Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Week That Was...(not that interesting)...

I'm gonna guess, but I think the last time I used this title (or something close to it), it was probably about the 6th or 7th week of classes...hold on a sec, I'll check.

OK...I was wrong. I used almost the same title here, but it was almost the end of the semester...

There's an even bigger difference between that post and this one.

I actually DID have things to write about then. I had pictures. I was running. I was struggling with PF issues. I drank waaaaaaay too much wine one night.

This week, I have none of that.

Just work. Some long-ass work days.

Oh...and I'm fighting with my insurance company, who announced rather unceremoniously last week that both the physical therapist's office and I were wrong about my needing a prescription for PT.

In fact, they claim I needed PRIOR AUTHORIZATION, which of course I didn't get, because I was told by my doctor, the physical therapist, and I'm pretty sure someone at the insurance company that all I needed was a prescription.

I won't bore you with the details. All I have to say is that there are reasons why people hate the way health care works in this country because right now health care decisions are not being made by my physician, or by my physical therapist, but by someone who has the title "review nurse" and who works NOT for my doctor or my PT, but for the insurance company and who has, without meeting me AT ALL, decided that really, all I needed was 6 sessions of physical therapy. GAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

After 6 sessions I could still barely walk and I have the blog to prove it.


So, this week, there was no running and no PT, which also meant no strength training, and now my knee hurts, probably because I worked some 10 and 11 hour days this week with no stretching or strengthening.

So, I've gotta figure out a way to do the strength training on my own (which I was going to have to do anyway because, lets face it, PT wasn't going to last forever).


But, I am going to run in the morning at Lake Boy Part and since I have no other art this week, I'll post this instead...

Gotta love running at Lake BP. My goal is to do at least 7 miles.

I do want to send out some shout outs to all who are running or tri-ing this weekend, especially Glenn who is doing the Long Beach Marathon on Sunday. Have a great time Glenn (even though you are spending way too much time thinking about those lousy Dodgers right now...)


  1. This health insurance mess is an absolute mess to navigate through. I feel bad for everyone who have to try to figure this crap out against institutions who make it their mission to make it as hard for you as possible.



  2. Insurance is so awful. It sucks that people can't get the care they need. I hope you have a good run this morning.

  3. Ever wonder why the insurance companies have such huge buildings and the such??? They never let any money go, we pay monthly and they just keep taking and taking and taking. UGH!!!!

  4. There are so many things that need to be fixed with our health care system, and you pointed to some of them. We tend to forgot that this is a (lucrative) business for all but the patient. Hope you get this cleared up soon.

  5. Fighting with insurance sucks.

    Hope you got your planned 7 miles in!

  6. I've been following the heath care reform issue in the states a bit, and I'm just horrified at how bad it is. By most objective measurements the USA isn't really part of the developed world when it comes to medical outcomes. And it's the insurance companies fault. Yet there are people that oppose reforming the health care system. WTF people? I forget who said it, but if you want to know why anything is done the way it is, or why someone has the opinions they do, just follow the money. That tells you all you need to know.

    Trust me I'm not gloating, the Canadian medical system has it's issues as well, particularly where I live.

  7. At least twice a year i have to fight with the insurance co about something. blah!

    good luck with the run. i'm doing 7 in the morning as well

  8. Always a fight or argument with all the insurance peeps. Total pain in the arse. I will be moving to an HSA this year - let's see how much shiz they can screw up there...

    Have a great run.

  9. Ask them how they think you should get through this PT??? Are they completely insane???

    Would they rather pay for surgery??? Not saying you need it, just sayin'...

  10. That's just so screwed up. Remind them that it costs more to have surgery and to be hospitalized for a week.

    FYI, it's a little cheaper to go to RU though their personal training program. It's still not cheap, though (darn it - but it's less) and we pretty much do the same stuff we did in rehab, except with the volume turned up.

    Good job on your run! Did you go out on your own or with the track club? I miss you guys...

  11. PS
    I've just notice that you posted this yesterday, so you didn't hang with the track club... I'm sharp like that.

  12. I had to get a colonoscopy last year for a cancer check. Guess who didn't want to pay for it...
    It doesn't help my insurance is based out of CA so I have to fight that I'm not out of network in GA EVERY TIME I go to the doctor.

    I hope you can get the PT taken care of. I had the same issue with that in 2005.