Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Yeah...I'm Alive....Randomness...Something for everyone!

Classes begin on Monday. This should expain my virtual absence from the virtual world this week.

However, despite my LASER-LIKE FOCUS on getting ready for the first week of classes, I am guilty of frittered away minutes this week by shiz like this.

Exhibit A - Entertainment
Betty's fault...she drives a swagga'wagon and sent this out as a point of pride... I spent the rest of the week singing "where my kids at? where my kids at?"

Exhibit B - Thought
Contributed by my office-partner Tate. It's a little long, but as an English teacher,my favorite part is when he calls out the dangling modifier in the line "I stopped an old man along the way, hoping to find some old forgotten words or ancient melodies..." LOL (OK...Only the English teachers and anal retentives are laughing right now...I know that)

Exhibit C - Inspiration
Anne posted this earlier this summer, but I've told a few people about it, and they've suggested I post it on the blog. It reminds me to not be afraid of doing what I think is right.

Exhibit D - The Herd
And how much of my happiness would not be possible if not for my family and the herd.

I managed to get in two runs this week (MEH) and am planning on running with the herd in the morning. It'll be our first group run (I think) since San Francisco!

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. Mine (such as it was) is over now. Back to work on Monday!


  1. Have a great run! I wish I were running... I'll be dealing with hoards of crowds and D-land... Not my idea of the happiest place on earth, at least not at the height of the season...

    I think this qualifies as the longest time I spent viewing a blog post. :)

  2. Happy return back to work - I'm right there with you as I head back on Monday also - thus the end of summer, sort of. Hope you have a fabulous school year!

  3. End of summer - but kids go back too right? That's got to be worth something... Glad to hear I have a few more years of arbitration over disputes ahead of me.

  4. Best wishes for a successful school year.

  5. jeezzzz, you guys go back to school soooo early. The kids up here go back after Labour Day...

    Welcome back to running and being with the herd, it is good for the soul.

  6. yeah, summer is over here to. I am going in to work today as soon as the carpet guy is done laying my new carpet... sigh...