Saturday, October 3, 2009


Instead of running with the Track Club this morning, which was hosting the Ursula Rains Balboa Boogie 5K, where we could have run or volunteered (of course none of us wanted to do either a 5K or volunteer, and we know that we're going to hell because we're really lousy track club members who take and take but never give), Mik, Betty, Elsie and I decided to head to Mission Bay to run.

We were SUPPOSED to meet at 7am, which is a far more civilized time for a run on a Saturday morning than 6:30, which is when the track club has been meeting this summer... (just what is it about that 30 minutes that makes it more civilized?). However, I didn't get there until about 7:20. Let's just say I had "technical difficulties" this morning.

Mik, Betty, and Elsie kindly and patiently waited for me to show up.

So...I was a little late in my running outfit for the morning...what of it? Do I need to work on my full-length photo pose? I'm thinking that Tyra would NOT be impressed with this.

This was Betty and Mik's response to my arrival.

ROFLM THEIR A's O - Literally...apparently Betty and Mik were surprised by the pink compression sock/neon green top combination.

Mik told me it was worth the wait.

Anyway, I was trying out my new Zenga compression sleeves. I'd been considering trying these for awhile...ever since Stuart at Quadrathon reviewed them a couple of months ago, but its been so darn hot, so I haven't. Luckily, the Santa Ana left on Tuesday afternoon at about 1:45 and Fall arrived in SoCal, which means that its cooler now (although more humid), so I decided to wear them this morning.

I guess the pink and neon green combo was a bit much for Betty, Mik and Elsie because their responses to them were immediate (WTF are you WEARING ALICE???). In truth, by the time I got to the bay I was so stressed about being so late that I'd forgotten I had them on.

My brief review is that these socks are f*cking AWESOME! I ran 6 miles, negative splits until the last full mile (and even then, it wasn't my slowest mile), and afterward?

No pain, not in my foot, not in heel, not in my shins, not in my knee...not anywhere (I feel like I should add a Sam-I-am to the end of that...)

So, I don't care what they look like, I'm going to continue to wear them. As far as I'm concerned, they're HAWT!

After our run, we went to World Famous for breakfast and mimosas. We had to think for a bit about why we hadn't been there for so long.

Since you've never seen this picture before... *

The answer is that summer is over, the tourists have gone, and we have the beach back.

As we were running, the mens USD crew team was also running (I never mind when the crew team passes me on a run...nice view!) One of the guys was wearing a T-shirt that read: "I live where you go for Spring Break."

Oh Yeah...
* all photos by Elsie today :-)


  1. They are so NOT nice, laughing like that. You couldn't find a matching top though? Seriously?

  2. Cue the Rolling Stones, 'SHE'S LIKE A RAINBOW'

    you have the BEST friends, for only they would share the humour!!!

    LOL at JoLynn!!!

  3. ROFLM THEIR A's O - Literally ...

    Really? Literally, their @$$es came off? I'm having a hard time visualizing THAT, remedial writing teacher!

    Hahahahaha! Kertwanged with your own petard!

    Congrats on the pain-free run!

    But I don't mean that literally!


  4. You should consider writing to the compression guard company and tell them they NEED to have a day-glow green version... Seriously...

    But, on another note, if you got lost, the rescuers would be able to find you. Teehee.

    I didn't run with the track club, either, or volunteer. I really need to wrangle a few of those RU guys to go out for breakfast and mimosas. I really miss that part.

  5. your posts crack me up. it wouldn't have been the same with out the pictures. not sure i've ever seen anyone actually rolling on the floor laughing before...

  6. Betty - La Profesora de EspanolOctober 3, 2009 at 11:11 PM

    Hey Mik - I think the last time we ever had any part of our body (besides our feet) touching the actual ground in a Mission Beach parking lot was in June of 1985 when we were hiding from the cops at a beach party? Or maybe we were just passed out. Mik is just happy that you didn't make fun of her stapled pants again.

  7. Right you are! Today was very special!

  8. I have THOSE very socks/sleeves and I love them. They rock. I like to wear them with a dress after a long workout day. You want to make people laugh?!?!

  9. Love the t-shirt slogan; I need one of those! And, I think pink and green TOTALLY go together ;)

  10. Sure have been hearing lots about those stockings/sleeves-gonna have to give 'em a try!
    Love that T-shirt phrase too!! That is one shirt you'll never see here!

  11. LOVE the outfit! So cool! And great job on the run!

  12. Hey - looks like a winning race day outfit, girl! HAWT is right :)

  13. cool socks! they'd go great with neon green ankle warmers.

  14. The best thing to read here is no pain! Yea!

    Oh - one thing on the colors. If you are going to get a pink shirt, then you *must* get neon green compression socks to coordinate the outfit! (:->)

    And Shelter Island on November 8th huh? Hmm. Nice flat course? Champagne brunch? Sounds like a plan!

  15. That outfit gives me anxiety...I am a matchy matchy freak.. Moeben has some pretty Butterfly sleeves with Pink that you could wear to pull the look together. LOL fashion advice..

    Glad the compression socks worked for you..

  16. Mimosas after a run...that sounds PERFECT!!!

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