Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Classes started this week and (at the risk of sounding really lame and boring) this explains my absence from the blogosphere which will probably continue until I settle into something of a routine.

I really have no idea how the everyday bloggers (or even the every other day bloggers) do it...blog every day I mean. I can't. A few of my favorite bloggers have taken breaks. I know of lots of others who quit, but then reconsider, and then some others who take "unofficial" breaks but then return with a different blog.

That being said, I completely get it, the quitting blogging thing. I often feel guilty when I haven't checked in and posted some ridiculous update about what I am or, in this case, AM NOT doing. I feel even more guilty about ignoring your blogs or not commenting or missing important events or races in your lives.

BTW...I don't delete anyone from my RSS feed, even when you say, "I quit" and "I'll never blog again" (Marcy - last post one year ago* and Missy - last post two months ago).

I guess you could call me a blog-hoarder.

In any event, I can make this brief (shocking for me, I know), but I am NOT quitting the Hefferblog. It may not be a work of great literary merit, but I will continue writing, even if for the next month or so, it's rather sporadic.

Of even greater concern to me is WHEN THE HECK AM I GOING TO RUN?

My current teaching schedule is making running during the week a bit of a challenge. My first class starts at 8am, so I like to be on campus by 7ish.

I know some of you have the ability to get up at 4am to run before a long work day. I bow to you in admiration...but I don't have it in me.

I've been getting home around 5. Then it's all about cooking dinner, checking in with the kids, ask nagging about homework, listening to DramaGirl tell Field Hockey practice stories. (She made the JV Field Hockey team and is loving every minute of it, but she is 14 almost 15 and is therefore complaining bitterly about being SOOOOOOO SORE from practice (thanks Edith), but does have the energy to design a custom birthday party invitation...)

In any event, it's now it's almost 10pm and I'm NOT running at 10pm because this kind of marathon will start all over again tomorrow morning at 6 and if I run at 10, I'll never sleep.

Like I said, I'll settle into a routine soon and I'll stop with the whine (wine is so much better!) and get back to blogging and running.

Until then, more whine please?

* yes, I can stalk you on the Daily Mile, but I've been pretty lame there too, haven't I?


  1. It's amazing how fast time goes. I've kind of settled into a "blog a week" routine versus every couple of days.

  2. My life hasn't settled down yet either. Daughter was back in ER last night, she's in school, Son is off to college, work is crazy. Times like these I'm just happy to get in any running, preferably without the pressure of training for a race.

    Life will settle down eventually. It has to get better, right?

  3. I feel your pain! I start back in the classroom next week, and will have to come up with a completely different running schedule. I don't mind getting up early, but I don't like going out when it's full on dark. I think I'm going to be heading to the high school track a couple of mornings a week for the first few weeks of work -- boring, but there are enough lights around to keep me seeing the track. Good luck getting your schedule figured out :)

  4. Do what you do, blog when you can. No guilt! Don't feel you have to write an epic. My shortest post was 4 short words.

  5. I know the feeling all too well! As long as I have you in my blog reader though, all is well!

  6. Um, yeah. Right there with you. Even though I haven't been called into work in several weeks, I get busy with everyone's stuff. You're still running the Fire Run, right?

  7. Oh man, I feel your pain. The schedule changes are a killer. It'll all shake down into some kind of normal soon. Don't disappear from the blogesphere, though, AKA ... you'd be missed.

  8. Wow. You thought about trying to be like Glaven wrt blog disappearing? JoyRuN just ran away from the blogosphere too.

    In all seriousness, blogging should be one of the lower priority task in life. More important is knowing if that whine red or white?

  9. It's your blog, so you can blog whenever and however you want!

    And the start-back to classes in the fall IS busy! I started back too this week and it is hectic getting settled in.

  10. DG is sore? We haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet! :) I'm so glad she's having fun. LOVE that girl!

  11. you dont like your clock to read 4am???? but why not???? it's so appealing!!!

    I understand your pain!!!

    You'll get the schedule down pat-and maybe just maybe you might try the 4am....it's cool and dark!