Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For One Week Only! We're DINKs

DramaGirl and Turbo are at camp this week, so Walter and I are sans kids.

So on Monday, Walter went to the Charger game (lousy Chargers...they DO look good in those throwback jerseys, but really, they suck otherwise...we blame the coach)

On Tuesday, Walter and I went to the SDTC* workout and ran with Elsie. It was the first Tuesday night workout I'd been to in MONTHS and it was fun to have Walter there, but the workout was really, really hard (5 x 1000 repeats on the freekin' grass!)**

After the workout we went to dinner at Ortegas, a fabulous Mexican restaurant, had some wonderful shrimp tacos and margaritas and didn't have to worry about getting home at any point to pay a sitter.

Yummy non-mix-made Margaritas. And how can you complain about a $2.00 margarita anyway?

Tonight, Walter and I went to (yes) another Mexican restaurant called Ranas. This one had "Mexico City" style food (which is different than border food). I had Pollo a la Chipolte, which was in a cream sauce with sauteed onions and mushrooms (like I said, not Baja style Mexican food). It was yummy and delicious.... which is not at all repetitious!

In other words, without kids, I'm not cooking this week.

Tomorrow, I'm getting my hair done (can you say GRAY?)...maybe a late dinner w/my date.

Kids are back on Friday and we'll resume our regularly scheduled life.
* I am soooooo not going to another SDTC workout in Balboa park where we run on the grass. I read in Runner's World last month that running on grass is really bad for PF and Achilles issues because of the uneven surfaces...can I just say, UH, YEAH! My foot is KILLING me today.

** I have some words for my insurance company about how my foot was "functional" after 6 treatments. Define "functional" for me, will ya? GAH!


  1. Now you have me craving Mexican food!

    Enjoy your week as DINKs; it's gonna be a looooong time before Jerry and I get to return to that status!

  2. I used to have so much more money when we were DINKS!
    Sounds like a great week coming your way! Have fun and enjoy yourself!

  3. I call that 'empty-nest practice'

    and while I'm not in any hurry for that day to come, as far as I can tell it might have some good points ;-)

    p.s. Yum to mexican food and good margaritas

  4. Enjoy what remains of your kid-free week. And, yes, I'm not at track practice anymore because of the grass workouts too.

  5. Fun! Although that workout on the grass sounds tough, I'm sure the margaritas made up for it:)

  6. Sans kids. For a WEEK! NICE!!!!

    And $2 margaritas to boot? Super SWEET!

  7. My wife knows exactly of which you speak! But, it's usually when *I'm* not home! Oh well.....

  8. nights!!! Very cool! Sounds like a very nice laid back week! Enjoy while you can!

  9. Wow, pretty good you got the both to go away to camp at the same time. ;)

  10. the workout was really, really hard (5 x 1000 repeats on the freekin' grass!)


    Let's go over some basic blogging rules, sister.

    When you write a sentence like "the workout was really, really hard" what MUST go in the parentheses that inevitably follow is "(that's what SHE said!)".

    This is Elementary Blogging 101, sister!

    I won't report you ... THIS TIME!