Sunday, July 13, 2008

Questions, Answers, and Running Solo

Question 1: Does this route look like anyone's body part?

Answer: I thought not. entertainment there.

Be that as it may, it was my long run route yesterday. I ended up running solo because I slept in late (that sleeping until 8 am is sleeping late for me know is completely amazing. I used to be able to sleep until noon...but now, by 8 am...I'm wide awake...that's what marathon training did for me) anyway, slept in and missed/decided to miss this week's SDTC long run... Also, Betty and I played phone tag for a day and a half, but never caught up with each other.

It was an OK run... Here are the stats:
  • 6.63 miles,
  • 1 hour 15 minutes (which included a stint where I walked because Betty called me and I finally talked to her on my cell phone),
  • 11:19 minute per mile...
Which was an OK run...but not easy...I don't particularly enjoy running the long runs alone. I have more fun when running other people. It keeps me motivated and running. When I run alone, it seems too easy to stop and walk.

Props to Betty who tells me she ran all week at the beach...4 to 6 miles each time. I know she's just gonna kick my butt when we run together again.

Question 2. How much fun did Alice have running solo?
Answer: Well, running along the San Diego Harbor is a pretty run, and it was cooler than running inland, even though it was still pretty humid but wasn't not too hot, and I ran with water (and a Gu), so that helped me to keep my energy up. There were also plenty of other runners, walkers, and tourists along the way too, which helped me feel somewhat safer as one of the things I (rightly) worry about whenever I'm running alone, is that, I'm running alone.

Despite these things, it was still a difficult run...the humidity took it out of the time I ran it was after 9am...I'm trying to look at it as possible heat/humidity training for next month's AFC 1/2 Marathon.

Question 3. What did you think about?
Answers (some of which are just more questions):
  1. Hey, that's the place where Walter and I had our wedding reception, on the Berkeley...nice memories...
  2. Am running going the OPPOSITE WAY that I'll be running in LESS THAN FIVE WEEKS...for the AFC 1/2 ...FIVE WEEKS!?!?...oh my gosh, oh my golly...
  3. Am running past the hated rental car return place where the giant fence blocks all bay breezes and is HOT
  4. Am going to an '80's costume party tonight...what to wear? What can I get Walter to wear?
  5. Why do I always get Harbor Island and Shelter Island confused? Duh...
  6. Who are these two serious runner guys w/o shirts who keep running past me (fast). They never even nod "hello." Not SDTC peeps...seriously.
  7. Dear God it's humid. Not going to be ready for the 1/2 next month...what was I thinking? After the Rock & Roll Marathon, I thought I'd be soooooo ready for the 1/2, but now it is within shouting distance, and I'm not feeling so confident.
  8. Been running at least 4 times a week, but two of this week's runs were on the dreadmill, which never feels like the same kind of workout as outdoor running does.
  9. Oooh Hooray...Am going to run past a woman running with a, after 6 miles...not bad...still going to say, "good morning." (lesson learned from Betty, say hello to everyone), as I sprint past.
  10. I think I'll dress like Madonna...I wonder where I can get a cheap bustier?
  11. I wonder if I can get Walter to dress like Wham! (probably not).
Question 4: An 80's Party? What did you wear to the 80's Party?

Answer: Truth be told. I looked better in the Madonna-like mini-skirt and leggings (with boots) in my 40's last night than I EVER did in my 20's...thanks to all this running. Drama Girl just kept looking at me in disbelief and repeating "you're going to wear a mini-skirt? YOU'RE going to wear a MINISKIRT?

And Walter looked just HAWT in his preppy pink polo and aviator glasses...

Yeah, if I had pix of THAT, I'd probably post them. Lucky for both of us, I don't :-)


  1. Awwhhhhhh you tease!! You know we needed an 80's party pic LOL

  2. I ran alone also - your favorite route! From my home to Chollas Lake, around the lake 4 times and then back home. I was offered some Pot to purchase on the way home... seriously! I think I ran a 10 minute mile after that point!

    I miss running with you - it's been too long - but I am feeling stronger. I even went to the gym to workout last night. Alice - I can't wait til the Cheap Trick concert tomorrow - can you wear the same outfit?

  3. Pic of 80's party is mandatory. And I think you should wear the miniskirt on your first day of class at Grossmont.

  4. A good run nonetheless. I went to an 80's party last year, and couldn't get the hair to frizz out like I used to.

  5. was really difficult to get BIG HAIR. I don't think they make products the way they used to. I completely damaged my hair w/a cheap crimping iron I found at WalMart.

    I'll email around for some pix...really I don't have any :-(

  6. How in the world do you go to an 80's party without a camera??
    I love the idea of an 80's party, by the way!

  7. No pictures?!? I don't believe it. Someone at that party must have been taking pictures. We demand one!

    Great run!! But you can only do routes that look like, er, body parts.

    Pic-tures! Pic-tures! (that's me chanting) :)

  8. Dang...I was hoping for a pic of the 80's hair. That party sounds like fun.

    Great run! LMAO at the route looking like a body part.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    My husband would never go for dressing up. I agree, we need pics!!

  10. body part, huh? the harbor island part from an overhead viewpoint "could" resemble two body parts before chicken cutlets alterations.

    80s party sounds "rad". did walter go for a flock of seagulls 'do and a michael jackson leather jacket with one white glove? it's within his potential.

    BBJ would have donned RUN-DMC addidas, the black pants and jacket, and some fake gold chains to "ROCK THE BELLS".

  11. running alone can be creepy, this is how i ended up with a weekly run group for my long runs.

    i have to dress retro soon too while taking my kid to an "ABBA" tribute band concert. i think that would be 70's.