Monday, August 9, 2010

Bets, B52s, Bikes & Beach

Friday night Walter and I took the kids to the Del Mar race track (cuz we are really good parents and want to teach our kids about probability and statistics in real world situations...yeah, that's it).

DramaGirl, Turbo & friend, waiting for the winning horse to run by.

We had a very good time. When we first arrived, i ran into Meg! We hugged. I have no idea how she spotted me. There were a ton of people there.

Walter and I eventually managed to place one really good bet that resulted in winning enough money so that we came close to breaking even. Unfortunately, it wasn't in this race

I made $2 show bets on the 3* and the 5 horses. Unfortunately those horses ran like Betty and I do and finished at the back of the field. "Cindy" first and Betty right behind her...

After the race, the B52s were in concert in the infield. I LOVE the B52s and have since Rock Lobster. I may have been their only fan in Reno at that time... To say the least I was really, really excited to see them.

What I hadn't really considered when I decided to take the kids to a concert was the, well... The cloud of smoke that emerged around us as the concert started. Some of the conversation went like this:

DG: MOM! What is that smell? Is it from the horses?
Turbo (who has an explanation for everything)...yeah. The cigarette smell must be mixing with the manure.
Me: uh...yeah
DG: (later...and with a certain amount of accusation) Mom. That is NOT "regular" cigarette smoke is it?
Me: (not one to lie in the face of the obvious) No sweetie, it's not

Yes, it was a very educational experience, for all...

Saturday morning Mik, Elsie and I met up for our first heffer bike ride since April! Wow...had it really been that long since I'd ridden? Would I still know how? More importantly, would my tires be ok? (I have a history of flat tire episodes) and even more importantly. Would I still be able to clip out of the pedals and not fall over, like a tree...(timberrrrrrrrrrrr).

The short answers are:
Yes, yes, yes, and no.

Still, we rode about 25 miles on what we call The Five Cities Tour. We start in San Diego, on the Bay.

National City

Chula Vista (Mik and Elsie did NOT suddenly become Smurfs, something weird happened to the exposure on my iPhone camera)

In the interest of fairness, one more Smurf shot that includes me. Best comment of the day came from Elsie at this point. She had left her bike shorts at the BFs place, so she rode the whole way in regular Capri-length running bottoms. She noted that she understood why Lance Armstrong got testicular cancer... Something she called "environmental insult."

Unfortunately, I didn't take any shots in Imperial Beach. You'll just have to take my word for it that we were there.

On the Ferry, from Coronado back to San Diego,

On Sunday, Walter and I ran 4.75 miles at Lake BP in about 50 minutes.

And since the sun finally came out this week and since DG and turbo go back to school later this week. We came to the beach first trip here this summer.

Turbo, taking a reading break.

*As many of you know, Alice is a pseudonym. Here's a subtle hint about my real name.

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  1. Maybe you guys can get back-up gigs for The Blue Man group!! That's the first thing I thought of but Smurfs is perfectly fun, too :). Great weekend full of fun!!! Yay.

  2. Love the Heffer Smurfs!

    "Tin roof rust."

    I also love the B52s!

  3. Look! You're the Blue Man Group!!

  4. Shame on you for waiting until August to go to the beach! We all take the beach for granted down here, don't we? I don't think I went more than once or twice last summer.

    I love B52's! My theme song for a long time (basically until I got married) was "Roam." It has something to do with my name. ;-)

    You must be proud that your son voluntarily reads on the beach...for pleasure. I really hope my kids have my love of reading.

  5. LMAO....I love the smurf photos. This post had me cracking up with the "not regular cigarette smoke".

  6. The blue man group effect is chilling :)

    I was up in Saratoga last week with my girls. I gave my girls each $10 to bet. My older one pocketed the $10 and my younger bet place or show bets and walked out with $3 left. She claimed she won $3, not lost $7. No B52s or funny smells though.

    Is aka walter's real name papa smurf?

  7. Betty says...

    Blue is so cool! Those are the best pix evah!!!

  8. LOVE the smurf photos.

    Is your real name "beach"? "Sun"? "Sky"? "Lemon"?

  9. The Cigarette Smoke cracked me up.
    Were any of them hungry and didn't know why?

    Sounds like a nice weekend.

  10. Jealous jealous jealous! I love the B-52's.

    Hmmm. At least you know you are doing a good job with your kids, since they *questioned* the smoke instead of snickering and pointing.

    How did you get Smurf exposure in those photos?