Friday, October 16, 2009

A Quick Recap

I set out some pretty lofty running-workout goals for myself last weekend during my run at Lake BP. If I were to grade myself for the week so far?


Monday - nada
Tuesday - I had every intention of running with the track club, but at about 3:30 on Tuesday, some of the herd started texting and emailing that we needed a happy hour at Gios (a local wine bar), and I succumbed to the herd and drank wine instead of ran.
Wednesday - I did run...about 25 minutes on the 'mill. At about 20 minutes, I started feeling some tightness on the side of my foot. This is how the PF started last time, I don't feel it in my heel, but in the tendon on the outside of my foot. As soon as I felt it I stopped running (well...OK...I ran for about 5 minutes more) and realized that not doing any strength training for the last two weeks is a REALLY BAD IDEA. Made pact with self to start doing squats and lunges STAT.
Thursday - 30 minutes of lunges and squats with weights on my driveway. I'm sure the neighbors were entertained.
Today - No running today because we're taking the kids to Magic Mountain, which is on the north end of LA County. We drove up here last night (hence the comments from me on Twitter about the 10 being the longest road EVER. I HAAAAATE driving in LA. I know a few of you live up here. Honestly, I don't know how you do it.) We'll drive home afterward, so this weekend's long run may have to wait until Sunday. I've got 7 miles on my training log scheduled for this weekend.

Oh...yes, this should be good. 7 miles, a tender foot, and one measly 25 minute treadmill run. I've really gotta do better than that.

I know it's Foto Friday, but I've got nothin' this week. I'll probably be blogging over the weekend, but I'm definitely thinking of all of my blogging-friends who are in SF this weekend for the Nike Women's Marathon and 1/2. Good luck to all of you and have a GREAT TIME.


  1. Foot pain is a bitch when you want to be running! Lunges and squats in the driveway - that cracks me up for some reason.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Crazy yard workouts are the best! I love to have the neighbors think I'm crazy. Who's the crazy lady? Oh, that's just Alice;)

  3. Are you running tomorrow (10/17)? If you want, we're running from Hospitality point around 7 AM ish.

  4. Yikes! About now I'm glad that you didn't do Long Beach. Honestly, the first time we were off the concrete was at mile 12 (with the exception of about a mile between 3 and 4).

    Take care of yourself. Now that I have clearance from the Admiral to go to meet the Herd, I don't want to see you in crutches!

  5. I hate PF. Just when you think it is gone, it haunts you. I hope it doesn't last.

    I would have skipped the workout to hang with the herd anyday. : )

  6. if your foot is bothering you, why worry about running? let it heal...

  7. That's interesting that you do squats when the PF starts acting up. Doing weighted squats is the one thing that irritates my PF most! Not even when I run does it hurt as much!