thoroughly enjoyed it!

  11. Margaritas and then an 11 mile run the next morning! I couldn't pull that one off. Love Duffman!

  12. Found your blog on Michelles blog. Love your pics, good work on getting Duffman into the pic with you. And WOW 11 miles after maragaritas...I don't drink because I feel like I will never recover.